Minnie Driver is pregnant – with a mini Criss Angel?!

March 14th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Minnie Driver announced her pregnancy last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She wouldn’t say who the father was, but People provides some clues which I use to immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s Criss Angel’s baby. Because everyone knows I’m the Sherlock Holmes of the uterus:

Driver said that she loves being pregnant, “more than anything else,” but acknowledged, “I am sick.”
“I don’t know why they call it morning sickness,” she said. “I am sick morning, noon and night, but it’s a fair trade-off.”
The British-born, Emmy-nominated actress did not say who the father was. She dated her Good Will Hunting costar Matt Damon in the late 1990s, then was engaged to Josh Brolin in 2001 and was linked last year to illusionist Criss Angel.

The only way we’ll know if the child is really the spawn of Magical Sea-Douche Criss Angel is if it’s born wearing no less than 55 necklaces. If there’s only 54, all bets are off until we get a DNA sample from Mr. T.

Photos: Splash News

  1. psychochild


  2. Gerald_Tarrant

    Mr.T pities Minnie driver if she’s pregnant with Criss Angel’s baby.

  3. Gerald_Tarrant

    #1 is a Fool who posts jibba-jabba.

  4. Goofs

    So your saying she fucks then

  5. Tapeworm

    Wouldn’t name the father?

    Unless she’s a whore, shouldn’t it be pretty obvious? I’d think *someone* out there knows who she’s been dating the last few months.

    Unless her idea of a date is lying on her back with her legs spread with a line of guys stretching into the hallway waiting to take their turn.

    I’m just saying.

  6. peeps

    SPERM DONOR. I call SPERM DONOR baby! Either it’s a sperm donor or the relationship is OVA and she’s having a Bridget Moynahan.

  7. janex

    My prediction for the birth? Pain.

  8. MosesGabby

    Great!!!! Another bastard child soon to be born to a celebrity.

  9. I’m waiting until the find out it’s Kevin Federline’s.

  10. deacon jones

    She looks like that escort whore fast forwarded 10 years after the cocaine habit kicks in

    Big lips=big nipples

  11. BA Baracus

    I done told you Hannibal, I don’t like to be inside no goddamn plane nor any goddamn brit pussy!

  12. Ript1&0

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  13. Stank Nut

    her singing wasn’t THAT bad, and her tits were fucking huge last night

    I’d suck those milk trucks dry

    swing low sweet chariots

  14. janex

    @13 – Thanks for the bring down. On a Friday no less. Anchor.

  15. Get a Life

    Goddamn whore this is not the Bill ‘O Reily show slut. Why don’t you find something else to do with your time. Like not come here?

  16. Che's Ghost

    Chyase! Numero trece, choo are sssso correcto. Viva le rrrrrrevolucion! Pero Senor Quayle, ees not potatoe no spelled with an e pendejo?

  17. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    Between Criss Angel siring the antichrist and the conspiracy theories like the fruitcake in #13, i’m fairly certain the world will end by 2012.

  18. nipolian

    Having sex with Chris Angel gives a whole new meaning to the word douching.

  19. Grunion

    #13 easily the single most uninteresting thing I’ve ever read. good job.

  20. Tears are literally rolling down my cheeks after having read this. Whomever writes this shit is a fucking genius. I am in love with you and am willing to sacrifice the elasticity of my vaginal walls to have your love child.

    PS- #13 really needs to get laid. At least a blowjob. Screw that, a handjob would do!

  21. Gerald_Tarrant

    I volunteer to lay #13.

  22. janex

    @22 – Only with the inclusion of ATM, correct?

  23. D. Richards (Saint.)

    Good for you, Minnie. And thank you. Thank you for — going on Jay Leno, and. . .telling the world about your pregnancy. You’re a brave, brave, strong, woman.

    I care, really.

    Just a hopin’ and a prayin’ — for autism!

  24. cba

    She’s pretty ugly, but not nearly as ugly as Matt Damon’s wife.

  25. John Elliot

    To Ript1&0 aka 13:

    Let’s get real . . . you’re a very angry individual. Most likely, you have no abilities which would qualify you to make a decent living. You topped out at about 28k and are pissed. I am also willing to bet you tend to wear a lot of brown and smell of b.o. Am I right or am I right?

