Miranda Kerr Is, Uh, Definitely Pregnant

November 9th, 2010 // 168 Comments

Presumably in a bid to accelerate Orlando Bloom‘s murder, pregnant supermodel Miranda Kerr appears nude in the December issue of W Magazine. So to honor what once was, and may never will be again unless she was injected with the same super-soldier serum as Alessandra Ambrosio, I’ve included a gallery of Miranda Kerr as I choose to remember her – but with the new breasts. Those are coming with me.

Photo: W


  1. Gavin

    This is totally gross. She looked disgusting before the pregnancy too but this is too much. Who wants to see an emaciated body with a pregnant belly?
    Some hideous things should be kept private.

  2. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    she’s a few weeks away from super horny, Orlando, time to earn your paycheck

  3. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    Why be so mean and judgmental? If it so ugly why bother looking, let alone taking the time to comment? Just skip past it and move on! It seems like you all spend a lot of time talking crap about someone who “wasn’t that hot before”. I don’t get it.

  4. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    i love to poke her baby in the eye

  5. Roflcopter

    I just had to say that I like how a lot of these comments simply degenerated into name calling. And quick question: what sort of lives do you people lead such that you have the time to bicker over such a non-issue as a picture of a pregnant woman? One comment, sure, thats no big deal, but a whole series of combative comments with someone you don’t know and will never meet? Seems rather ridiculous, really.

  6. Miranda Kerr
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    her ass is divine.

  7. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    you are all jealous because you dont have a kid inside of you

  8. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    i dont want a kid inside me, i want to be a kid inside her!

  9. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    She’s got that corn licking asshole us freeboaters love!

  10. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
    Soviet Snow
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    I’d take a hit off that milk tit.

  11. Fellow Pious One

    Uh, yes pip pip Roflcopter. Spot on, old chap! How are things in your ivory tower, sir?

  12. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
    Willy Wonka
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    Hmmm I’d like to hook up a car battery to those nipples!

  13. Kizzy

    Here’s hoping she’s slathering on the Palmers stretch mark butter stuff so that she can actually go back to VS after the kid. She’s probably getting tips from that Alessandra chick and Heidi about how to get thin quick after the baby and how to keep your skin looking good. They look amazing for having children, so I sure Miranda will be the same way. Those lucky bitches have no stretch marks whatsoever.

  14. Willy Wonka

    Where the fuck is my post you fucking cunts???

  15. Amumof3

    I have had 3 kids and know what it looks like to be pregnant!! You need to work hard to get back to prebaby weight but it will never be quite the same because it is a fact that it changes your body. Your hips will be wider after, your stomach muscles will need to be exercised to bring them back together since they separate during pregnancy. But it can come back and look nice naturally you just have to work at it. Everyone needs to remember these women have professional trainers, babysitters, nutritionists and the whole works and jerks, which we normal women don’t have at our disposal!!! So it is normal for it to take longer for us to get back in shape. They even have an extremely high likelyhood of having had plastic surgery in order to correct something they don’t like…. and since we can see how easy it is for average women to get boob jobs now days what says they havn’t had a nip, tuck, injection or implant somewhere??
    Miranda has not put on heaps of weight which is nice for her, yet the baby won’t suffer she will. They act as a parasite in the body and sap all of the nutrients, which means even if a anorexic or puker gets pregnant the body ids designed to give what it has to the baby. But as a result she will have her body sapped of all goodness giving her bone, teeth, skin and other possible problems in the future because of not maintaining the best nutritional diet for herself and the baby!!!
    One thing I don’t like the look of on her body is how her nipples have changed but like everyone we are all entitled to our own personal opinion.
    People forget that she also has the birth to wait for and more troubles can come then. Instead of every filthy man raving about their sexual preferance or desire they should be looking to obtain a more realistic view of women by realising these mags they read and do thier thing to are all doctored to the max!!! Get out there learn some respect for women and have a look in the mirror and ask what have I done to earn others respect before they find fault in others!!!

  16. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    If she was mine the doctor would have to pull my dick out and delatch me from those nipples before any babys coming out

  17. Miranda Kerr
    Ash Bones
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    9 places of fun !!

  18. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    Hmmm…..reminds me of Jessica Alba’s pregnancy hoots

  19. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    Preggo hating is one of the most telling signs of screeching, hysterical, ravenous, closeted hyper-gayness.

  20. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    She will be hot until about 12 months after delivery….
    Then the tits will sag and have zero firmness, the stretch marks will need laser, and the vag will NEVER be tight like a glove again….

    Sure it is beautiful… but it DOES ruin a woman forever….

