Miranda Kerr and a bunch of models I don’t know do topless stuff

June 17th, 2009 // 104 Comments

Here’s Miranda Kerr and a bunch of models whose names aren’t important to me posing for famed photographer Terry Richardson for the 2010 Pirelli Calendar. They’re pretty much all topless and/or naked, so this is probably the best thing that will happen to any of you all week. Let’s not ruin it with words. Shh. Shh. Just emotions.

Thanks to Cory who should be anchoring goddamn CNN. The man knows news.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. Obviously.


  1. JJ

    Miranda Kerr looks like she hasnt had a meal in several years… holy ribs

  2. Fati

    God, that Kerr chick is so ugly :-/

  3. it still isn’t clear to ya?
    HALLELUJA FOLKS, better late than never!!

  4. Thank you #12
    Say NO to Anti-Boobery!

    This site is AWE-Some!!!! ‘Nuff Said

    The photog Hick is one Luck-Ass bastard.
    Is that a tatty of Abe Lincoln on his right pec?

    Either way….he’s got the job man….telling stunning women to get naked!

    Love that last pic of the herd of topless models.

    God Bless You Mr. Fish and God Bless BOOBS!

  5. Rhialto


  6. CManSB

    Hey I like boobs as much as the next guy, But just what does that have to do with Pirelli Tires?

  7. Ananana

    #33, GAWD NO!! Perez Hilton, PinkIsTheNewBlog and all the gays are terrible, they don’t even deserve to be on the same category as TS! I would love to scratch Perez Hilton’s face off and rub bleach on it afterwards, but really, I come on this site to read some very insulting politically incorrect celeb bashing, not bikinis and boobs. Mind you, I love boobies, I play with mine everyday more than once a day.
    I know where to find bikinis and boobs (and I can always refer to one of The Gays above mencioned for penis and pecks), here I want TSWriter, in all his awesomeness, to fucking insult some celebs!

  8. Dick TRULY Throbbn

    Ewwwwwwwww, a sloth EXCRETES thru it’s skin, it SHITS in it’s sweat ! !
    Fuckin’ nasty.

    He looks like a soon to die gay HIV person from the meat packing district/Ram Rod part of town.

    FUCK Osama Bin Laden too !

  9. jender

    Check out
    **B l a c k W h i t e L o v i n g . c O m ***
    where they hate hot girls and big woman~!!!

  10. Ariana

    @57, lol that’s true. It’d be nice to see some literal superficial views of hollywood. Remember that plastic surgery “Swan” show they aired for ~two seasons? Can’t believe it was actually aired. People resorting to plastic surgery again and again to look better than the other. Sad, and hilarious =[

    But seriously, TS >>>>>>>>>> Perez Hilton, even if he writes about boobies all day.

  11. meh!

    a bunch of hookers that are too stupid to realize they are nothing more then prostitutes.

  12. Radha

    @ 32 – yup i have been thinking the same thing. The writing has changed.

    Have as many boobs as you like but I want the old writer back it used to be way more witty.

    Boob + funny commentary = something for everyone.

  13. Yeah i came here for Superfish’s journalistic integrity, but stayed for the Mclaughlin group like debates. Im guessing some people just performed spring cleaning in their medicine cabinets. The site is fine you whiners, fish’s revenue is at an all time high, give me unexpected boobs or crotch shots or give me death…

  14. hot mess

    TS should just start ANOTHER site dedicated to celebrity porn and let the writers who did the actual celeb gossip come back and give us what we came here for.

    And I quote:
    “Let’s not ruin it with words.”

    Really? C’mon man, really?

    Isn’t that your freaking job?

  15. Moses

    Dirty old man

  16. notsomuch

    go to a chat room if you all want to fight about boobs – does anyone notice how rail thin this girl is in this picture? You can see the front AND THE BACK of her ribs! Gross! If the camera does add 10 pounds she must have to ride in a booster seat still because she doesn’t meet the weight requirement to legally ride without one!

  17. Carlos De Tirado

    This site is the gods gift to all hetro males. The only people bored with there sites, have boyfriends.

  18. Is that first photo from Auschwitz circa 1944?

  19. squiggle

    Does the man’s right tit (photo number six) have a tattoo of Brian Jones on it?

    Because if so then man’s right tit (photo number six) FTW.

  20. grinder

    The Pirelli Calendar is news, not porn

  21. Darth

    Except the models,i recognize Brasil in his photos.Good job!

  22. Lippen Whiskey

    This isn’t porn, and anyone thinking it is, is a Class A-1 Retard, or worse, some new brand of retard.

