Minka Kelly Bangs This Guy Now

According to TooFab, the now-single Minka Kelly is already not-single because she’s having a “growing late-night relationship” (So I’m not the only one who wakes up with that? Thank God.) with Ramon Rodriguez who you might remember from such roles as Omar’s boyfriend on The Wire or Shia LaBeouf’s roommate in Transformers: This Time With Testicles. Except now you get to meet him as the new Latino Bosley which should go over well with Republicans/racist nutbags who hate when pop culture represents the reality of an ever-browning America and will suddenly consider Bosley the last stalwart of pure, wholesome television. “Why he worked the speaker box and drove the Angels around sometime? That’s a white man’s job!” they’ll probably say.

UPDATE: And I’ve just been informed Bernie Mac played Bosley in the second Charlie’s Angel movie that epically tanked, taking the franchise down with it, so… yeah. Uh, hey, look, brand new pics of Minka Kelly in a revealing dress! My God, what an ass. You almost want to stare at it and forget everything you just read, don’t you? Of course you do. Ahaha!

Photo: Pacific Coast News, WENN