Miranda Kerr and a bunch of chicks are topless

November 20th, 2009 // 196 Comments

These are handouts from the 2010 Pirelli Calendar Launch Party in London last night, and I’m not pointing any fingers here, but had Summit Entertainment passed out free porn, maybe I would’ve came to their little launch event this week. — Okay, you’re right, I still wouldn’t have shown up, but I might have sent an intern with a duffel bag and instructions to get Ashley Greene’s phone number because apparently she’s the easy one. So put that in your marketing pipe and smoke it.

Photos: Getty

  1. Betsy

    Miranda Kerr looks like a regular effin’ Huckleberry Finn. What a waif.

  2. Jibbly Biggins

    Lily Cole looks lovely (especially in the chest – she appears healthy as well) but a few of the others have the legs of someone in a concentration camp (cough, cough – Kerr). Starvation isn’t sexy.

    It’s kind of disturbing….like a 30-year-old woman trying to look like a 10-year-old girl.

  3. wosh

    the fact that being overweight has become normal does not make being underweight any healthier. according to mirandas bmi she is severely underweight which is why she looks like she hasn’t finished going through puberty.

  4. saywha

    I’m not bothered as much with the praying mantis chicks – much more so with the pervy male crew that seems to be surrounding them. Ugh.

  5. Duke Nukem

    40 years ago no one would say these people are ‘too skinny’ or ‘starved’. It’s only because the average girl is fat that we now think of these tall, thin body types as ‘too skinny.’ And obviously, most guys would be more than happy to drill any/all of these models.

  6. Smarm

    @48- Shut the fuck up already- stop trying to sound all edumucated and stuff….muscle wastage? You’re out of your fucking gord. And since 80% of those posting find them attractive, I guess how YOU think they appear means jack shit, eh? Like I said – its one thing to say its not your thing…..its another to talk as if you’re a certified medical professional and start throwing out jargon like ‘muscle wastage’..if you knew in fact what it was, you’d know that insinuating that they’re suffering from it is just plain silly….so they arent as fat as you’d like and lack what you consider acceptable muscle mass? too fucking bad- until they appoint you their personal physician, your ridiculous prognosis means shit..it does, however, make it painfully apparent of how jealous your fat ghetto ass is. I’m sure they’re far healthier than you- and fat doesnt = healthy no matter how you slice it.

    @50- You’re an idiot.

    And you fucks wonder why our country is so god damn fat, because sorry bastards like you think anyone whose under a buck eighty is ‘waif like’ and ‘too skinny’….just because they have a different body type and metabolism than you do, doesnt make them unhealthy.

    Have a great day, fatties!

  7. um

    They are not too skinny. They’re practically perfect, but I hate these pictures. I’m all for sexy or freaky sexy or disturbing or interesting pictures, but these are just tasteless and incomprehensible.

    Well I actually think Daisy Lowe is kind of goofy looking, but that’s a matter of opinion.

  8. RtSS

    These chicks have nice tight little pussies. That is natural, and that is how it’s meant to be. Tight is good. Loose and sloppy is not so good, but still doable.

  9. RtSS

    Oh, yes… @40 – Please keep in mind, the website you are on is http://www.thesuperficial.com and not, let’s all be indepth, intelligent beings that treat everyone in an educated, fair, decent fashion considering the the health and well being of the entire universe as we know it. http://www.thesuperficial.com

  10. Hungry

    I am so upset that someone on here thinks I am an idiot for sharing my opinion.

  11. Bigger is Better

    I strongly agree with hungry..these types of “girls” make our obesity problem worse…please show healthy models!!!

  12. Cinnie

    Haha gross skinny legs and a face only a skinner could love.

  13. MissZ

    Miranda Kerr’s picture made me feel like I was looking at kiddie porn. Not attractive. Not cool.

  14. becca

    looks like kiddie porn to me. sad. so so sad.

  15. MissZ

    Also, I agree with 42 about the VS catalog. What happened to the shapely models they had like Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum? Miranda Kerr can’t hold a candle to Heidi Klum. Heidi Klum is thin, yes. But she looks healthy and like a real woman. The models they use nowadays look too much like boys than real women with beautiful curves. But I guess nothing sells thongs and panties like a 12 year old boy’s ass, huh?

  16. Jessie

    They all look far too young and far too thin. Ultimately, these pictures are unsettling and creepy.

  17. phil

    What a bunch of chubsters.

  18. Heidi

    Guys they are too thin. Not everyone on this board is a fat hater to say that. There’s being skinny naturally and being forced skinny like these chicks and it’s like find a medium between it. This calendar sucks. First thing I stare at is the twig legs. Jennifer Lopez used to do Pirelli, what happened. It’s not like models should be plus size, size 0 is ok, it’s like eat 500 calories sometimes. Food is good! I agree with you VS needs its old women back pronto to replace these bone hangers.

  19. Sally

    @56 – you’re a giant twat so shut up. What people are saying here is that these girls are only super-hot in one context: the catwalk. Their limbs are really long and they seem stretched out and because they have such low body-fat they have got no ass (except for Kroes) and no streamlined curves like the models used to have (think Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson). Truth is they would not be saught after to pose in men’s magazines merely for their twig-like bodies, and it is true, they look like children.

