Minnie Driver reveals her baby’s daddy

April 21st, 2008 // 37 Comments

Minnie Driver has finally revealed the father of her baby ending weeks of speculation. If you’re like me, you’ve had many sleepless nights wondering just what nefarious foe allowed his sperm to join with Minnie Driver’s egg. At long last, the mystery is over. People reports:

“It’s the Easter bunny,” she joked to PEOPLE at An Evening with The Riches at The Paley Center for Media on Friday night. “I’ve never had sex,” she said with a sly grin as she gestured to her belly.

For those of you playing the home game, “Easter bunny” is code for Criss Angel’s penis which is hollow, made of white chocolate and usually gets thrown on the ground because you specifically asked for Cadbury Creme Eggs, mom. True story.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ruby

    Did this site change writers again? Cause that is some funny shit. Much better than a a few weeks back.

  2. Who the hell would fuck Criss Angel? Seriously!

    But, it is nice having a story about someone who actually has talent unlike the Jessica Simpsons and J-Lo’s of the world.

  3. mrah

    She is very pretty pregnant

  4. I am the daddy of her baby!!

  5. I am the daddy of her baby!!

  6. Trilia

    Omg. yeah. It is said she met her love before on millionaire and celebrity dating site ‘millionaire friends.com’. Many celebs are looking for their true love there.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    Do you like apples?

    Well I got Minnie Driver pregnant!

    How do you like them apples??

  8. bakinmycake

    nice man hands…for a man

  9. asnid

    she looks bad on this pic but she’s actually very sweet. I met her once on celebs club’Searching Millionaire Dot com’.We had nice chat.

  10. Mo

    It’s some dude in San Fransisco. It’s already been said that it’s NOT Criss Angel. This shit’s getting OLD.

    NEW shit, please.

  11. woodhorse

    Well, Hell, Fish. I wouldn’t tell anybody either. I mean, c’mon, Cris Angel?

  12. Feel_the_velvet

    She looks good. I was talking to her some months ago on the internet on some site called

    www . try to trick hot famous people into thinking you’re rich and great so that you can have sex with them . com

    We had a nice chat. About swapping out struts on a 1982 Chevy Nova.

  13. SummerC



  14. killMontag

    She is living testament to not baking yourself in the sun, that skin looks like leather – yuck.

  15. RENEE

    Who gives a flying fuck, I mean really? Minnie Driver? Yeah, who cares. Fugly, old, freckly faced hasbeen, neverwas. Who in their right minds would want to knock her up anyway??? …oh yeah, sir douchealot; Criss Angel (wow, I’m mean spirited today, grrr).

  16. morga

    she looks OK

    ‘cept her skin is torched, blech

  17. sandwich maker

    hmm, what exactly IS a flying fuck?

  18. Fat bitches suck

    Maybe Criss Angel could make her liver-spotted manhands disappear. YUCK. I’d lose my boner if I looked down and saw those things wrapped around my pork sword. Better buy some gloves for that hag, Criss ….

  19. bigcups

    I don’t know why celebrities are so unwilling to admit facts: i.e. engagements, pregnancies, marriages, baby daddies etc. We would certainly be a lot less interested and they would actually look a lot classier if they just answered honestly. Not saying who the father is actually makes her look like a whore.

  20. Anal Fistula

    who has the rabbit/Minnie Driver bestiality vid? i’d definitely love to see that…

  21. So there’s still no one willing to admit they fucked her?

  22. Will

    That is one sexy forearm. I could lick it for hours.

  23. Silly rabbit…Pricks are for kids!!

  24. FRIST!!! is a pedo




  26. Gil

    I her kid has her anvil head and it’s a very long labor.

  27. Kat

    Shut up, she looks gorgeous. And, wow, and Irish person with freckles? Will wonders never cease?

  28. RENEE

    @17 who gives a flying fuck what a flying fuck is ;)

  29. Rat's Ass

    @28 Who gives a me?

  30. Dorito Man

    Easter bunny my arse. Someone has carved her though, that’s for sure. Though I’m having trouble imagining that poof Criss Angel getting the job done proper. The tinkling and clinking his jewely makes during a carving evokes nightmares of being stuck in a room listening to the din of 60 dog licenses rattling as their wearers swipe their tongues arcoss their balls..

  31. ToTellTheTruth

    Oh ok…anyways…

  32. DFCtomm

    Should have put up a link to the video of the Easter Bunny beating the hell out of people, or maybe a link to the secret sex video that Minnie and the Bunny made.

  33. cookiepuss

    She is so unfortunate looking

  34. bernard fleming

    I’m the babydaddy, but she isn’t saying anything because I won’t look at her any more – because she’s too fat. Bitch really let herself go big-time.

  35. Don

    I’m sure her baby will be a cute bastard!

  36. poteetsl

    Nice sun damage…geez, that looks horrible.

  37. pat

    and readers reveal…WHO GIVES A FUCK?

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