Miranda Kerr in a bikini

January 26th, 2010 // 94 Comments

Since it’s a crime against nature to only shoot one Victoria’s Secret model at a time, here’s Miranda Kerr in St. Barts to complement the Alessandra Ambrosio shots from yesterday. Of course, if these photographers knew anything about real art they would’ve posed the two together on top of a fighter jet. Or serving beer to dogs playing poker. Yeah, that one. Get me the Louvre.

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  1. HackSaw


  2. Crusty

    There will, of course, be a slew of idiots going on about how this girl is too skinny, needs to get a double corned beef on rye right away and that they wouldn’t touch her for fear of her breaking in half.

    Get to the back of the line, behind the rest of us who’d happily plow this girl into a warm pile of orgasmic goo.

  3. jlylec

    the hits keep coming. jesus she’s hot.

  4. jlylec

    she HAS to be a super snob bitch, right? no chance she’s cool as hell too.

  5. fat chick

    Disgusting. She’s needs a muffintop and cellulite dimpled saddlebag thighs like a real normal healthy woman. Pictures like these cause anorexia in young girls. These days they hide it well under layers and layers of fat, but still, they’re anorexic and it’s a disease and all of you caused it. Amen.

  6. sdfsdfds

    Now this is actually an attractive model.

    I don’t know what your deal is with “Alessandra Ambrosio” (I’ve heard that’s so not her real name), but she is an ugly skeletor.

  7. beauty

    she’s not that feminine… no hourglass shape at all… what’s up with these horrible knees ???

  8. Deja

    Im not a fat chick…but I dont look anywhere near her. But i’d give my right arm to have her body. Any woman who is saying she is ” too fat, needs to eat, etc” is just typical FAT American woman. ( I am an American woman).

  9. havoc

    Again, this chick makes me harder than Chinese arithmetic…..


  10. Erica

    Nice ribs.

  11. fatguyinalittleshirt


    now THAT is funny.

  12. jojo

    she’s perfect…

  13. G&T

    Who knew?
    God does exist after all!

    And if only we can get her to become friends with Heidi Montag, then heaven will exist as well…

  14. Parker

    It could be just my imagination but every time I see her all I think about is bending her over and squeezing my weiner into her hot little ass while she talks about how much she likes anal sex. Why would she talk about how much she likes anal sex while she’s getting anal sex? Strange, huh?

    Maybe it’s not my imagination after all.

  15. Vinnie the Chin.

    double corned beef on rye…that’s what I call my schlong and yes, she does need that!

  16. the guy watching you across the room

    She has such a perfect ass. I’d love to drink her diarrhea.

  17. landberto

    who’s hotter, her or alessandra ambrosio?

  18. Valerie

    Do they usually airbrush away that mole? Never noticed it before…

  19. whatever

    did she get a (small) boob job? she looks bigger here. compare: http://thesuperficial.com/2009/11/bfm_enlarged/enlarged-miranda_kerr_and_a_bunch_of_ch.php

  20. Milandir

    Not that 4-5 pounds extra would kill her, but when the eventual “she has the body of a 12 year old boy” crap starts from the jealous cows, just ignore it.

  21. Kitty Furry

    you fukers are into the most pre-pubescent chicks..skinny dosen’t mean healthy,
    but sickos love the itty bitties…kiddie porn clowns couldn’t get it in high school..its actually kinda pitiful..oh well free country, rite?

  22. SborraInBocca


  23. farles chew

    Heaven would be sticking her in between Christina Hendicks’ tits and screwing them both in the ass.

  24. assman likey

    mmm mmm

  25. pappy smeary

    @21… if by couldnt get it in high you mean only:

    9th grade: 2 makeouts and one threefingered figerbang
    10th grade: 3 boob feels, 4 makeouts, 7 buttgrabs
    11th grade: peeked at a girl taking a shit in the bathroom, 4 makeouts and couple of fingerbangs
    12th grade: got jerked off like 6 times plus 1/2 a bj, and my got molested by my swimming coach in the showers

    if thats not getting any in high school then your right i didnt get any

  26. BeeTee

    Did anyone other than me see Tony the Tigers head poking out of the water and pointing to her tits going “There GRRRRRREAT! ?

  27. rex

    I am usually not into skinny chicks (I am a Coco man), but there is something about her that makes me want to motorboat her ass.

  28. rilo

    long torso, short legs. nice proportions though.

  29. Bag of Bones

    Parker have you tried a vagina? (fag)

    Bitch has ugly knees and is way the fuck underweight. She’s pretty though. I guess.

