Mischa Barton arrested for DUI, drugs

December 27th, 2007 // 90 Comments

Mischa Barton was arrested today for DUI, possession of narcotics and driving with a suspended license, according to TMZ:

The former “O.C.” star was pulled over early this morning around 2:45 AM as she was driving in West Hollywood, Calif., and is still in custody, being held on $10,000 bail.

That’s bad. But not as bad as these photos of Mischa Barton unveiling the new line of Keds sneakers. I had no idea her career was that far in the toilet. After looking at these, I’m pretty much convinced her agent is a ham sandwich.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. Methos

    She looks better with dark hair, still needs a lot of feeding though where’s here ass and boobs at ?

  2. aztech

    first!she looks awful!

  3. veggi

    Britney: “Hey! Put my baby down!”

  4. Methos


    too slow numbnutts

  5. Ooba Gooba

    I predict a 3 minute and 32 second jail term.

    It’s L.A. and she’s famous. Enough said.

  6. giier


  7. just love the color red, but who’s the hag holding the shoe?

  8. dummy

    Funny, but it’s scaring me how SPOT ON I am about these “talented stars” when I judge them instantaneously as hacks, phonies and posers. I never liked nor watched anything this nothing was on and I know why.

    Piece of shit, conceited, ugly assed, eastern bloc cunt face.

  9. She’d look better with more meat on her bones.

  10. RichPort

    Four words:


  11. just love the color red, her lips are sexy.
    mommy has me in red knickers and brassire

  12. ph7

    I wish theywould treat the Hollywood b-listers with the same treatment a ordinary brother gets when caught by the police with drugs in the car.

  13. Texas Tranny

    You can still get those?

  14. dummy

    9 – She’d look a lot better with a hatchet hacking at her bones and me swinging it.

  15. holla@meh

    cute dress. WRONG shoes. that dress would look hot with a red peep toe pump. patent leather. with matching clutch. (:

  16. Clem

    What would the sentence be for a regular person?

  17. Clem

    What would the sentence be for a regular person?

  18. What kind of narcotics?

  19. She’s hocking bobos??

  20. veggi

    glue and whip-its..

  21. morga

    @15, she’s at an event for Keds sneakers, duh

    at least she looks a little less skeletal than usual

  22. justlikehoney1

    A friend who is a sherriff’s deputy in West Hollywood told me details about the arrest. Said she was drunk, on vicodin and marijuana whens he was pulled over. She tried to say that she was holding the vicodin for a friend. She had about 20 pills on her. She was also driving a friend’s old beat-up Flord Explorer. She was alone at the time. She sped past deputies and she hit a car which is what made them pull her over. She wasn’t going anywhere in particular. Just driving around.

  23. Mischa who? Never heard of her. Dibs on the ham sandwich.

  24. AJ

    Mischa is just trying to cash on in the DUI scandals of 2007… she should have been smarter and just impregnated herself with Paris’ brother goods to cause some real stir haha.

  25. she looks really old in the 1st picture

  26. Hey picture #2 she has shoes just like my grandma. Grandma is sooo sexy…

  27. kirsten

    What is up with celebrities not having licenses??

  28. RichPort

    #13 – I’m not too sure if they still have them… maybe she’s just trying to pay ho-mage to her mother by looking like a cheap talentles whore.

  29. Radio

    That is the weirdest telephone that I have ever seen in my entire life. It looks just like a shoe. Go figure, now all of these stars will start to hold shoes up to their ears to look like they are busy.

    What is she doing.

    What happened to the whole call phone trick, of holding up a cell phone to your ear to look important.

  30. my comment

    Too bad she didn’t die alone in a hellish fireball wreck.

  31. Texas Tranny

    Because they’re fucking stupid, that’s why.

    I just Googled them and got 295,000 hits for mail order Russian brides.

  32. aja

    what an ugly comment at # 32…moron.

    anyways…love Mischa! Very underrated beauty and great actress IMO

  33. RichPort

    #32 – It’s actually more fun to give them a gasoline bath and taunt them by throwing lit stick matches at them, until the run around aflame and fall in a pile of ashes.

    #34 – Like #33, there’s at least 295000 just like her… It’s rumored Mischa has a penis. Open wide…

  34. my comment

    #34- Go try on a gas shirt.

    PS: how much vicodin are YOU on?

  35. Racer X


  36. Vince Lombardi

    Must be a summer training camp to teach a tomato how to stand for photos…. she’s got the exact same pose as the last four broads. Which either means she ain’t drunk, or all of ‘em are drunk.

    Can’t we ever get a pic where she’s staggering against the curb, small bit of last night’s desert reappearing on her chin, hair all flumped over on one side of her head? …oh, wait. That’s that Winehouse broad I’m thinking of. Never mind.

  37. dummy

    36 – niiiice. I also wish she had died in a fiery wreck but also that her head got chopped of.

  38. I’d need to throw back a few vodka tonics as well just to smile through the agony of shilling some piece of crap sneakers.

  39. sportsdvl

    Isn’t it funny that Maxim magazine named this no-talent bimbo it’s hottest star of the year! LOL That’s like Shitney getting the Nobel Prize for Physics.

  40. Twinkie

    Since I didn’t watch The OC, I guess it’s okay that I have no idea who this chick is, and mistook her for Elijah Wood in drag.

  41. D. Richards

    Please, god. Now I know that we’ve had our words, you and me. You being furious at my premarital no-condomed sex (Wait, are you catholic?) – - my impregnating women and walking away from the children – - my, the time I killed that stripper and drove away in her car.

    And I may hate you because you never let me play in the rain. But if you really do exist, which I hope you do considering I’m asking for something, you better make it be that Mischa Barton is addicted to methamphetamines.

  42. aja

    @ 32 @ 36 @ 35

    Hateful much? Your extreme attempt at inducing shock with your moronic comments tells me you guys are obviously very bitter and sexually frustrated in your lives…Mischa wouldn’t even waste her sweet spit on you pieces of shit…

  43. D. Richards (Slut.)

    #32! That was hilarious. I must remember that ‘less is more’.

  44. Binky

    I’d drink too, if I was hawking a pair of those things.
    And from the state of her mouth, it looks like she may have been chewing on one as well.
    (Drugs are bad.)

  45. minniememe

    She was the little dead girl from The Sixth Sense who was poisoned by her mom.

    I sell Keds, People.

  46. lambman

    Well, now that we have Gossip Girl and the infinetly hotter Blake Lively, nobody cares about the OC cast anymore…I’d drink too

  47. RENEE...

    Ack! What the heck happened to her?! I used to think she was so pretty! But I didn’t even recognize her when I saw the first pic. She is looking really ugly. And those Keds look ridiculous and retarded on her w/ that polka dot dress (Keds, who wears them now anyways? Old ladies in retirement homes?). I think the Keds campaign was a bad move for both Mischa’s career and Ked’s company.

  48. let’s not judge her until we figure out what drugs were in her possession. this is key.

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