Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler eat lunch at Cafe Med

August 22nd, 2006 // 73 Comments




  1. James

    Who in the hell is Cisco Adler?

  2. Verbal Osmosis

    That guy is ugly as sin. She is incredibly washed up at this point in the game, how old is she – 19?

  3. MacMac

    It looks like she’s trying to stand downwind in all the photos…

  4. danielle

    they could be twins. thing 1 and thing 2.

    i guess toothpicks make good soul mates.

  5. yasmin3000y

    here goes bobby and whitney all over again

  6. IFuckingHateYou

    This stupid bitch will be coming out as a lesbian within two years – why else would she be going out with this ugly fucker? It’s all just a clever ruse to make the world think she is heterosexual.
    And, since she’s almost washed up already, I’m looking forward to the lesbian sex tape being leaked that will jump-start her career.

  7. Cruzadas

    I swear I tried really hard to find something in those pictures that I wouldn’t mind to have…I guess the camera and the BMW in the first pic. Nothing else seems to attract me much, including those 2 things inside those 70′s clothes.

  8. Can we just call him Crisco Adler and be done with it? He has to go out of his way to look that gross. He probably thinks it funny when he tosses his sharted underwear in Mischa’s face. Or picks his toe jam and then jams his finger in her mouth, or gifts her with a Dirty Sanchez (heavy on the dirty). I bet more than once he has gotten kicked out of someplace because of the way he looks or smells. Mischa must be some kind of nasty to dig that. Look at him, look at those pics, and understand that she goes down on that. Sick dick is as bad for your teeth as too much candy, look at Pete Doherty’s mouth. Mischa, be warned.

  9. Kitty

    God, he so SO freakin’ FUG! Clearly the woman is retarded, her clothes are just as ugly as her boyfriend.

  10. guest1234567

    This guy is Svengali! Mischa must stand 4 paces behind him at all times.

  11. jemsinamood

    Hopefully this is all explained by his having a huge schlong, but an unwashed schlong is still disgusting.

  12. jrzmommy

    by the looks of him and that ugly fuck Nicole Richie was hanging with last week –Orby or whatever–I’d say that Whitestarrrrrrrrrrr (quite possibly the gayest name for a band ever) is without a doubt the most homely and scraggliest ugly bunch of motherfuckers ever in the history of music — and that includes cavemen who banged on boulders with saber tooth tiger bones!

  13. HughJorganthethird

    re-arrange the letters and Cisco Adler becomes Crisco Dale. Much more appropriate I’m sure you’d agree.

  14. radio4play

    #15 I agree, it is a much better alternative

  15. jemsinamood

    #15 Indeed. Good point.

  16. Elikapeka

    And I ate lunch in the boardroom today. Woopee. Is there a reason this story was posted? Really?

  17. Whatever. over ratted already. I thin Rachel Bilson is more cute.

  18. kuennen sux

    Neither are fabulous, so why do we care?

  19. gr8flgrl2002

    um, does Mischa look preg to anyone???

  20. kuennen sux

    my bad…..is

  21. I Will Eat Your Children

    This dude is a 2nd rate K Federline.
    And where are the hilarious wife beater references? Step your blog game up son.

  22. nc72

    Yeah the dude’s fugly but Mischa is hot! Okay maybe not but she’s got some legs…


  23. jemsinamood

    @21 I thought the same thing. Probably an alien though since she’s so thin there’s no way she got pregnant naturally. She can’t be able to menstruate. Scientology’s at the bottom of this.

  24. looks like those damn snakes on a plane have invaded his trousers….

  25. NYC GIRL

    Look at her, she doesn’t even look happy. I give it another week.

  26. purplepuppy

    Eeeeewwww…gee, his pants are mighty tight in the crotch area! I tried to look away, but I just couldn’t. Saw some outlines of things I didn’t really want to see…BARF!

  27. Jacq

    Ok, look, I understand that she’s supposed to be this beautiful style icon, but at what point does she turn the corner from “How did that guy bag her?” to “Holy shit she’s ugly!”?
    I mean first it was Brandon Davis – which was bad, but he’s a billionaire so it was ok.
    Then she broke up with her stylist/fashion sense. Now Cisco – he seriously looks like something that could very well crawl out of the toilet. This all adds up to the fugging of Mischa Barton.

  28. biatcho

    #4, DANIELLE – don’t you mean “tooFpicks’?

  29. man o manachevitz…..this is the second story that has made me go on “junk patrol.”

    @28..what do you mean you saw outlines of things you didn’t want to see? That’s like a guy saying he doesn’t ever want to see camel toe. then again, I’m assuming with a name like purplepuppy, you are a girl..I could be wrong. In which case, i apologize.

  30. Jacq

    Nice shirt, Cisco. Do they make it in men’s?

  31. thesarahficial

    she’s trying to stay at least within 5 ft. away from him because he’s that nasty.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    Fuck, I can smell his feet from here.


  33. Jacq

    He looks like the type of pussy that you just want to see someone SLAP THE EVER-LOVING SHIT OUT OF.

  34. Years from now when he is bald and overweight his kids will look back at these pics and say “Is that really you? Geez, Dad you look better now.”

    Fun Days.


  35. dmarie

    Those two look like Vietnam War protestors. Except for the fact that IT’S 2006!!

    and what’s with the bump on her belly? I guess nowadays you either

    A. look anorexic

    B. Have a bump that is indistinguishable between beer gut or baby on the way.

  36. Who buys a yellow belt? That’s just pitiful! I have to point out that Whitestarr is also the name of a company that offers anal bleaching parties. So perhaps his crotch is cheesy and his feek stink, but maybe his anus is white and shiny.

  37. I can’t tell if that’s Slash from Guns’n'Roses, or the lead singer from Monster Magnet.

  38. MissaRB

    Men should never, EVER, wear colored belts… or scull shirts with a heart for the eye. He is trying a little too hard to act like he doesn’t give a shit.
    I live in Tennessee and I can smell this guy.

  39. mmmBitch

    Her Thighs! For the love of God, somebody find her thighs!!!

  40. Eye-Dish Lass

    MISPRINT! Rick Okasec and Paul Poriskova eat lunch. And Rick gained 5 lbs and lost all talent.

  41. #15 – i loves me some anagrams. This guy has a ton, some creepy!


  42. Eye-Dish Lass

    @21 – Totally pregnant. HOW THRILLED her parents must be relieved Mischa dumped that Bazillionaire Brandon guy for Weird Al’s unemployed freak brother that has the NERVE to act annoyed by the cameras. Cisco WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!

  43. Eye-Dish Lass

    He doesn’t even walk next to her. In every pic, she’s 5 feet behind him and probably carrying his child! Pay attention Ugly Boys….Beautiful women WANT to be treated like sh**….

  44. LL

    They both look like dirty hippies. Good night, are they trying bring that back too? Ponchos, shags and bell bottoms weren’t bad enough, now they’re trying to shove dirty hippie down our throats? I won’t have that. I’ll do a Cartman on their asses.

    She does look sorta pregnant. Yikes. Quick, who would you least rather be impregnated by, this dude or Pete Doherty?

  45. Grobpilot

    I guess all these Hollywood turds have the freedom to date whomever they want but, holy shit, at least be a bit more selective.

  46. Dory

    EW EW EW EW EW for a girl who’s suppose to be soooooooo hot she sure gets fugly guys. EW!!

  47. BarbadoSlim

    @45…acknowledged and duly noted, I think I’m gonna smack my bitch up right now.

    she better get me a beer too, the stupid bitch.


  48. Who is that stinky hippie, and why is it carrying a stick?

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