Mischa Barton arrives late to the bikini party

January 17th, 2007 // 59 Comments

  1. jc

    second to the last picture…Hobbit feet.

  2. caljenna

    In the 8th (7th?) picture, did she just cut one?

  3. bigponie

    she’s probably yelling at her agent asking him where the fuck the party is at.

  4. Mick

    Oh, I think she looks great. I don’t really know much about her other then the BeBe ads I’ve seen of her but she a pretty girl.

  5. Danner

    I want to invite her over for a BBQ party.

  6. mztry

    THIS is a pretty young girl… ASSHOLE!

    I wish you’d post a picture of your OWN ASS.. I’ll bet it looks like your FACE!

    My, my… did I just type that?


  7. griffmills

    I’d bang the fat right off of her

  8. bigponie

    3rd to the last pic. that’s a dangerous position for her to be in, I mean a stray missle could suddenly fly up her ass

  9. NipsyHustle

    is she still banging that troll cisco adler? ughhh. considering she’s let him and brandon davis drill her hole she’s pretty much a skank in my book.

  10. Ems is da Shizz

    If you think her cellulite is bad, I’d like to see what you look like fatass.

  11. Lowlands

    I admit,i had to grab in an inordinate way my dictionary.You know,in the same way i grab hair sometimes.(7)That’s a good one!

  12. ResidentX

    She’s out looking for work. She’s not talking to anybody. She’s do the “Hollywood walk.” This is how women think, “I’ll just use the paprazzi to help me get my next job!
    They’ll take photos of me and post them on the internet and then hopeful the phone will ring and I’ll be offered a job. I love all of this attention!”

    I wonder what life after the OC will look like? We’re about to find out.

  13. mztry

    # 10

    Nice to see there is someone else on this site who is not a TROLL!

  14. cole007


  15. shameshame

    what cellulite?! her body looks great, it’s so rare to see a girl with a shape like that, nice curved waist.

  16. Candycane

    She has a beautiful face and beautiful body. Mischa’s only problem is her taste in men. Oh, and her taste in clothing. Also, the fact that she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. And paper bags have more charisma than her.

    Pretty girl, though!

  17. shameshame

    i’m amazed at how hypercritical and ridiculous regular people are, it’s like what the fuck? i think the only people who have the right to critizize someone else’s appearance are those who are better than they are. let’s see what you look like! again the odds are against you.

  18. shameshame

    yeah she has no other talents does she…

  19. wow

    She looks great?! Are you guys joking? Did you even look at the last photo where she looks like Steven Tylers caveman bride? Hell, she better be bending over to club that dog and eat it. Her top half is starving to death.

  20. Candycane

    Eeeek I just noticed another unfortunate problem in picture #5…she has two knees on her left leg!!

  21. Googolygoo

    Holy shit, them’s some MAJOR child-bearing hips. Wider than the Cumberland Gap they are. NOT an attractive figure out of clothes.

  22. That’s hot. (Most generic comment ever)

  23. biatcho

    #13 – Actually, as it pertains to the site called The Superficial, you are actually the troll here. Nobody gives a shit what YOUR fat ass has to say about anybody if you can’t say anything mean. It’s what goes on here, it’s what has always gone on here & will continue to do so in the future.

    See the disclaimer above? Good, noe read it, know it and kill yourself by it.

  24. jc7676

    She and Katie Holmes both have the skinny/fat girl thing going on. They are both really skinny except in the hips and thighs. And depending what angle their photographed, their outfit, etc they can look real skinny or real hippy. For the record I would gladly trade bodies with either of them but I’m just saying.

    Also, everyone who said her career will die with the OC is right.

  25. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    Whatever, I’d fuck her so hard that I had an orgasm.
    Take that, you bitches.
    (not the best return to the fold, but, you know…)
    How’s things been?

  26. amaritimer

    I wish I had as little cellulite as she does. I think she looks awesome. I’d bang her. And I’m a straight female! My husband would PAY BIG BUCKS to see us go at it.

  27. RichPort

    Anorexic cellulite makes me wanna whack off… my penis with a cleaver. She’s fucking nasty, curveless, and unpretty.

    (vomits violently)

    Doctor 90210… paging Doctor 90210!!!