  21. Sprint Sucks

    Pregnant pussy has the best taste and smell…something about the change in hormones.

  22. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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    I think she looks beautiful! She is a tiny thing, wonder how much bigger her belly will get? If I looked that good pregnant I would take nude pictures too.

  23. Amumof3

    A comment to the obvious kid brain named JesseJimmy – “Shouldn’t you insecure pudgy housewives be posting on Oprah.com instead of here?” …. Obviously you havn’t seen a woman naked anyhow (don’t count magazines you use at home in you private time!!!) Your opinion / comments are without any knowledge experience and common decency and have no relevance or importance to anyone reading. You thankfully you can’t see through the computer to visualise me or anyone else because you wouldn’t be doing so with any appropriate thoughts whatsoever. People don’t need to be overweight or ugly in order to reply a decent comment. Grow up, mature, and try to experience something other than porn (which is very unlikely since no woman with a brain would even look twice at you.) Then maybe others will be willing to listed to what you have to say and you might not sound like an immature, inexperienced, ignorant child.

    • JesseJimmy

      Dear Amumof3:

      If you have to type that much to make your rambling point, you should just STFU and turn on Lifetime. That way you won’t spend all day wondering if your hubby is banging his secretary (he’s not, she doesn’t want to fuck him either).

      Also, if you haven’t figured out yet, I don’t care what you think.

  24. Amumof3

    Informing poeple about pregnancy and ensuring that incorrect or misleading ideas are corrected is an important thing to do in todays society. The perception of people today, both men and women is idealised to try to impose perfection and incorrect views in regards to how we sould be or behave. Yes, being overweight is not good for you, our primary attention should be on having healthy bodies! Not on having rude and un-informed ideas on what everyone else should look like. Excersicing by doing cardo, weight training and maintaining nutritinal eating habits, stretching and low levels of stress are what people should be looking to endeavor to do. Yet even if there are those that think they are healthy and physically fit, this is no guarantee that they are mentally fit/mature. Case in point JesseJimmy’s attitude.
    Miranda is not fat she is quite thin which especially with a baby in the oven, is borderline unhealthy for her. The bumb bit is not fat, it is mostly baby, fluid, placenta and everything else a baby needs to grow. You can see her actual weigh by looking at the arms and legs. These are where you can see the tell tale signs of weight gain whether a woman is pregnant or not. By looking at her arms you realise how lean she is and her lack of muscle definition. This can be detrimental to someones health since if you maintain an unhealthy exercise and diet routine your body eats into your muscles to gain the energy and fuel it needs to run. Being as thin as this, pregnant or not, will not be doing anyone any good no matter how much the media, immature men and uneducated people like to think it looks good.

  25. Amomof3

    I don’t have an degree in whatever you stated, I just read and keep my brain educated and body exercised unlike you, you ignoramus. Maybe you should try it sometime….. no wait it wouldn’t sink in anyhow, carry on re-enforcing your lack of intellect Mr Jessejimmy your digging yourself a glorious hole!! :)

  26. Amomof3

    This is here more for my amusement, rather than your education JesseJimmy.
    Noun 1. ignoramus – an ignorant person
    know nothing, uneducated person
    unskilled person – a person who lacks technical training
    aliterate, aliterate person – a person who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sources
    illiterate, illiterate person, nonreader – a person unable to read
    Yet I prefer these:
    ignoramus – noun dunce, fool, ass, donkey, bonehead (slang), duffer (informal), simpleton, dullard, dolt, blockhead, lowbrow, putz (U.S. slang), fathead (informal), eejit (Scot. & Irish), thicko (Brit. slang), numpty (Scot. informal), doofus (slang, chiefly U.S.), numbskull or numskull

    This describes you perfectly – a person who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sources :)

    • JesseJimmy

      You just made me realize it. My life is a meaningless hole, dedicated to nothing. I have no purpose in life.

      No wait, that’s you. I’m good, thanks.

      And your need to use “big words” shows me all I need to know.

  27. Amomof3

    No, actually, your reaction just confirms how you are a male that feels threatened by an intellectual woman!!!

    • JesseJimmy

      Yes, that’s exactly it. I’m threatened by an intellectual woman. Which is why you pose no threat whatsoever to me. Now, go read some Susan Sontag and fancy yourself intellectual.

