Miranda Kerr Had a Baby in January,
This is Her in a Bikini Now

April 19th, 2011 // 92 Comments

Here’s Miranda Kerr posing in a bikini on Sunday, and there’s really nothing you can do with these photos but acknowledge a baby came out of here just over 90 days ago and proceed to judge all women based on this criteria from here on out. And, ladies, don’t get mad at me. Get mad at nature for apparently forging Miranda out of nothing but rubber bands and spectacular mammaries. I’m just a guy who writes sexy words on the Internet, I don’t build women. Yet.

Photos: Flynet/AKM Images.net


  1. Mandy

    @ CUPCAKE…actually you are wrong, i bet you are super fat and have a gross belly….i have had 2 kids, and i look damn good, My stomach is flat and toned, so are my legs and arms…i never let myself go when i was pregnant and i ate all the right foods, i didnt eat like a starving pig, plus im tall, so im just lucky i guess…REAL WORLD WOMEN…actually do get like this, well the ones who dont eat like pigs, just sayin.

    • Deacon Jones


      (braces body against homeroom door so teacher can’t break up fight in hallway)

    • Mandy is a fat whore

      Bullshit, Mandy. Only the fattest of all fat bitches would call out another chick for being fat.

      I bet you don’t have any kids, who would fuck you? You are nothing but an attention starved hog trying to get any scrap of affection from men by pretending to be hot in the comments of a blog. I bet you are 5’2 and 240 … go back to the feeding troth from whence you came, you fat fucking sow.

    • minx

      well that was a pretty random bitch attack. moving on.

  2. dr.jimmy

    she looks great, especially that her belly was really big for single child pregnancy, I think that she must’ve been taking a really professional care for her skin.
    I’d love if those supermodel mom would share their secrets with the world. There was such a rumour of a “Victoria’s Secret C-Section” – a C-section performed as early as possible to keep a child alive, followed by liposuction and a tummy tuck. It’s been a most ridicule and stupid thing that spawned from a mind of all fat cows, sorry, “real women” and “caring mothers”. It would bring an extreme risk to both mother and child, not to mention that the one who’d believe that sh*t , knows nothing about cosmetic surgery and so on. But the most important thing is, that I truly believe that those supermodels really love their chlidren and wouldn’t have done them no harm.

  3. SWG

    So much hate. And this all started because someone posted pictures of a pretty lady…

  4. @cupcake.. so you’re hot eh? Pictures or GTFO

  5. Mandy

    If you keep yourself well fed and dont gorge on crap like fast food and sugary junk, and are in a good weight before you get pregnant, you CAN maintain a great and sexy body afterwards..sorry, she does not look like she had a c section, she had a real birth and i bet she is happy she never had to get cut open and her stomach muscles ruined for life…i know lots of other women who had c sections and their bellies look like shit now, they will never be able to wear a bikini thats for sure, she looks normal to me,…THIS IS HOW REAL WORLD WOMEN should look, not like the fat overweight midgets who let themselves go because they were “eating for two” god never inteded for our bodies to become a human trash can, take care of it and prosper.

    • minx

      ok you sound a little unstable, so I probably shouldn’t argue with stupid.
      but im bored, so i will.

      first of all, how old are you? you sound like one of those 16 and pregnant losers.

      second of all, “midgets”? please do tell, how can anyone control their height? (and no, im not short. since we’re all bragging about our appearance here, I’m 5’10″)

      lastly, “THIS IS HOW REAL WORLD WOMEN should look”? are you on crack? this is a supermodel who gets paid millions just for looking like that.

  6. The Everlasting Know-it-all

    This girl is more beautiful than ever. And no, kids do not wreck a vagina. As long as it hits both sides, it’s all good if you have the least bit of competence. Hell, it’s been my experience that it just keeps getting better and better.

    Geez, there are some friggin losers on here! Stop talking trash! You KNOW you’d hit it!

  7. Mcroughin

    If any and every woman had a contract with Victoria’s secrets they’ll get in shape within days of deliveries. All of them want to get paid. They want to see incentives…Well, except Kristy Alley

  8. That Bastard Tony

    To Cupcake,

    Don’t feed the trolls. It isn’t worth it. It is how hurricanes start.

  9. Deryn

    Not so surprising — isn’t she way into yoga? Google “miranda kerr yoga” and you get all sorts of interestingly bendy images.

  10. Not one stretch mark? What did she give birth to, a rolled up tube sock?

    • dr.jimmy

      How many celebrities you’ve seen with stretchmarks? I’ve seen three: JLo (twins at 40, sorry), Julia Roberts (the laziest and less caring of her looks celebrity) and Cindy Crawford on only one photo (strangely she doesn’t have them on any other bikini photos both before and after that one). Even Britney and Cristina with their weight problems don’t have an inch of a stretchmark.