    This is the human body shown in its natural glory. Those of the complainers may be so raw and ugly as to be labeled porn, but these are simply beautiful.

    And like another said…I don’t see where anything much has changed. The writing used to be funnier, but other than that…it’s still The Superficial.

  23. Lucky Breaks

    Yeah I agree about her ribs. She’s really cute but she looks too thin in this pic.

  24. Moto Rola

    Nice and Natural.

  25. jily7y77

    She is hot, just saw her profile on——http://hot4date.bravehost.com/love.htm ——so many hot pictures about her are shown there, she is enjoying hot dating there? I even can’t believe it.

  26. Deacon Jones

    Italian men are fucking weird. And I mean REAL Italian men, not the ones in the movies. They’re a mix between Jews and Eurotrash

  27. pappy smeary

    does this pirelli guy have a 14in schlong or somethin – how the hell did he pull this off

    miranda kerr is perfect

    pirelli u da man

  28. mmmmmmmmmm

    pretty panties

  29. Dread not

    Going through… withdrawal…. no… silicone….

  30. Anon

    Why can’t straight men like a gossip site?
    Just because all the rest are geared towards women doesn’t mean men don’t like them, it means there was none that catered for men.

    If you’re female and you don’t like this site go visit the thousand of others that cater for you instead of trying to ruin this one.

    It seems men can’t have anything these days.

    Anyway other than the Miranda Kerr (don’t know who she is or what she does other than Fish likes her) the rest aren’t anything to write home about.

    I’m all for real boobs but just because you have them doesn’t mean you don’t need help there, especially if you’re going to show them off.

    Come on fish what about Twatney getting engaged again?
    give us what we want, other than those complaining this is a porn site.
    Keep giving them what they don’t want.

  31. Listen. I only come here for the boobs. Thats it… Oh and for the Pratts!

  32. eh

    Girls are hot.

    Terry Richardson is a waste of flesh. His photos will be forgotten the minute he dies.

  33. biatcho

    Hey #40 “Who Gives a Fuck” (clearly very clever)… I am not sure who Drew Pinsky is, he sounds Polish so he’s dumb. But who am I to pass up a good cock! Thanks for the tip!

  34. friendlyfires

    My … penis … is … very … very ….happy.

  35. Tom

    I love the look of the sloth the girl is holding in one picture. BTW, keep up the boob work. I mean good work.

  36. finally some boobs i can relate to. doesn’t happen often here.

  37. Walter

    God bless The Superficial.

  38. John

    Thanks man!

  39. Who Gives A Fuck

    biatcho (how cute,) racist much? Go suck Tom Metzger’s cock.

  40. GG1000

    Oh man, the look on the face of that model with the chicken. She looks like she’s thinking “when I get my hands on my agent, he’s TOAST”

    So what IS the trip with naked chicks with animals? A little bestiality with your tires today sir?

  41. eden

    she’s beautiful. And real breasts. I like that

  42. i agree

    I dont know if Im too late on this contest, but I agree with all of the other women who have commented earlier on the anti-boobieness.

    I have been coming to this site for such a long time and have always favored it over any other celeb blog but I’ve been finding myself hitting up Perez because everything on here is just boobs and “OMGZ I NEED TO CLEAN UP THE JIZZ ON MY SCREEN.” The same tired jokes about getting boners and titty-fucking hot chix is getting old. We only used to see those types of posts at a 1-5 ratio, and now its tits, pussy shots, bikkinis all around.

    And to the fkin idiot at the top of the comments that said this page is clearly made for males……….. LMFAO. OK BRO. Its called THE SUPERFICIAL, get real.

    I miss the old superficial :(((((((

  43. i know

    i thought miranda kerr was decent..

  44. Babraham Lincoln

    The “hick” photographer is Terry Richardson, and he rules.

    I would rather see these photos than picture Morgan Freeman boffing his step granddaughter.

    if you miss the old superficial, make your own sequel. Stop whining.
    thesuperfish rules.

  45. kitty_kat

    Seriously, if Miranda Kerr were on National Geographic everyone would be talking about how horrible world starvation is. So why is it that when she is a model, she is hot?

  46. Pilatunes

    Pic #2…niiice. Pics with that gross fucking dude? Delete.

  47. Ari Ola

    Miranda Kerrs nipples are gorgeous. Wonder how she keeps them so perky.

  48. Patrick

    Miranda Kerr is such a butterface. Her body looks okay, except for the ribs. I miss the hot models we used to have in the late 90s and early 00s.

  49. kelly


  50. mmm

    mmm kerr is hot.

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