  28. Amomof3

    I am 27, I have 3 glorious children which are a reward and may be tough at times but are gift to have around, I also have an devoted husband of over 8yrs and a meaning and purpose for life to which you may never come to know. I realise that what people look like on the outside is superficial and that unlike you, life is a joy just like having children gives you experience, joy and an understanding on life that you Jessejimmy, don’t yet have. I pity you for your bad attitude and hope that in time you may mature and come to realise that love, compassion and common decency towards others are traits looked up to by respectful and mature people in society. Time will tell whether you can correct your thinking and become an respectful, contributing member to society and those close around you, which I hope may happen over time. I do not think your life or anyone else’s life is meaningless yet I do lean towards thinking that your life hasn’t yet found meaning for you. Hopefully you find an more substantal meaning for yourself, rather than showing your disrespect for women and others, on a blog.

    • MorrisDey

      You’re 27? You’ve been married eight years and have three kids? Child, this is 2010 not 1956. What the hell is wrong with you? Please tell me you wear shoes in the kitchen. Please tell me you and your husband don’t sleep in twin beds separated by a nightstand with a rotary phone sitting on top. Please tell me that he lets you drive the station wagon – and not just to the grocery store or bridge club. Did your mother tell you intercourse is your womanly duty and only for procreation and that although its uncomfortable and sometimes hurts, it is every woman’s excuse to get pregnant and to stay fat?

      • Amomof3

        Woah hold on a second…. I have been to the US twice, once when I was 16 and the second time with my husband, when we had 2 not 3 kids and we were there for a month went to disney land, san diego, sea world and all of the tourist things you do. I love being married with my bloke because we know eachother. We made sure we discussed all issues before we got engaged such as marriage, kids, discipline, fidelity, religion, ect, ect. We have worked hard together, bought a block & built on it before selling it and easing lifes burdens in order to be together more often and enjoy our kids while they are still young, and as a result we are in a position where we will be comfortable and be able to travel as much as possible when we are in our 40′s which is still young. I have a strong moral ethics and so does my husband which is rare to find in todays society. We have a king bed and enjoy spending the majority of our time together, we have partied together, and most of all we are especially happy with our decisions in life. We would hope the same is possible for everyone else out there but selfishness is rampant in the society we live in and that is why the family and marriage lifestyle has gone to pieces. I deal with all of the money and my husband works, yet I worked before we had kids. I am my own woman and we make our decisions as a family which has been very fortunate for me to find someone I pair with so well. I have no need for anyone elses concern. Thankyou anyhow. :)

  29. JesseJimmy

    And I hope that by the time you are 30, you are able to accomplish OT Level IV. Say hi to John Travolta for me.

  30. Amomof3

    Sorry to disappoint but I am not a member nor have I ever been a member of Church of Scientology, I actually think for myself.

  31. Anna

    A mom of 3; I’ve read your comments and I have to tell you, if at any time you feel despair and are discouraged, I implore you – reach out to someone close that you can trust and confide in. Its normal for a mother to sometimes wish her life were different – to yearn for a time when there wasn’t a husband and children and all the responsibilities that accompany those commitments – especially when you married and started a family so young – before you had the chance to experience life, college, an exploratory trip abroad, the gentle touch of another woman’s caress- you missed all that and went right to wife and mother when you were still just a baby yourself. You never got to experience the freedom of sleeping in, of doing whatever you want whenever you want. I understand, believe me I do, I was there myself, but please, when these feelings weigh you down, when you contemplate what could have been, please, please, please… talk to someone before the urge overtakes you and you drown your kids in a bathtub.

    • Amomof3

      That is the thing I don’t feel dispaired or discouraged, I have a glorious life and have seen my siblings and other aquaintances and I wouldn’t choose their lives or even their decisions for a second!!! That is the difference. I know what I want and who I want to be. Every one has their choice and no thankyou…. I don’t agree with homosexuallity AT ALL!! I would not and I have never contemplated it!!! I am sane thankyou and wouldn’t ever think of hurting anyone let alone my own flesh & blood, my little treasures!!! I am slightly offened of your comment yet I am glad to be able to strongly disagree with your statements and your immoral tendancies. I just hope you havn’t considered drowning your kids, if so seek help please.

    • Amomof3

      Totally not interested in that way of life. I am anti homosexuallity and don’t ever consider it. To me it is disgusting…. that is my opinion. I am happy and have never and would never even think of hurting my babies, my little sweeties. I hope you havn’t and if you have…. seek help please.

    • Amomof3

      I have a life, your and my opinion will definately differ on that!!! My choices have been made with plenty of fore thought which is rare for young people I know but that is how I have done it.

  32. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
    titty sucker
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    baby want milk!!

  33. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
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  34. Miranda Kerr
    Commented on this photo:

    this obsession with sagging breasts and distended pussies.. come on.

    Ask any psychiatrist : he will confirm men do not have a rational approach of pregnancy. The mental damage occurs long before too.

  35. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Hey Amomof3, relax. We admire you. Who cares what jimmidouche says. It’s important what you think of yourself.