      Stretch marks are at least partially able to be prevented from if you are quite young, have elastic skin, if you take care of it profesionally, if you do not gain too much weight during pregnancy etc.

      Even if there are some not really major stretch marks they are still reduceable, with laser treatments (type scar laser therapy or laser for stretch marks).

      I think that in years to come people’s wealth will be much more shown by the way their bodies look than their clothes etc. The richer will be fit, sexy and cared, and the “common (wo)men” would be stretchmarked, flab and “cellulited”.

    • Girl

      Umm….. not everyone gets stretchmarks! It’s a genetic thing. I never got stretchmarks being pregnant- or at any other time in my life. Also, my body went back really fast after giving brith because I kept in excellent shape all through my pregnancy. Other, ahem, “areas” went back as well. If you are healthy and are blessed with a bit of good genes then pregnancy does NOT ruin every woman’s body!!! Our bodies were made to do this, and recover after. Only if your body was in bad shape before getting pregnant would pregnancy “ruin” you. But for the rest of us- it can actually improve your body in many ways! It is possible to have no excess skin or stretchmarks- our skin was made to stretch during pregnancy, and also made to go back after pregnancy.

  11. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m guessing that little piece of skin colored cloth is hiding two things.

    Her C-section scar and some untrimmed bush…all of which will be properly photoshopped in post production.

  12. RL

    ehhh needs more bang.. typical

  13. Mandy

    I never got stretch marks, not every woman gets them you know…some are just genetically lucky, yes for real, 2 kids later and a clean unmarked stomach and no stretch marks anywhere…why do people think that having a baby gives you stretchies???

  14. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a MODEL. It is literally her occupation to look good. When you have money, personal trainers and a dietician its much easier. Normal mothers don’t have that luxury.

    • Steph

      She looks great as always.
      I hope these type of pics don’t warp guys minds into having such great expectations about womens post pregger bodies.
      It’s not realistic to expect that “normal” women will bounce back to their orginal shape so soon after giving birth and it’s not healthy for them either.

  15. She just put the F in MILF.

  16. Krissy

    She didn’t put on too much weight during her pregnancy, so it probably wasn’t that hard for her to work it off. She stayed fit and didn’t gorge on food, which is something to be admired. I think she’s looking damn good. Besides, I’m sure that having Heidi, Alessandra, and Adrianna all get into tip top shape for VS right after their babies made her want to make sure she wasn’t the only one who didn’t get back to being skinny quickly.

  17. the captain

    so it still can be done, you girls.

  18. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    How, in God’s name, did this woman get better? And she squeezed out a 4.5kilo moster… I’m off for a run

  19. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Couple of points here:
    - she is rather tall so there is more place to store baby in her, comparing to an average woman whose belly has to grow horizontally and therefore having stretchmarks. So the way that she looks now comparing to an average woman I would write off to being tall.
    -you HAVE to eat healthy when you are pregnant and there are only *a few* food options you are allowed. And twice as little when you breastfeed because baby would react to almost anything with allergia.
    People gain weight because that’s the way most of them react to stress.

    How fucking cruel and inconsiderate and quick you are to judge others with extra weight, I guess mostly because you are not happy with the way you look yourselves (even if it’s just something in your mind) and project it on others.

    I am not overweight but I have an icredible appetite. It’s just way some people are and the only way I can barely stay in shape is by swimming. And when I do go to a swimming pool and see what other women look like unclothed – that’s not always a pretty sight. These type of women (VS) only look good in the pictures and when properly clothed in real life. Miranda Kerr is HIGHLY UNDERWEIGHT Because in real life once they (the model types) undress
    they look like praying mantis with bones sticking out everywhere and huge sasquach feet.

    I send my hugs to all women who struggle with weight hang on, girls – check out Marianne Williamson’s books and radio programs

    • dr.jimmy

      I’d certainly prefer “praying mantis with bones sticking out everywhere and huge sasquach feet” than stretchmarks, cellulite and body fat of any kind. As they say to each their own.

  20. a pornstar

    Naturally, the men commenting on this site, look like Greek gods, and have wallets the size of Donald Trump’s ego.

    The only thing I want coming out of my vagina, is a penis, preferably big.

    Since having kids is a crap shoot, you never know what you
    are going to get,-use condoms have sex, with wealthy men, rinse.repeat.

    Monogamy is a scam, but shoes are forever.

