Miranda Kerr in a bikini

August 3rd, 2009 // 44 Comments

Here’s Miranda Kerr on a photo shoot at the Bondi Icebergs in Sydney yesterday. Granted, these are slightly anticlimactic after seeing her topless last week, I’m not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Mostly because those hoofed bastards eat people. I’m on to you!


  1. frank the dolphin

    Like a fine wine.

  2. dk

    3 words, fat, ugly, pig.

  3. farles chew

    The lack of an ass shot makes baby jesus cry. B/c baby jesus likes ass, get it?

    Fine, *your* savior hates fine ass, but the flying spaghetti monster is all about the fine ass.

  4. Erin

    OOOOOOOOOO Sexy lady!!! I WANT!

  5. izzo

    I’d lunch on her va- JJ

  6. farles chew

    #2, words: try to saying something funny, instead of all ass-tarded. Seriously, you make *youtube commenters* look like the rocket scientists of funny comments.

  7. izzo

    I’d lunch on her va- JJ

  8. dk

    @2 Sorry about the last post. I thought we were yalking about Jessica Simpson.

  9. Pico Mornay

    # 2 Go to hell stupid asshole

  10. Uuuhhhhhhh… am I missing something? How is this at all attractive? No hips, legs, ass or tits… where are the chick parts???

  11. Carmen

    I agree… don’t get the attraction to this girl.

  12. rufus

    you americans have forgotten how a beautiful woman really looks like, i dont blame you guys, I’d be like that too if I was surrounded 24/7 by fat ugly bitches

  13. I can tell she’s quite fond of having a weiner in her hot little butt and I’m willing to fulfill her fantasy in this regard in exchange for a nice sandwich like turkey and swiss on a warm ciabatta roll with a little mayo and a couple slices of tomato. Not that salty, wet “mechanically-separated” deli turkey though. That stuff is gross. No, if Miranda wants to get her ass stuffed she’s got to make my sandwich with the good stuff.

  14. Venom

    I agree w/ #10. She does have a cute face, though. But still…

  15. amy

    I like her, she should do some acting, like in the new Pirates movie, and i’m not talking about the depp movie. – bbwsinglesdate.com

  16. Great for Pedos

    um that is so cute.. a 9 year old with Down Syndrome in a granny bikini.. this chick is disgusting!!

  17. I’m still sticking with my last post about this no ass, no titty looking broad. She’s got the face of a child that has refused to hit puberty..such a waste.

  18. JPRichardson

    So, according to the haters here, this chick gets millions of dollars in contracts every year for being an ugly bitch with a 10 yo body… hmmmm…

  19. Rachell

    Wow her face is weird. She has no chin or jaw. It’s like the whole lower half of her face is non-existant.

  20. Jeffer

    once again the fish doesn’t provide an ass shot. i am beginning to think you guys are faggots.

  21. Sport

    Thanks Rufus #12.

    We need some 17 yr old Eurotrash fucktard to tell us what a hot chick looks like. Shouldn’t you be watching a 0-0 futbol match or not bathing somewhere? Shit sorry man, its nap time over there I forgot you get to slack for 3 hours each day.

    Ciao you tool.

  22. Haagen Dazs

    # 21, the racist who is call SPORT!

    Yeah, I remember you, you’re racist who thinks that US is number 1. Gee, I know I travelled a lot but while I was away from the US, did George W. Bush had a secret child in the past called SPORT and hid it all that time because he was a moron and now suddenly, he is coming out of his little hidden sport after all these years of hiding?
    My feeling is you are a stupid idiot who has probably never been out of US. Actually, you probably has never been out of you county or your town.
    Yes, I understand that you are not very intelligent and shooting cans with a gun makes you feel like a man, or calling yourself SPORT probably makes you think you have a big penis but I just want to tell you again to please shut up because you are again the one who makes us american, look like moron. If you want to write something then at least go to school and work on that pea in your head call a brain you stupid dork! Oh and by the way, when you know nothing about other countries then again, you should shut up! Oh I love it when one of our fellow american who thinks he is amazing (but is an obvious dork) talks smack!

  23. arealcad


    Next time, try the decaf.

  24. el ces

    This girl looks like she’s 13.

    It’s weird.

  25. Haagen Dazs

    @ #23 , ha, ha, ha, you’re right, thank you I will.

  26. Haagen Dazs

    @ #23 , ha, ha, ha, you’re right, thank you I will.

  27. fetus_mcnuggets

    negative comments wow!

    i like her pix … minimal makeup and she still looks pretty (legs are her best assets) her body is fit

    yea her face looks a little young …

    but i thought that was the whole yellow fever fetish thing
    guys like petite flat chested asian girls
    cuz their cute and they like to feel superior next to a 12 year old boy?????

    ive never really understood asian fetishes … i like lebanese women
    EXOTIC lil furbys <3

  28. tati

    I’m just your average brasilian girl and i think she is hot! why do American women hate beautiful women

  29. vito

    Hotter than a motherfucker for a scrawny chick!

  30. DudeChick

    Fat anorexic bitch. I wouldn’t fk her with your mom’s dick, but I would still totally hit that.

  31. Ronald McDouchebag

    nasty faced garbage pail kid reject

  32. Ronald McDouchebag

    nasty faced garbage pail kid reject

  33. Sassy

    Gorgeous and for FUCK SAKE: NATURALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And what’s with the fucking, ‘Where are the hips’?, ‘Where are her boobs?’ She has quite clearly a defined, little waist, flat toned stomach and perky, natural B-cup breasts.

    Women don’t have to have DD-cup soccer balls or a cellulite riddled ass to be what you fucktard weirdos consider ‘beautiful’….she’s a fucking Victoria’s Secret supermodel….go back to fucking the fat bald guy you have chained up gimp style in your basement u gay fucks!!

  34. dude

    WHAT 24 pics and no ass shot!!!!! grrrrrrr

  35. #33 – Yea… starvation and drug use are so natural. Thanks for sharing.

    And I’d be careful calling people gay with a name like “Sassy”…

  36. kerrishhhsexayyy.

    yall are such shitheads! like its so obvious yall say this cause of jealousy!! shes fucking perfect!! her face is amazing and her body is natural and perfect! wtf people, ue want her to have big boobs so yall can call her unatural?! rubbish asses!

  37. Shameless

    You think she gives a crap about what you people think of her anyway? She is living her life earning loads of cash oblivious of clearly myopically blind fucks that have nothing better to do than slag her off because she appears as a post on a daily blog?

  38. lady jane

    i really just don’t why everyone likes her
    she doesnt stand out at all
    now adriana lima?
    thats true beauty!
    ive never seen anyone quite like her before…

  39. lady jane

    i really just don’t why everyone likes her
    she doesnt stand out at all
    now adriana lima?
    thats true beauty!
    ive never seen anyone quite like her before…

  40. lady jane

    i really just don’t why everyone likes her
    she doesnt stand out at all
    now adriana lima?
    thats true beauty!
    ive never seen anyone quite like her before…

  41. Sassy

    #35…..I’m a chic FUCKFACE. Not a guy.

  42. Miguel

    You just cant appreciate real beauty, this girl has a very beautiful face, wonderful eyes. Her body is fit.
    Now I get why most american girls are looking for plastic surgery… too much pressure.
    This girl is going to look like a 20 year old woman when she’s 40, trust me.

  43. Im a girl and I think she is really pretty but I am way more into her body then her face. Her face is definitely pretty no doubt about it, I just don’t find her to be sexy at all.

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