Gerard Butler Doesn’t Want You To See This Photo of Him Flirting With Miranda Kerr

For a man who openly and unabashedly bangs Real Housewives and random women at Coachella in chemical toilets, Gerard Butler still has impressive game because he spent not one, but two red carpet events flirting with a willing, and married, Miranda Kerr. On top of that, he’s apparently capable of a “bro-hug” that’s like getting kissed by Superman. Page Six reports:

Later [the night after the MET Gala] at a Brooks Brothers and Town & Country-sponsored party for the film [The Great Gatsby] at the Lambs Club, Hollywood hunk Gerard Butler was seen chatting up Orlando Bloom’s wife, former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr. But Butler was then spotted asking fotogs to erase any shots of them together, several spies told Page Six. “When he approached one photographer to erase the photos, they high-fived and bro-hugged,” one source said, adding, Butler and Kerr “had been standing close in conversation for 20 minutes. She was smiling.”

Keep in mind, the last high-profile celebrity Gerard Butler banged was Jessica Biel who’s reaction to that situation was to immediately run back into the arms of a man who wasn’t even hiding that he plowed everyone in Hollywood when she wasn’t looking. So I don’t know what Gerard Butler’s secret is, but we should probably concentrate it and inject it into my veins because I’m pretty sure my soul will haunt the earth forever if I don’t find out what Blake Lively’s vagina feels like. That would be just my luck.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INF, Splash News, WENN