Minnie Driver hints at the father of her baby

Minnie Driver hinted at who the father of her child might be to The Independent and denied rumors that it’s San Francisco musician Craig Zolezzi. Also, judging by her information, the father is not Criss Angel. Great, so I built this bunker for nothing. Sonofa… :

The only clues Driver will offer about the identity of her “baby daddy” are that he is English, and “sort of in the same business”, and that they have evaded detection because “he’s really busy, like me”. She is so far undecided whether to have her baby in England or the US: “A big part of me wants my child to be English. My family are here and I’m sure I’ll move back here one day. It’s just that my work, and the opportunities I’ve had, have been so varied and wonderful in the States that I’ve just followed my nose really.

Holy shit. It’s Eddie Izzard. You heard it here first*. And before the comment board fills up with a hundred messages from a gaggle of homophobes with broadband, Eddie Izzard is 100% straight – despite all the cross dressing. According to his Wikipedia bio, he considers himself a “male lesbian” which is interesting because I consider myself a “female lesbian but with a penis, y chromosome and an Adam’s apple chiseled from steel.”

*Or 1,547th.

Photos: Splash News