  36. Anna

    Momof3, its OK. I understand. I too would never have imagined being with another woman – oh sure, I could appreciate her beauty – her curves, the softness of her skin, the way she could relate to me intellectually the way my husband couldn’t. She understood my emotions – my need to cry for apparently no reason at all – well there was a reason, it was because my husband, for as much as I love him, couldn’t relate to me. One night, her and I were talking and sharing a bottle of wine while my husband was at the bar watching the world cup or something and with his drinking friends. Maybe it was the wine, or the crackling sound of the logs burning in the fireplace, the gentle glow of the candles flickering and casting their shadows on the wall – I don’t know – maybe it was all of that combined with the stimulating conversation – she was actually listening to me – anyway one thing led to another and I felt her touch, her kiss, the amazing way she used her tongue in places my husband would never consider exploring just to please me. She put her focus on my pleasure which made the experience so easy – she was so selfless and giving – unlike my husband who is asleep or back watching the telley within three minutes of his completion. I wouldn’t consider myself homosexual or even unfaithful to my husband, because I’m not chosing another man over him where I could get pregnant. I just opened up my horizons to experience more to life than being with a man who works all the time, sleeps or hangs out with his friends, leaving me to change the diapers, listen to their screaming and fighting, and picking up their toys, feeding and bathe the kids. After all that, when its bath time all of that combined sometimes makes me want to hold their heads under the water. My friend understands that and encourages me to find an alternative release. Now I look forward to their baths so I can put them to bed early then return to the master bath with my friend. I’m so much happier. I would encourage you to explore as well. Keeping all of that bottled up will eventually endanger your kids. Don’t be afraid to confide in another woman – to let down your guard and discover the satisfaction that only another woman can offer you. It doesn’t make you a bad person – it might just save your kid’s lives one day.

    • Astro

      Please refrain from posting these long boring stories on here. This site is for people who want to rag on celebs…no one wants to hear about fat women who get seduced by dykes. KTHXBYE

  37. J.B.

    This is a great example of why Americans and all people should be tolerant and accepting of homosexuals. If we were as a society, then Orlando Bloom wouldn’t have been trying to prove anything, and this lovely lady would’ve kept her figure.

    • Amomof3

      Yes, that may be your opinion, yet without science (or the enablers/sympathethic) helping homosexuals, with your warped view of life and love, people with your sickness would, (simply put,) “grow old and die” without any of the joy of bearing children, raising them and living with gods approval throughout your life.
      Gen 1:27-28 – male & female he created them, NOT male & male or female & female. 1Corinthians 6:9&10 “What! Do YOU not know that unrighteous persons will not inherit God’s kingdom? Do not be misled. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men kept for unnatural purposes, nor men who lie with men, 10 nor thieves, nor greedy persons, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit God’s kingdom.”

      Sounds pretty clear there about what gods view is and likewise what our view should also be.

  38. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
    Commented on this photo:

    Breastfeeding is wonderful and it helps when your nipples and big and puffy like hers. Yes, it is common to have some sagging, but sometimes breasts stay bigger after lots of lactation. Mine grew to DD and stayed about a D after nursing when I was a C cup prior to having a baby. It is god for the baby and can be highly erotic with the man as well. WE all don’t stay 22 and virginal forever. So love the more curvy body of woman who has given birth. That said – if pregnancy really messes up her body she can get all manner of plastic surgery and with airbrushing in her modeling career, her fans won’t notice

  39. Jonny

    Is it true that pregnant women don’t wear thongs? All I ever see them wearing are bikni style and b-shorts.

  40. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
    Commented on this photo:

    I feel like I’ve been just trolled to death by the only known bible-thumping Literotica reject. I am carefully NOT posting this as a reply in order to avoid further streams of bullshitness. Christ.

  41. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s not anorexic, she’s doing healthy exercise as seen on tv and magz, so please get a life when she’s still skinny!

  42. Miranda Kerr Pregnant Nude W
    Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha
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    This obviously involved hours of photoshop treatment.

  43. Idiots

    Seriously? Most of you are morons. She was at least 7-8 months pregnant in the photo. Please, show me someone that far along and thinner than she is who has a healthy baby? You losers are just pissed because you will never get a girl that gorgeous pregnant. And, sadly, when some little hoochie does let you knock her up (praying she’s smart enough for a plan b because if any of you procreate, the world’s in trouble) it’s going to be a slap of reality when she doesn’t look anything NEAR that good.

  44. Miranda Kerr
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    sexy ass

  45. Miranda Kerr
    Commented on this photo:

    cute bummm

  46. Miranda Kerr
    Commented on this photo:


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