Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler live the dream

February 7th, 2006 // 23 Comments

*cisco_mischa_thumb1.jpgHere’s a fun little story about young love, and drugs, and public humiliation, and then probably more drugs. Whitestarr rocker Cisco Adler and his bandmates cruised around Los Angeles the other day in a flatbed truck, playing tunes to promote condo sales at the Hard Rock in San Diego. When Adler’s girlfriend Mischa Barton pulled up behind them in her car, he serenaded her as the band members puffed on “funny-smelling” cigarettes.

Ahh yes, the great Condo Sales Tour ’06. Almost as good as Songs from a Dumpster. The only way this could be worse is if the band was dressed as ballerinas. And called themselves the Penis Band. And I’m not even sure if that’s worse. But hey, quite a catch there Mischa. Good for you.



  1. Sheva

    Well Mischa I’m ready to sell my condo, if you’re ready to suck.

  2. Xanthia

    MAYBE if they HAD dressed as ballerina’s, they would have not only gotten more attention, just imagine the sales!!! Hell, I would have gone to see that!

  3. ESQ

    I would not fuck this guy with a dildo.

    That story sounds like it came from an episode of “The Beverly Hillbillies!” Poor Buddy Epison is rolling in his grave as we speak! Way to go Mischa I see the flames of career suddenly spiraling out of control as it plummets the earth.

  4. HollyJ

    Considering the hair on his head, I can’t imagine swamping through his pubes to find his meatcicle. That must be like trying to find a Tootsie Roll in a 5′ square Easter basket full of grass. >

  5. pinchevato

    no the best name would be…..

    courtney love

    marrying nikki cox

    courtney love cox

    hey now!

  6. DaveBenner

    (“See, what you do is, you put the bacon inside the milkshake. Good, now stir it with a hot dog”)

    That’s classic.

    Oh, and if the strung-out anorexic Olsen twin had kids, these two are what they’d look like.

  7. Jayne

    Mischa is like the ugly version of Avril Lavigne.

  8. First of all what’s the big deal with a stick woman like Mischa Barton and why does she date a talentless sasquatch?

  9. LaydeeBug

    Who cares about this UGLY friggin King Louis the 14 wannabee and his even grosser skeletor byotch. She has what I like to call the quintessential “Cunt-Face.”

  10. Realistic

    They wrote “the band members puffed on “funny-smelling” cigarettes”

    How funny! They meant to write “The band puffed on funny smelling members”

  11. PapaHotNuts

    Sometimes, there is no need to post a comment. The fact he was singing on a flatbed truck advertising Condo sales while his girlfriend follows close behind, well- that justs speaks for itself.

    PS. Watch out for Uncle Fred’s Mobile Home-a-la-pooza tour 2007.

  12. ESQ

    Thanks for making making laugh out loud HollyJ (post #4)

  13. ESQ

    I meant to say “making me laugh at loud HollyJ (post #4)” duh.

  14. Who are these people?

  15. Wild Rose

    HollyJ–Ditto what ESQ said—Funny!!!!

  16. hermanita

    (quote) “Mischa is like the ugly version of Avril Lavigne.”

    Avril Lavigne is the ugly version of Avril Lavigne. But I have to agree that they’re both equally stupid.

  17. hermanita

    Btw, HollyJ and PapaHotNuts keep those comments coming! They’re great!

  18. HughJorganthethird

    I’d like to meet the fucking marketing genius who thought getting a homeless guy to sell condos is a good idea.

    Shopping carts or cooking wine yes, condos no.

    And why did the cigarettes smell funny? Were they in Cisco’s pants pockets for more than 30 seconds?

  19. hafaball

    I don;t even understand what happened in this story… ‘.’;; they were smoking weed and then the guy doused Barton with gravy? I’m confused…. :o

  20. Jayne

    “Avril Lavigne is the ugly version of Avril Lavigne. But I have to agree that they’re both equally stupid.”

    I hate to admit it, but I disagree.
    Given the recent pictures of the Punk Princess, I’d say Avril looks pretty cute.

  21. fame is funny

    wow…johnny depp is looking rough in that picture…oh wait…

  22. LaydeeBug

    That dude is so ugly, even Ugly is insulted. I can’t get past that ridiculous ‘stache and horrible lips. His band probably sucks. It’s like he’s trying to emulage Chris Cornell in early Soundgarden. Maybe Cornell’s pubes….

  23. this guy looks like his from jungle.

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