Minka Kelly Looks Awesome Basically Every Minute of Every Day

Because every Leighton Meester post deserves Minka Kelly making her look like ass on a hot tin roof, here she is at airport security yesterday looking just as awesome, if not more actually, than her spread in GQ. On that note, this is exactly why I don’t work the TSA because I don’t understand how this woman isn’t considered a dangerous terrorist who needs no less than 12 pat-downs and a procedure I like to call, “Derek Jeter is chained in a secret location with a man ordered to shoot at my command, but that’s not even a factor because I have soft, piercing eyes that seem to sensually whisper to the deepest parts of your soul, don’t I? Hmm, yes. Yes, I do.”

Maybe I just love America more than others. Who’s to say?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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