  30. B

    If I looked like her, I’d stand naked in the frozen foods section all day long. She’s gorgeous!!

    And for the record, I’m “average” looking (petite, medium frame, 130, decent boobs, a healthy ass…I workout) and I have NOOOOOO problem saying she’s smokin hot! Any chick that looks at her and says she’s too skinny, fat, short, tall, purple, etc. is jealous as fuck and can’t appreciate a beautiful woman. Most women don’t look like her, so why not take a break from looking at chicks like me to enjoy looking at a chick like her!?

  31. Keith

    #30 – “Petite” and 130lbs? Please. Those two words don’t go together.

    I think you mean “short and squat” or “rotund”. Or “eggplant shaped”.

  32. glace neuf

    i would hit it, wipe up, hit it again, smoke a j and then hit it for good measure. sweet jesus.

  33. just a thought

    It’s kind of ironic that the women on here always complain how these models set standards that make women feel bad about themselves, but perpetuate the scrutiny of each other over the smallest things, like their veins or personality or knees and shit. Get over it, life’s not fair.

  34. a lesbian

    I don’t get it. I live in LA, I see girls every day with better bodies/faces, etc. I don’t understand what the big deal is about this chick. She is skinny, sure, but lacks any sort of muscle tone. Those knobby knees are just wrong.
    Penelope Cruz is 10 years older and looks a million times hotter than this little nobody.

  35. Julia

    I think she just needs a better tan to pull off that white swimsuit.

  36. Parker

    yes, douche Bag of Bones, I have tried vag but I like women’s asses. From your reaction to Miranda’s size I can only assume you prefer big hairy man asses so naturally I’m wondering if you ever tried to give up sucking cock?

  37. gotmilk?

    her face is pretty, not the regular looking type. but she’s going down the route of one of those fat skinny chicks in the leg department. she needs to tone that up before it becomes a Mischa Barton nightmare.

  38. Suck It Trebek

    I think she would be the PERFECT woman if she gained a little more in her midsection. Not too much, just like 10 lbs or so. She is very tall, and I prefer my ladies to NOT have visible hip and pelvic bones. And no, Im not a fat jealous girl either. I’m 5’6, 120 lbs, work out every day, C cup, etc. I think shes smoking hot the way she is, but I think she would look a lot better (could you imagine!) with a little more weight around her middle.

  39. B

    @Keith: Haha… you must not workout or understand how muscle weighs more than fat.

    I’d be more than happy to prove to you that a petite female can still weigh 130.

  40. Valerie

    @ 25, Daaaaaamn! Amazing memory! Did you keep a journal?

  41. butt

    @19 – ur right.

  42. applesauce

    I don’t get the hype about this girl. She is attractive but nothing outstanding. Her body does put me in mind of my 14 year old niece. Ewwww! I can’t say she is hot or I would feel like a pervert.

  43. Parker likes em male

    Colostomy bag sipper sir, not liking skinny women does not mean that I like a hairy man’s ass (altough I might). All this sodomy talk is disturbing. Good thing all you have is this site to jerk off to instead of some fat whore with pus laden hemaroids.
    Love out

  44. da trooooof

    Average, VERY AVERAGE!

  45. LPB

    Pappy @25, when were you in high school, 1964?

    You were a senior before you got even 1/2 a blowjob (BJ interruptus?) and it sounds like the closest you got to a naked girl was spying on one while she was taking a shit. And you think that somehow counts as “getting some”

  46. lol

    @25…lol you didn’t get any in high school… at all haha

    This girl is fine looking…

    I’m sick of fat people talking about health and how in America rap has made the fat girls “hot.” There is nothing hot to me about a girl who isn’t fit and tries to shake her cottage cheese ass all over the place. It’s disgusting…

    go to Paris and see fit people. Come to America and see fat people.

  47. Ugly face too

    ew she looks like a little kid and has a big mole on her ass. I’ve seen chicks on the bachelor with hotter faces and more luscious bodies. Victoria Secret Angels used to be sexy – what the hell happened? This crap and that asian faced, flat chested, long torso short leg string bean alessandra ambrosio.

  48. Rasputins Liver


    Ok, Fishy, muh man. After the last few rounds of forcing us to eyeball Octofreak, Twatquila, that old fashion designer’s sister’s leathery carcass and that freak Montag this set of Miranda and the ones below of the other female I’m not familiar with, but am very visually appreciative of, I think we can forgive you.

    Good man, Fishy. And thanks for these last two.


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