Miranda Kerr in a bikini

January 26th, 2010 // 94 Comments

Since it’s a crime against nature to only shoot one Victoria’s Secret model at a time, here’s Miranda Kerr in St. Barts to complement the Alessandra Ambrosio shots from yesterday. Of course, if these photographers knew anything about real art they would’ve posed the two together on top of a fighter jet. Or serving beer to dogs playing poker. Yeah, that one. Get me the Louvre.

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  1. feel like being picky...

    and how is she sickly and knobby looking with ribs pokin out every where and the top part of her arm skinnier than the bottom… but has bloated shapless ankles and calves? this shit should be thrown in the garbage – how does she have a career…..

  2. Lee

    Her body was built for sin.

  3. ca-ca

    What’s so great about this skinny little girl????? NADA

  4. Just the right touch of FAS

  5. Nina

    Yes 19 she definitely did get a boob job. It’s a shame, her boobs were fine before and matched her small frame.

  6. Paul

    @45 – when the next freighter leaves for your home planet, will you take me with you? Thanks!

  7. dontneedone

    its really sad when the second post predicts negative comments, and is proven right, by jealous freaks, posting the the exact type of comments #2 said they would. miranda kerr is beautiful. she has a prettier face than alessandra, but i think alessandra has the better body.

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  9. sally

    The women who leave the negative comments about Miranda Kerr are
    extreme Orlando Bloom fans who are jealous that she’s his girlfriend.

    They post nasty comments about her on any website that have pics of her, it’s the same thing over and over again about her, “two skinny, ugly, looks like a 12 year old”

    It’s creepy to be so full of such hatred and envy over someone they have never
    met all because their obsessed with Orlando Bloom……complete sickos!

  10. She is gorgeous, absolutely fabulously shaped body and very sexy!

  11. dontneedone

    @sally, you’re right it is totally creepy.

  12. ok, seriously she is beautiful. she isnt caked in makeup had no plastic surgery. she is my fav angle. there is just something so real about her.

  13. clpierced

    @30 it all depends on how tall you are. because if your shorter than 5’5 i would say your not petite. sorry girlie. im 5’5 and weigh 120lbs. and i dont consider myself petite…but if you are congrats :)

    alsoooo miranda is a mchottie. i love her hair :) oh and her bf is hotttt!

  14. Dr McNasty

    I’d smear orange marmalade all over that ass and take a big, nasty bite.

  15. norwaysayshi

    @63: you´re 5’5 and weigh 120lbs, and you don´t consider yourself petite? loose about 4 pounds, and you are considered underweight. Seriously.

  16. random

    her body isn’t really childlike, but her face certainly is. she is a bit on the scrawny side for me, could use bigger tits (what you see here is really clever physics, as this plus the doutzen photos indicate they are making a new victoria’s secret catalog)…nice ass, though. creepy little face. put that ass on doutzen and then we would be in buisness!

  17. YouKnow

    Something about that body just looks USED. I mean, she’s in great shape and all, but it just looks ROUGH. It is like you would think she was 40 if you couldn’t see her face. Unlike most people, I don’t think her shape and weight make her look young. I think they make her look like the kind of lady who was thin and attractive for it until she hit her 40′s when the suppleness just faded. Oh well.

  18. mara

    @66… I don’t think so…?? I’m 5’9 and 117 and while skinny, I am certainly not petite in the sense of the word… I would classify petite as under 5’3 weighing less than 120 (at the heaviest). I think Miranda Kerr is hot as hell, not too skinny, fat, ugly, etc. etc. Gorgeous woman!

  19. lololololol

    anyone who hates on this chick’s body is an idiot. if most of you fatties used her as motivation to look good instead of trying to convince yourselves that you’re just as hot as her then this world would be a better place.

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  21. LOL @ at all the self-absorbed idiots going on and on about their height and weight like we care. We are here to look at celebrities, not to look at you or imagine what YOU look/built like. Shut up and keep things relevant. Thanks =)

  22. Lottie

    Okay, I’m thin and 5ft 9 but I still think she looks like a fucking famine victim!!! Plus she has a totally bland face – pretty but instantly forgettable – BORING

  23. Lacey

    @72: Good idea. While we’re on the topic, you should shut the fuck up too. No one gives two shits about your opinion, SO FUCK OFF! Put your daddies cock back in your mouth so you’re useful again and you have something to do other than be here.

  24. ido

    lol @ #5 you sarcasim is outstanding. It’s a toss up to who’s hotter allesandra or miranda.
    Did miranda get implants?? Her chest looks bigger than the last pics i saw of her.

  25. kitty_kat

    Some people on here are crazy. She may be skinny but she’s very unfit. She has 0 muscle tone. She’s literally skin and bone. How is that healthy?

