Mischa Barton Doesn’t Look Like Someone on Drugs

May 20th, 2011 // 69 Comments

Here’s Mischa Barton at Heathrow airport yesterday because apparently she was only at Cannes for 24 hours at the request of Roberto Cavalli who also invited Courtney Love because he thinks he’s fucking hilarious. Which is why I think fashion is entirely bullshit. These “designers” have to be laughing their asses off behind closed doors. “Ha, and then, you’ll never believe this, I pulled out a Where’s Waldo? book and I went – haha – I went, ‘Zis, Mischa. Zis is the future of fashion.’ And she believed me! Hahaha! Oh, man, I know it’s not funny to make fun of the drug addicted, but holy shit, woman.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Flynet


  1. Diana

    Isn’t she the one who was babbling about how hard it is being a beautiful person? LMFAO wow, Micha, what happened?

  2. Mischa Barton Wheres Waldo Red Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    Reminds me of George W. Turn the book right side up, honey!

  3. Mischa Barton Wheres Waldo Red Glasses
    Commented on this photo:

    That lady to the left is like, ‘wot dimension did she come out of.’

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