  21. Mandy

    MINX…ACTUALLY IM FIVE TEN TOO BITCH AND IM 125 POUNDS AFTER 2 KIDS…so shut the fuck up…if you eat well and dont treat yourself like a garbage can and eat junk..you can usually maintain a great body if you had one to start out with,lol…loser.

  22. 4 me its just a cute face… body = 6/10…


  23. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Rosossko Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    I think it’s just the angle. The more interesting thing is that she still seems a bit unsteady after giving birth — probably the result of the dieting? Notice how there’s two other people in the shot holding her up. Hope she gets back to top form soon!!

  24. happy new years

    to all the men on here talking about wrecked vaginas, i as a girl, totally agree. Those wrecked vaginas that were caused by u doucheschnozzles entering this world should never have been wrecked. Look what happened. U fools learned to log on online and display sheer idiocy. Anytime a woman says something all the idiot troll men on this site dont agree with, they start trolling, hard. With that amount of trolling I doubt some of you have girlfriends as u claim. That plastic doll that cant run away or talk does not qualify as a girlfriend. But then again women will date stupid fools. I get it. This is a gossip/celebrity bashing site. The Fish covers this angle well. But the rest of you on this site I could do without.

  25. sweet princess

    im sure the men commenting on this site are a real fucking catch. . . i can picture it now: passing judgment on miranda kerr while they sit in their dark basement with their fat guts, balding hairlines, bad clothing taste, and little dicks.
    let’s face it: you would shit your pants if you were within a 1 mile radius of this woman.

  26. Doc Schweinstrudel

    The truth is: when such women are in bikini in reality – those very men who scream here how they’ll bone them look the other way, preferably on normal women they claim to hate. I have observed this times and times again.
    Because truth is: when a woman is tall even if she is ideal weight she’d still look big, even if she has a zero fat on her and the truth is: men here like this girl and find her attractive because IN THE PICTURES she gives out vibes of a young little girl. I mean lolita type fragile teenage girl whom you’d just want to hold and tease. BUT IN REALITY she stands up and from the back she could be mistaken for the man, she walks and it’s not a soft cat’s pace, in reality her feet are huge, her hands are incredibly long and her bones are protruding from everywhere and in reality all those men suddenly lose their sex napalms once they see them real closeup naked/in bikinis.
    I personally even in the pictures don’t find her that attractive because her eyes are set too wide apart and I don’t find Orlando Bloom attractive either.

  27. dramkit

    True, Miranda’s just as ‘meh’ as she was before the baby. There’s just something so unappealing about her waist to hip ratio that it puts me off completely. And the tits are off too, and the baby tighs, like she’s been put together from random body parts – separately attractive, all together meh.

    I’d sooner do hobo Lindsay. *internetz explode*

  28. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m printing this and taping it to my refrigerator when I am pregnant. As a reminder that it CAN be done. Love her!

  29. Dr. FeelGood

    I’d put a baby up in that.

  30. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Actually the recommended weight gain while pregnant is 8-10kg max, and the average woman loses 6-8kg in delivery. Her baby was 4.5kg, so obviously she fed him and herself well and was healthy. You can’t create a 4.5kg monster without eating well. It’s a total myth that pregnancy ruins your body. If you’re healthy before, during and after, you can expect to weigh the same about 3m post birth as you did before it. Some women lose more weight because of breastfeeding. It’s true that some women just use it as an excuse to eat junk food. Some women were out of shape and unhealthy before pregnancy then blame their post preg bodies on their children when really it’s their own bad habits that make them fat. I think she looks great and is a wonderful example of a healthy balanced approach. Genetically she is born to be thin anyway. Good on her!

  31. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I get sick of seeing women complain about how it’s unfair that she can afford trainers and nannies. If you look at the nude picture she did whilst pregnant, the only weight she gained was the baby, the rest of her hardly changed.

  32. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she was born thin, she is the skinniest of all the victoria secret models. and just to throw this out there, her stomach did not just come back to normal on its own, she exercised ate well and had surgery. every women in the world knows that after having a baby all the extra skin your stomach stretched does not come back, it hangs. her stomach streched a whole lot, she had a baby there. it is just not normal unless some kind of miracle makes it happen. and women can GAIN weight when pregnant EVEN if they exercise and eat well, they may even gain 30 pounds. this is a true fact and guys wouldn’t know because they only care about VAGINA. so don’t go and disrespected women for gaining weight and craving certain meals when pregnant. EVERY woman is different and any women can gain a certain amount of weight doesn’t matter if you exercise you maye still gain over 30 pounds. luckily for miranda she exercised while pregant, ate well and had a tummy tuck, there is no way in hell her stomach can look like THAT after months of child delivery. unless it’s photoshoped?

  33. Miranda Kerr Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    and after 4 months??? come on give me break!

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