  26. Gerald_Tarrant

    @23-Hey, if she likes it, I love it. Who am I to judge? If a chick says “I want you to stick it in my ass” and while I’m taking care of that request says “now stick it in my mouth” I feel I would be remiss in my duties as a male if I didn’t oblige her. Afterall, when I am with a woman, it is all about listening to the needs of that special lady. Of course if she wants a kiss after, hell no. That’s just plain sick. I may toss her salad but have no need to taste my own salad dressing.

  27. you guys are all gross

    27. That’s one hell of a special lady! Make sure you have her wipe her mouth before bringing her home to mommy.

  28. sla

    I can’t really picture her having sex with the master magician… okay, I can, but don’t want to. I hope he washed first.

    And to #13 Ript1&0 — nobody here cares. At least I think that’s true… I didn’t read your post, just saw the length and of couse scrolled past it asap.

  29. just curious

    Yeah # 13 Ript1&0, get off this site. I too scrolled past it after reading the 1st line, save it for another time and place, but not here and now. Get outta here!

    Driver, yeah so cool to be an unwed mother and brag about it. Nice role model f or the young ones. Good thing they don’t really probably watch this show too much. Granted your not the only one doing this pregnancy thing purposely, but who really cares? Haven’t heard about you for a long time…is the preganacy the only reason to be on the show now???? Don’t k now, didn’t watch you last night, and wouldn’t have If I would have known.

  30. Ted from LA

    I heard Criss Angel made himself disappear the second Minni said, “I’m pregnant.”

  31. The Troll of Ript

    Listen Bunsmiths, Ript didn’t write that shit. Some maniacal fucking asshole with a pathological desire to rule a giant ant farm – the world’s largest – growing out of his anus – did.
    A strong but unloved baby, it survived by feeding off the hatred of his parents and the insects that swarmed his filthy hole in the floor where he was left to dwell. It grew, this sexually ambiguous young Trolling, having stored the manifest energies of perversion and discord from his family’s disgust towards his pathetic existence. It grew and grew and did not stop growing. Greedily, it hobbled unnoticed amidst the environs of men, absorbing every profanity and disfiguration selfishly calling deformity and disease his art. Despising procreation for wasted energy, he devoured his own genitalia.
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  32. Ript1&0

    Thanks, man. Of course I didn’t write that bullshit. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not interested in politics.

  33. Gerald_Tarrant

    I knew Ript didn’t write that but my offer still stands.

  34. Mikey Jackson

    Actually…I’m the dad!

  35. Uni-Troll {spawn of self-loathing}

    Sweety, you don’t owe me any thanks. (Of course a small fee for the infamy I generated)
    Ript is actually smokin’ hot, fellow Dirtbagz! I would make her my mate except for a few quite severe disadvantages:
    1) She hates my fucking guts
    2)She should hate my fucking guts
    3)I have no genitals
    4) I would not exactly say that I am homeless, but I could not invite the lovely young lady in my dwelling as it is composed chiefly of my own excreta and malignant epithelial residue, perpetually exuding due to severe skin cancer; it serves as my own fortress of body waste – a parlor of self dung – a home of self – lacing with a matrix of calcium deposits. Now teeth are forming on the exterior permitting Troll the advantage of feeding on scavangers that are attractted to a convecting cloud of flies and mosquitoes and knats. The pulsing heave of worms. The sensual write of my emptying bowels, renourishing self of self to self selfishly.
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    Of course I have a few good traits…?
    Do mo betta drugs ya’ll
    Happy fucking friday assholes

  36. First of all, no baby is every a “bastard” just because they may grow up without a Father around…shame on whoever said that. Congratulations Minnie on the good news:)

  37. Ript1&0

    Dear Uni-Troll,

    Clearly if I wanted infamy, I would’ve been spamming this site with my Youtube and Myspace pages from the beginning.

    Just wanted to point that out. Thanks.


  38. Jamba!

    It’s Popfiction! :P


  39. Jet Fashion Maven

    Who would even consider having sex with Criss Angel without a rubber?

  40. large marge

    I saw Minnie walking down the street in Sausalito in July with a guy who looked a bit younger, maybe 30ish? They looked happy – she was GLOWING. She’s unbelievably gorgeous in person. I can spot the most random, unknown celeb a mile away, and this guy was absolutely NOT a famous face.

