Miranda Kerr gets topless for Orlando Bloom

June 23rd, 2008 // 141 Comments

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr and boyfriend Orlando Bloom hit up Gran Canaria, Spain for some topless action. I love how she’s using a book to cover her fun parts. When I’m nude it requires the whole Encyclopedia Brittanica to cover my business. You know, once it loaded onto an iPod. I should really turn the AC down in my apartment. Yeah, that’s gotta be it…

NOTE: Pics link to uncensored NSFW versions which include a Miranda Kerr nipple and, for the ladies/Geekologist, an entire Orlando Bloom buttocks. Who loves ya?


  1. sara

    poor nipple, all squished..

  2. HH


  3. that does it

    That does it, I’m starting my starvation diet today. Damnit.

  4. TOOL

    She can’t smell.

  5. Miranda aussie

    Miranda.. this can be a bit damaging to your image.. just a bit

  6. JVM

    Looks like she’s got a little garden growing under that ‘kini of hers. Still, she’s all kinds of hot.

  7. Que

    Que thin!

  8. Orlando

    I love orlando’s tush… LAST PIC

  9. Gia

    Jeez, those VS ads are photoshopped big time. I did not recognize her.

    Oh by the way, I wish Orlando Bloom would step out of the closet already.

  10. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.

  11. It’s about time I get a “One For The Ladies” , Jesus, and hey…that is one fine looking ass..

    Keep those coming, tired of looking at scrawny sick looking women all day (but don’t get me wrong, no Britney’s cousin, or Latifahs either, please, I just ate)..

  12. ggggggg

    uhh which one is the dude?

  13. Trover

    Juts another flat assed, knobby kneed Brit. Of course, she goes well with Orlando’s flat chest.

  14. EuroNeckPain

    He has a flat ass and she has flat tits, nice couple.

  15. That's not right

    See that’s sad. That skinny girl has tiny boobs, and they’re flat & saggy. Awww, Come on honey, you could get inplants and at least have a B cup. God didn’t make you that skinny, you fucked that up. Now please do everyone a favor and get some titties.

    • Audrey

      lol, never fails to have a typical jealous fat girl here. awww, come on ‘honey’, her boobs are perky an dperfect and always will be, and yours have been/will be saggy and down to your knees for all your days. J-E-A-L-O-U-S

  16. implants not inplants

    Idiot. Learn how to type.

  17. Dumdidum

    Bones and skin, waaay too thin!

  18. She must be a great dick sucker ’cause I’d think Orlando could do better.

  19. Why all the small tit hate?

    @ 15:

    I’m thinking you’ve never seen a naked tit except for your 350lb mom’s.

  20. riz

    god bless you. i hate her, but i will always want to do orlando bloom’s skinny ass. mmmmmmmmmm.

  21. Mick

    Her body is perfect!… her face is another story.

  22. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    She has an ass made for getting stuffed.

  23. Tom

    She’s way too fucking skinny. How can people find her hot? She looks like a twelve year old boy, not a woman.

  24. eyepopper

    All these tossers do is laze about in the sun all day. Put them down a coal mine or get them on a giant treadmill generating electricity. Make them do something useful, for crissake.

  25. B

    Did no one else notice the link to the geekologist site? That’s not Geekologie, that’s…something else…

  26. Mink


  27. Geekologie came up for me. I don’t know what is wrong with your computer..

    What the fuck is bacon floss??

  28. Kathleen

    Haha yeah that isn’t the correct link.

    She is a little too skinny for my liking but is still attractive.

  29. icepick method

    image of perfection, aside from the weird stubby forearms.

  30. billy bob

    she looks like she has a penis.. either that or she’s “stuffing” to make it look like she has an amazon rain forest growing in her crotchular region

  31. Gia

    If she looks like a 12 yr old boy, then that explains why Orlando hangs around with her. Haha

    You know,to each its own. If you like your gals bony or shapely or even big, then who are we to argue.

    Im a gal, and I know guys love a gal they can pinch.

  32. Gia

    Im a gal, and I know guys love a gal they can punch.

  33. Cherry

    #13 Miranda Kerr is Australian.

  34. bootlips

    She’s hot, hot, hot.

  35. ph7

    Im a guy and I know guys love a gal they can spin like a top on their spindle without breaking a sweat.

  36. malicious

    He’s got a girls butt.

  37. Brock

    Wanna C Something (sur)Really Funny…LURAO @ http://www.TheHumanHybrid.com

  38. Jeff

    She’s a pile of bones

  39. Cherry

    These super thin women often remind me of those creepy old-looking children with the special powers in the cartoon Akira. Especially the Olsens.

  40. jane23@

    I know there is a problem when you quickly look at a picture and do the neck retraction in like an , “oohh”/ “eew”

    That’s quite sick looking.
    I mean it’s just not attractive at all , at least not to me. It actually makes me cringe. Cuz it looks like if you touched her she would break.

    Gross oh yea in the VS ads she has hella cleavage, where is it now. The world is lies…liesss

  41. Will

    does that count as a boob? I mean yes thats a nipple… but I can’t really call that a boob.

  42. temp

    wait, what the heck, what happened to her boobs?
    in VS she always looks like she has huge ones (or at least bigger ones than those).

    sure, they probably photoshop and use push up bras, but during the runway shows she still looks decent.

  43. britney's weave

    @42, took the words right out of my mouth. she looked great at the fashion show. i guess they really pump those bras up.

  44. VISA?

    dude her and kim kar’dash should meet up some time! wonder how kim feels about a butt-pad-less ass?
    anyway why are they both walking around with there shit hangging out…no one need to see that

  45. kily

    Good news. Btw, I saw her latest video on a perfect single website
    *****m u l t i r a c i al l o v e.c o m**** . She looks cute.

  46. Jen

    Why is she posing for the camera?

  47. Jilly

    Umm I can’t find this pictures on Bauer-Griffin via a quick search, there hasn’t been a story on Kerr since May. Let me guess, you couldn’t wait for her to show of her body again so you picked out the super old pictures? Lovely.

  48. jessica

    wait, what the heck, what happened to her boobs?
    in VS she always looks like she has huge ones (or at least bigger ones than those).

    more natural girls @ singleparentkiss.com, believe or not, have a try……

  49. ldsqtbea

    she looks good :)

  50. petty

    she looks gorgeous

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