Miranda Kerr’s camel toe and other news

August 4th, 2009 // 62 Comments

- Demi Moore’s face is worth every cent. All 8,823,983,438,736 of them. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jennifer Aniston is fine with being alone. Really, it doesn’t bother her. I mean, it’s not like she brings it up every goddamn interview until the end of time. She’s tough. [PopEater]

- Jessica Simpson‘s new reality show requires $25,000 worth of hair and make-up. Per episode. Who the fuck is her stylist? Peter Jackson? [Celebslam]

- Xavier Samuel is your new Twilight obsession. Ten bucks says he loses a testicle at Starbucks within the week. Who wants in? [Just Jared]

- Ashlee Simpson has never met anyone “stronger” than Jessica. No, really. She once saw Jessica chew through a hubcap after divorcing Nick Lachey. She thought it was a cookie. [ICYDK]

- Britney Spears scored seven VMA nominations thus reminding everyone that MTV is an irrelevant conglomerate of asshats. [PopSugar]


  1. mambo





  3. jame

    what a nasty sand crab.

  4. ana MARIA

    are labia lips much like testicles in that one must hang lower then the other

    in other concerns, are designers meant to consider weird crotch gripping fabrics??

  5. Anexio

    In pic 4 she looks a little chunky and those clothes do nothing for her wide breeder hips.



  6. scott

    The prototype.

  7. Upinya

    Love’s me some moose knuckle!

  8. Mickey0123

    That post is just outstanding. This chick is uterly amazing. Outstanding work on this one.

  9. Tom K

    MTV has not been relevant since the 80′s and mid 90′s.

  10. Jess

    She should get that mole checked out.. too much tanning. gross.
    she looks hot from the front though. makes me want that monokini.

  11. She’s a natural beauty, but I think she needs some more meat on her bones :/

  12. Tom K

    Looks good to me camel toe and all!!!

    Better then that dirty Puerto Rican slut J.LO and her wide ass!

  13. dude

    Call that chick a toe truck – stat!!

  14. Taz

    i got some goo to fill that crack

  15. Mold

    This is what all women should strive to look like. If you don’t look like her, you are a fat girl… and you should leave the country and live in the Asutralian Outback.

  16. John Samson

    Look closely, look very closely. She looks wrong. Is she a land/real estate thief or an assistant to land/real estate thiefs? Because she has the facial damage of a thief. She, and girls like her, should not be on The Catwalk because she, and gilrs like her, a very very deceptive.

  17. shelby

    are you serious?? like seriously?? then what the fuck is skinny to you?? clearly you throw up everything you eat (real cool).

  18. anexio-
    are you serious?? like seriously?? then what the fuck is skinny to you?? clearly you throw up everything you eat (real cool).

  19. Upinya

    @ 17 What? What are you a phrenologist? You must have the brain pan of a stagecoach tilter.

  20. fetus_mcnuggets


  21. ___

    Hey #6, Anexio. You’re a retard. And this ain’t the Jim Rome Show. Take your “out” and stick it up your ass. D-bag.

  22. wundersmack

    For all you newbies who have never seen actual female anatomy aside from your sister’s barbie doll, yes, this is how it is shaped. It’s spectacular.

  23. lola

    Her body looks gross to me. I only weigh 110, but she looks like she weighs 90 pounds soaking wet. I appreciate people who work out and take good care of themselves, but she looks wasp-like from the lack of body fat in conjunction with the lack of muscle tone.

  24. Bosco

    I feel like her gynecologist now …………………..

  25. dawnalex

    That camel has an ingrown toenail.

  26. Lippen Whiskey

    Yo, you know how to tell if a chick in a bikini is a vegetarian? You’ll see camel tofu.

  27. pervert

    I wanna suck her penis

  28. pervert

    I wanna suck her penis

  29. pervert

    I wanna suck her penis

  30. Ronald McDouchebag

    you DOUCHEBAGS are all high, this bitch is NAS T !!! she looks like a Garbage Pail Kid reject

  31. toe eater

    I think I rode that thing thru the desert once.

  32. toe eater

    I think I rode that thing thru the desert once.

  33. Parker

    I still swear I am willing to buttfuck her if she agrees to make me a sandwich.

  34. Whasamater? you peeps act like never seen a ninja boot b4…

  35. Eek

    You stop! Nagahide works wonders.

  36. havoc


    Pic #7 gets two thumbs up….


  37. It seems that Ms Kerr’s fleshy crotch cleft has created quite a stir!

  38. Mr. BooURns

    @20 Colin?

  39. anon

    Ashton, Demi, and Rumer all look the same age. It’s creepy.

  40. That’s got to feel uncomfortable or maybe she likes it. I’m sure she knows she’s popping out.

  41. aww but she’s so cute

  42. Eek

    20. Thanks dude. Sometimes the panflilange bedazzles accordingly.

  43. Did they SERIOUSLY take a picture of her crotch like that? How fucking ridiculous! Anyway…that’s a pretty sweet swimsuit

  44. Name No

    Shaved cootchie provides no “cover” or “cushion”. Is there anything that will save us from the dread camel toe?

  45. #16 Mold — get a job, get out of your mamma’s basement, and maybe you’ll get laid for the first time ever.

  46. Puggy

    46, it’s called zoom and crop, duh.

  47. ashley

    That looks good! – bbwsinglesdate.com

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