  28. normella

    Not much of a fan, but she has a nice figure. I think if she were a tad heavier, her figure would look way better. Most women would kill for the hourglass shape and she has it.

  29. Devilish Tenshi

    She is so skinny. I’d kill for that body

  30. Don Boogie

    This chick is AVERAGE. For a regular chick she’s about a 7, for an actress/model about a 3 1/2.

    Her body’s not terrible but there’s nothing that stands out about it either…the more clothes she has on the better.

  31. fatass

    she has a very pretty face and a very oddly disproportioned body, with that strange and unfortunate overcoat of cellulite. she actually was great as a child actor, but the OC ruined her while making her famous. if i ever needed a wooden spoon with legs, i’d definitely give her a call.

  32. kamihi

    she is gorgeous you lot are a bunch of mean bitches!!

  33. MrSemprini

    Misha who?

  34. I like my Name

    #12 ive never read a lamest comment.Im starting to believe you are Britney Spears, but even Britney Spears has a little bit of a normal mind. chauvinist asshole.

  35. Italian Stallion

    I don’t know about you guys, but I would fuck the shit out of that dog!! What? I meant Mischa………

  36. kate

    She’s not fat by any stretch, but seeing that even she has cellulite makes me feel better about mine.

    I have heard she’s a raging bitch though. And I don’t think she has a pretty face at all.

    And those of you who are all offended by the comments here, this is not the site for you. Seriously.

  37. Based on the bitter comments, I can tell a lot of fat jealous losers post here.

    I’d shag her rotten.

  38. biatcho

    Judging by the obvious limey terminology in some posts I can tell that Brits prefer to “shag” the whole “lot” of ugly bitches.

  39. snot_rocket

    her face looks like one of those troll doll faces with neon hair when she smiles and I’m sorry, but she has cankles. nasty.

  40. 13, 23. You are confused. Disagreeing with a poster, no matter how wrong or retarded he or she might be, is not justification for calling said person a “troll”, a name usually reserved for those who impersonate other posters “real” names for comedic effect. On that note, …

    27. Cancel the 911. I don’t have anything larger than a capillary in my genitalia, so cutting of my penis was the equivalent of a paper cut. Honestly, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

    RPLTC, a very, very, very long time!

  41. Equalparts

    # 28
    That is NOT an hourglass figure. I don’t even know what that figure is, but I think it’s more along the line of a go-bot or something.

  42. BarbadoSlim

    this is not a woman, this is a scrawny little boy

  43. polypam

    #41… it’s called a “pear” figure, small on top, heavier on the bottom. Also see Knightly, Keira; Danes, Claire; Aguilera, Christina (boobjobs don’t count).

    #23 biatcho…

    FINALLY someone calls out mztry for the troll that she is. There is nothing I hate more than celebrity butt-munchers coming onto this site to come to the celebrity’s defense.

    But in regards to Mischa, I don’t really care for her, but she doesn’t have a lot of cellulite, she’s got normal-girl cellulite (about what me and most of my thin friends have). Still, the girl can’t act or dress worth a fuck.

  44. Where the helll is this? L.A. is freezing.

  45. always answer b

    Yeah, I agree completely with #43.

  46. Sheva

    If she already has cellulite formations now, what happens when she’s 25?

    That guy always said, you gotta get’em under 30. Or in Miscka’s case, under 20.

  47. DJ Tanner

    God I just realized, with the exception of her hip width and head, her body looks just like mine. That dang celluite creeps in on the back of your thighs first everytime. Gotta walk it off girl. I am glad that is where the similarities stop b/w us.

  48. GG1000

    She has somehow managed, with her absolutely infallible lack of taste, to pick the absolute worst type of bathing suit bottom for her body type – with the right one, she’d look enviably great. Yet ANOTHER MB entry on the “worst dressed” list for sure. Three words, my dear. Get…A…Stylist

  49. bacixx

    She seems to be used to be keeping her hands not far from her face by ceaselessly holding her cell phone. But I suppose this is a reflex-like action for someone who probably HAS HER FIST DOWN HER THROAT AFTER EVERY MEAL. In this case, meal means one jelly bean.

  50. jrzmommy

    I thought she died? What? That was just the character on the OC………..? Are you sure? Dammit.

    Hey, Mztry…get a job.

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