    I’m happy for her. So sue me.

  41. Julie

    It’s not Criss’s, they dated like 9 months ago, and she looks like she’s only 3 months pregnant. Criss has been dating Miss Nevada for like a month or so. They are “serious”. It’s rumored, that Criss is married because in some recent pics, he had a tattoo design on his ring finger and Miss Nevada had a matching one.

  42. Infamous Uni-Troll

    Well I play the guitar and some other instruments as well although not often. I guess I could do the same video thing. I can sing but again it is not something I do much. I work out a bit, I sketch occasionally, dabble in watercolors and oil. Landscape quite well and other ridiculous activites over the years. I guess I should consider myself an artist as well.
    I am self employed.
    But alas I do not take anything I do seriously and do not quite honestly give a wipe fraction of a shit about what people (other than the R E A L ones in my actual physical nondigital life) think about me, at least on this site. I say what I have to say only for the sake of being ridiculous. I do not intend to hurt the feelings of actual people as I said before I made the erroneous assumption that everyone else here was like me and only a character/characters talking trash for fun. I will apologize to those whom are offended and suggest they not visit this site. It is laden with profanity and blatant disregard for humanity.
    I love this place!!!

    I truly pity the mindsets of those who do not understand that when you go onto a playground such as this there will be unexpected ideation (psychosis?) and an airing of thoughts that are not normally expressed (nature of aphysical communion).
    Some of us take ourselves way too seriously or herald our talents (usually acquired skills) in far too great a light – “I am above this nonsense”.
    My suggestion would be to realize that everything said here is ultimately in various forms of humor and quite a bit of it is mean spirited. The author/s of this site write nasty shit about the celebrites and we all laugh because quite a bit of humor is inately cruel. But noone is being harmed.
    Anyone here is always welcome to hammer me like a nail into balsa wood. I love it and promise to respond. I expect no respect and deserve none.

    I do not wish to be contacted via e-mail by anyone here. I did not and will not give my personal info to anyone here so please do not try to contact me. I do not want to know anyone here other than as a non-entity on the forum

    (Maybe I will offer the suicidally bored, readings of some of my amazing love letters to my hand on Youtube. Or maybe film myself yodelling on the toilet.

  43. rosa

    minnie driver ?? I just found some of her photos on another rich men seeking fun site Sugarmatchmaker.com, but my question is what she is doing with such a service. She wanna a rich men for sugar daddy?? terrible..

  44. Ript1&0

    Nice try. I still know.

  45. Ript1&0

    PS =
    1) No I don’t
    2) Ok, she has a point, I’ll give her that one
    3) Is he also handless and tongueless?
    4) Physically ill…. obvious
    5) Aww.. wanna talk about it?
    6) That’s an extreme way to describe a sense of humor, isn’t it?
    7) Attraction is an understatement, I’d say

  46. rosa

    she’s baby is well .. but someone said she joined an online service sugarmatchmaker.com, a place for rich men to spoil and support sexy women..

  47. Dead Troll

    Regarding #5:

    I believe self esteem is a function of ego. I do not have one. I am not a self but rather a parasite (troll) and therefore my concept of “me” is merely a permutation of “you”. In essence, my existence is marginal and has not function sans the host. I have been quasi-terminated and am at the moment in stasis.
    Fear not, for your anti-hero is virulent and will survive extrication and invade a new host.

  48. jiojo

    first of all number 13 shut THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK UP U FUCKIN RETARDED FREAK-how about minnie shes a dogggg-her fuzzy hair and fuckin weird face-like whod fuck that shit-and why is she famous-like what the fuck did she star in

  49. Large sexy .I just saw her in millonaire dating site”WealthyLoving.com”.Is she really fall in love with a young sexy boy?

  50. Deva

    Is the chick serious? What the hell has she done to even warrant being on the late show? When her only claim to fame is that she used to screw Matt Damon until he dumped her. And you know she keeps a shrine in her house to him.
    I wonder if she’ll name the baby Matt?
    And i’m not trying to imply that having kids is trendy in Hollywood and Minnie Driver is on the bandwagon….Naaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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