    And to those saying that becuase of obesity we have forgotten what normal looks like, blah blah, I would just say that it is always easier to be thin than it is to be fit & healthy. Thin is easy – you don’t eat. Fit means that you actually have to work out, all the time. There’s a difference and FIT is always hotter than thin.

  20. Willie Dixon

    I can’t get around the fact these chicks look like they’re all 12 years old…I couldn’t get past the first few. Just really uncomfortable. Wonder how old the people are who say they’d do them.

    Anyway, I’m going back to the lingerie picts of Keely Hazell and Victoria’s secret. At least they aren’t jail bait like Miley Cyrus or these grade schoolers.

  21. Buddha

    I don’t know, dude…they kind-of suck : (
    There are prettier chicks out there with more curves..like the old Victoria’s secret in the 1990′s..Laetitia Casta, Daniella, much more..
    They had bodies!

  22. Jamillah

    @ Smarm/#56:
    Just because a term like “muscle wastage” is outside of your clearly limited lexicon doesn’t mean these girls don’t have it. They are clearly underweight — if you would like to refute that, please feel free to dispute it with facts. For now, however, medical science indicates that for their height, they are underweight — and no, 80% of the people on this site do NOT find them attractive. Re-read the posts.

    Finally, not liking underweight women in no way implies that I’m fat — it merely suggests I might like the healthier, more curvaceous models of yesteryear. I think we can all agree that Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Tyra Banks, etc. had beautiful bodies. These malnourished girls don’t. Go to your local gym and I’m certain you’ll see plenty of women with far more attractive bodies.

  23. Jamillah

    @ Smarm/#56:

    One last thing — Here’s an example of a girl who clearly works-out and has a sculpted, sexy physique. Her legs, abs and glutes all are well-developed and have beautiful musculature, but she is not so ripped as to look unfeminine:


    THIS is what many people point to when we say the girls above look unhealthy and need to eat/exercise more.

  24. Jibbly Biggins

    73 – your youtube model puts all of the Victoria’s Secret women to shame. Oh my god, it’s glorious.

    She is fit, slender, appears healthy and she has not been morphed into a little kid by some overzealous diet.

  25. ollie

    Girl no 1 ain’t Miranda Kerr (she’s too big time to do crappy little tyre calender). What’s boring is they are all trying to find the next Miranda rather than a new hottie. Variety people.

  26. These girls need to smile and relax.

  27. Michael

    Now we are talking!


  28. Oud

    If I’m not mistaken, the photographer is Larry Clark who was the director for movies like KIDS, Bully, Kent Park. This is the style of his photography.

  29. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    Wow. Incredibly ugly, underweight with the body of a 13 year old boy.
    So NOTE hot.
    I think my dick just crawled back up into my abdomen.

  30. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    Wow. All of them are incredibly ugly, underweight with the body of a 13 year old boy.
    So NOT hot.
    I think my dick just crawled back up into my abdomen.

  31. Nadia

    i think its hilarious how the majority of the folks here are critiquing these girls are women, whereas the dudes think they’re hot. These are gorgeous girls, with a unique look, the type that you can spot from a crowd of average looking chicks, and yeah they’re skinny but that doesn’t make em any less hot. It’s nice to see a change from thunder thighs and saggy tits.

  32. Zoey

    Modeling agencies love their alien heads with body bodies…far out.

  33. Trev

    Modeling agencies love their alien headed coke whores with boy bodies…

  34. skinny minis 2 cents worth

    To all these people who state the “fact” that these girls are medically severely underweight, where are you getting your “data” from?

    I’m 52kg and average height, yup pretty dam skinny, much like these girls. I have had my BMI etc tested lots of times during my life and doctors tell me I’m healthy, and I fit into the range of what is considered normal, (albeit near the bottom).

    I’m sick of being made to pay for the fact the the population is getting unhealthily big and feels bad about it. Just say it like it is, it’s a preference issue, so you like bigger women? Good for you but it doesn’t make any of these girls above unhealthy. You have to be a lot thinner before you hit anorexic proportions.

    I love my body and I’m not going to apologize for it
    PS Miranda Kerr is f**kin hot and you know it, she just looks a bit young in that picture because of her styling.

  35. ANGRY


  36. Joseph

    No one cares what a skinny mini has to say..go eat whore!!

  37. kitty_kat

    @81 – How can you even tell whether it’s men or women making the comments? You can’t. So your “observation” is nonsensical.

  38. skinny minis 2 cents worth


    *Skinny mini currently eating a pie and having sex*

    Thanks for the suggestion this is great

  39. skinny minis 2 cents worth


    *Skinny mini currently eating a pie and having sex*

    Thanks for the suggestion this is great,

  40. Pie Eating Sex Freak

    ummm…that’s nice Skinny Mini I am doing the same thing

  41. Agreed with a number here: too young, uncomfortable with themselves and just plain too wire thin to be sexy in any real way. Yuck.

  42. RtSS

    Once I got done with the model that has 10 on her panties, her panties would be looking more like 1.0

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  44. Ryan the Canadian

    That Sloth is interesting.

  45. Ryan the Canadian

    @ 56 – you’re yelling at 15 year olds…..

  46. I love her, she is cute like teen

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