  26. kitty_kat

    @70- Yup. There’s nothing sexier than all the bones in your torso jutting out underneath your skin.

    I’m really starting to suspect that most of the posters on this site are either:
    *gay males who like women that look like little boys
    *anorexic women/girls

  27. Summer

    anybody else think she has really weird legs?? i can’t figure out what it is…lack of muscle tone? no calves? cankles? weird knees?
    shes cute in the pink bikini from like the butt up.

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  29. Chris

    This is what a woman’s body should look like. I laugh at the number of crabby fat girls decrying her fitness. The only guy who would ever in a million years say she doesn’t have an amazing body is some fat loser that hates all thin/fit people period.

    It’s sad how few women actually have good bodies. I understand that America is for the most part fat but there are more fat women then men. I know there are social pressures for young girls to look good but they obviously aren’t that bad considering the sky rocketing obesity rate.

  30. Taylor

    Wow! When you get a good look at her face in pic 16 you can see her nose looks broken and she isn’t pretty. Heavy re-touching needed for that pic.

  31. sdfsdfds

    80, No, that’s obviously not what a woman’s body should look like because people who NATURALLY look this way are the EXCEPTION. The majority of women who look this way starve themselves, but that never works for long, so you end up gaining weight, and then back again. Almost all the females I know since high school secretly have disordered eating because of pressures to be thin, and that’s a lot. You can tell who is naturally small-framed and thin in Hollywood because they tend to always look like that. Someone who was chubby as a preteen and is now all of a sudden a size 0 like Taylor Swift…that’s not natural.

  32. sdfsdfds

    By the way, last I checked, the idea that people in America are fatter than other countries is based on the ghetto people. The poor in America are some of the most uneducated, unfit, unequipped for life people in the world. The rest of the country is just like when I lived in Europe..there’s thin people, fat people, but mostly average people. Like I said, the majority of women have disordered eating. Women starve themselves in Europe even more hardcore than here because it’s more important. (This is based on observation.)

  33. sdfsdfds

    But then again I have friends from countries where food isn’t as plentiful, and the men there tend to like chubby women. (Once again, pressure on women to be anything but what is possible..because this becomes the “Ideal body a woman should have.) The problem isn’t our bodies.

  34. sdfsdfds

    But then again I have friends from countries where food isn’t as plentiful, and the men there tend to like chubby women. (Once again, pressure on women to be anything but what is possible..because this becomes the “Ideal body a woman should have.) The problem isn’t our bodies.

  35. andrewsmonds

    Miranda Kerr has these pink and white striped bikinis in some of her photos (though I can’t find them on the net)… does anyone know where I can find some like that? Looked everywhere!.

  36. very sexy photos. nice share

  37. Johny

    well well well.. yet another feral bogan from australia.. she can’t speak.. she can’t write.. and she’s butt ugly.. or in aussie speak.. shes shazza from franga who forget her damn mocco’s and winny blues…. or as mario from thomastown says..hey mate check out this ugly aussie scozza.. maria kicks her butt no comp mate.. fullee sic braaaa

  38. truth

    Sorry but curvy definitely DOES NOT mean healthy.

    Honestly, girls that are naturally skinny usually eat way better than girls who are naturally curvy. Naturally skinny girls have a fast metabolism, so they don’t care about diets; they eat as they should. Curvy girls however gain weight way more easily, so they usually diet more and some even stare themselves just to maintain a normal looking body.

    Miranda has a great body! Keep in mind, she’s young..at this age it’s normal to be skinny! And if she were starving herself, it would show…she wouldn’t have this glow, her skin wouldn’t be so nice, her hair would lack shine, etc. She’s definitely healthy, so don’t hate her cause you ain’t her ;)

  39. how old is she? she looks very young

  40. rawr

    @74 Lacey, whats with your attitude you cunt! Why don’t you shut the fuck up if you don’t have anything constructive to say and go die.

  41. She looks pretty confident … I would too.

  42. Euronymous

    Just one question. Why is a site that offers sarcastic commentary about celebs and news allowing Autism Speaks to advertise on its pages? You do realise that satire of the news and spiteful commentary is something you are more likely to get from an autistic adult, and thus sites like these are more likely to be run by Autism Speaks’ enemies, right? Have you ever searched for Autism Speaks on YouTube and done a count of the ratio between supporters of Autism Speaks and those ready to commit violence to oppose them? Or taken notice of the fact that the latter group actually contains autistic members, whereas Autism Speaks will not allow the autistic any position of say in their actions?

    You want to help autistic children or The Forgotten (autistic adults like myself)? It is very simple: tell Autism Speaks that a) they are not welcome on your site and b) anyone who wants to feel safe to have a divergent thought in their heads would like them to disband yesterday.

  43. seriously she is beautiful. she isnt caked in makeup had no plastic surgery. she is my fav angle. there is just something so real about her.

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