Miranda Kerr gets topless for Catholicism

June 3rd, 2010 // 95 Comments

With all the institutionalized child-fucking going on in the Catholic Church it only makes sense they attempt to market themselves to a new audience. Namely people like me who realize God is just a coping mechanism for death but would throw an infant under a bus just to see some tits. However, if that wasn’t the point of this Miranda Kerr photo shoot, I was nowhere near a nursery today. Or the bus station. In fact, I’ve been watching movies with you all morning. Haha! Remember when Batman punched that guy? That was my favorite part between the hours of 8 and 11 a.m.

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  1. L E UT

    Totally doesn’t look like her. Either it’s a different chick or the hair/eyebrow color and makeup changed her look completely.

  2. 7L

    Anal and oral baby.

  3. Ari Ola

    Don’t care who she is – she has nice perky nipples!!!

  4. As the agent saw Naomi walk from school at 13 and now flies to France, where for the first time the French Vogue cover was not the first black woman on the cover of big feet for someone who is only thirteen years .

  5. mia


  6. Don’t care who she is – she has nice perky nipples!!!

  7. gozo

    This biatch is showing her disgusting toothpick legs and mosquito bites tits……. who would it be if not Moronda Kerr???!!!
    Even with all that makeup and Photoshop she manages to look extremely ugly.
    I guess there’s no hope when you were born with a Freddo the Frog face………

  8. barbie

    Is this supposed to be HOT?
    All I see is a fugly skank with orange hair, LOL!

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  10. bypass

    @54…k sorry, but what is your post supposed to say…im having trouble putting the grammar together…

  11. captain america

    “Starbucks” want her too?


  13. Capitalist Pancake

    Um, that is Miranda Kerr, people. You’d be surprised what a wig/blonding out your eyebrows does to the way you loo. And #45? ‘a great …feet’?

  14. Mr. Nice Guy

    Orlando Bloom is a lucky man.

  15. bmose

    Yeah-some skinny bitch smoking a cig in the john is going to make me want to join the Catholic church. Any religion that tells me I’m going to hell for enjoying recreational sex can go fuck themselves. It’s their fault that All these Spanish speaking retards have twenty kids.

  16. Ultrasly

    @33 Advantage 33.

  17. Kate

    Yes, that’s EXACTLY what Catholic school was like.

  18. Lovely color of the hair :)

  19. Marcus

    nice boob..

  20. Colorado

    1 and 2 are stupids

  21. blackout

    i dont like her hair in these pictures. it looks weird. but what is REALLY depressing, is this could have replaced megan fox for transformers 3! (:(

  22. to 73

    are you kidding me???? I’m so glad that Freddo The Frog -Moronda Kerr won’t be in Transformers 3….. her fugliness would have screwed the entire movie!!!

  23. ahh be,
    baby’s very sexi photo..

  24. yess @tek
    Why does she look so pale and sickly and what’s with the orange hair? FAIL.

  25. Kate

    @ #46: Gosh its Miranda Kerr, they just dyed her hair blonde and did some weird stuff to her brows. Do you even know what she looks like???

  26. So…isn’t Miranda Kerr SUPPOSED to be attractive? I don’t really feel any jealousy towards Orlando Bloom right now.

  27. rob

    Gia Carangi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Miranda Kerr.

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  30. She is looking fabulouas!

  31. salads

    I would lick her ass till the end of time

  32. Django

    “[P]eople like me who realize God is just a coping mechanism for death.”

    To borrow a line from the movie “Fargo,” that’s a fountain of theological insight. That’s a geyser.

  33. slowcarcrash

    I went to high school with Miranda Kerr. Personally, I find her to be a bitch.

    I’m sure Sr Mary would be so proud of this photo shoot.

  34. Hefner

    Fugly as hell, even with tons of makeup and heavy airbrushing.
    Totally brown-baggable.

  35. xxxx
    Commented on this photo:

    wow! u shouldnt censor these pics. leave them the way they are.

  36. wtf
    Commented on this photo:

    I officially hate the bitch.

  37. Name
    Commented on this photo:

    push nsfw button in the top corner of pic

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