Mischa Barton, there’re some things you just don’t joke about

November 19th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Mischa Barton recently launched her new website and in the clip above gave a nice little shout-out to yours truly. Mischa, I hope you didn’t just write a check your breasts can’t cash. No, seriously, my brother works for a collection agency.

UPDATE: If I call him at work again, he’s telling mom. Damn. You win this round, Mischa Barton. This round…


  1. samara


  2. bossdj


    She’s offering a “real nipple slip”? so she launched a porno site? Sold.

  3. Charlie Caligula

    Oh shit!

    Welcome to the OC, bitch!

  4. noreason

    you know what i like about rich kids? Nothin’

    honestly, a website for what? what is she doing these days?

  5. bossdj

    …I just went to her site…I saw no nipples. Her promises are just as bad as her acting. Whore.

  6. Doggy Style

    heresy, no nipples no Glory.

  7. She sounds like a dude!

    {click on my name}

  8. LGWS

    umm… who the f**k is this woman?

    even paris has more cultural relevancy

  9. Ted from LA

    She seems like an asshole.

  10. jez

    As long as she lays off the booze, she’s actually pretty hot.

  11. latin@s

    screw all of you wanabes i am 10 and i saw it likw 5 min, damn i guess all of you low lifes need a life…… there is people like all of you who spend half their damn computer and don’t do much else,,, screw all of you!!!!!!!!

  12. jez

    As long as she lays off the booze, she’s actually pretty damn hot.

  13. crabdonkey

    Tear that ass up fish

  14. Doggy Style

    #11 is a troll bitch.

  15. assgrabber

    I wouldn’t totally hate another Mischa nip slip.

  16. woooah

    her voice is SO LOW. with all that crazy weight she’s putting on.. maybe she’s having hormonal trouble. maybe she’s one of those kids that started out male but her parents made her a girl after a botched circumcision but now the jig is up.

  17. AJa

    It is so weird how this girl gets bashed here. She is gorgeous, unique and talented. Her website is really nice too.

  18. Dave Bighammer

    I have the best indica she’s ever smoked and the best cock she’s ever smoked. Guaranteed.

  19. bossdj

    #17 must be Mischa because only one person would defend Mischa and that’s Mischa.

    What exactly is hot about her? Her big fish mouth, wide face, eyes that recede into her head, her low/slow might be mentally retarded voice, inability to act? I’m confused what is hot about her.

  20. Sport

    hot – im there

  21. swine

    i went to her site. it sucks.

  22. dr. suess


  23. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Shit…… you numb cunt, you have to have tits first for it to be considered a nipple slip….. otherwise your’e no different than a 10 year old boy………..

  24. mikesh

    there are no nipples on her website :(


  25. Lydia

    I actually think she WAS super pretty a couple of years back.

    But she -seems- to have a spoiled, anal, vapid **** personality. I get this vibe from her that if she didn’t luck out and score fame on the OC and if you met her in a highschool she’d be a complete bitch to anyone she found beneath her (95%). But then again, she actually writes pretty well on her blog (like in putting together actual sentences) …. weird … not sure what to think of her now.

  26. Lydia

    ….and it was kind of clever to target us superficial losers and try to lure us to her website. Publicity for her.
    But she said it in such a snide, bitchy way. Shut the hell up. I wanna punch her right in the jaw.

  27. Hater McHate Hate

    Cool. Superfish rules

  28. le fag

    i see dead people

    i mean, dead nipples

  29. Adam


    It’s “cheque”, Mr. Superficial writer, sir; not “check”.

    I still love you ;P

  30. Nipple slip? Superfish wants to see more of those menzies stains spandex you wore one time…

  31. Andie

    Yeah, so she’s inviting people to come look at her tits? Sounds like she’s launching a porn site, ok.

    I don’t like this girl. At. All.

  32. idontwantheryoucanhavehershestoogrossforme

    @17…no, it’s definitely NOT a ‘really nice’ website. It sucks…gotta click on pictures one at a time, no thumbs. Plus, she’s a skank.

  33. Aja

    I think Mischa has better things to do than come on here posting comments like the rest of us.

    PS – She is lovely. I am a female btw. Just a fan, not homo, lol.

  34. Kim

    Her photos on the site have been seriously touched up! She has thick calves and cankles in real life, but her studio shots show her with really thin legs. Gotta love photoshop!

  35. kinger

    She’s fucking hot.

  36. Natalia

    In the United States of America, it IS “check”, not “cheque”.
    I lived in England for a few years, and it pissed me off so much when people tried to “correct me” on my spelling. Or tried to get me to say “queue” instead of “line”. It just made me want to rebel more!
    And now that Obama’s president, I get to actually be proud of this country. Yes!
    Anyway… just get over it, you silly little island. Who gives a crap if we write differently?

  37. I saw it!!!

    I saw it!!! I saw her nipple! It’s there, just like she said! It’s at her site, but I won’t tell you where it is though! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I have a secret! I have a secret! La la la la la la! I have a secret!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You have to be really really dumb not to be able to find it, but it shouldn’t be too surprising that nobody else here found it because in comparison with the rest of you, I am a golden god! You should all bow down before me and worship me! Renounce whatever god you worship and worship me instead!!!

  38. ants

    can’t understand the hate. I think it’s nice that celebrity gives shootout to the Superficial (even it’s to promote her own site).

  39. ummm...yeah

    Who the fuck is this manwhore?
    Who the fuck cares about this bitch and her fuckin nipples?
    Don’t we see enough of these whores?
    By the way bitch, it’s NOT a slip if it’s planned asswhore!
    At least you acknowledged the fish….even though the asswipe isn’t funny anymore…

  40. Ron

    I feel cheated, not a nipple in sight. Props for the shoutout to superficial.

  41. shirleytemple

    hey mischa barton, i know you’re probably reading this cause you’re lame like that and have no life. i just wanna say-

    You are a washed-up, ugly, self-absorbed has-been and you’re fucking retarded if you think any of us give a shit about seeing your plague-infested nipple.

    go back to the OC so they can kill your character off again, you egotistical lard-ass

  42. mischa sucks

    Hopefully you said NOOOOOOOOOOOO to her right that bitch is a cellulite riden skank , she can’t act and whats the URL http://www.uglymischawithnotalent.com ???

  43. el ces

    Why would Mischa do that?

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