I’ll Pick My Own ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman.’ Thanks.

April 13th, 2011 // 72 Comments

Suck it, People.

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  1. strit

    awwww, someone gots a crush

  2. Bucky Barnes

    If she plays her cards right she could have me…

  3. Richard McBeef

    everything jeter touches has got the herp

    : (

  4. Dude

    You have pretty shitty taste in women just FYI

    It’s either stick girls or man jaws for you

  5. Who’s the fat chick?

  6. Bringbackbabalu

    What? She just looks like some random lady with a weird looking face, not even slightly arousing. Don’t get how someone so average and mediocre and not at all unique can be considered most beautiful. Neither of these 2 are even in the runninng, that iJlo or whoever this moistened bint minka is…./yawn

    • K Soze

      If thats truly your opinion, I highly recommend you just kill yourself now. Don’t ‘sleep on it’, don’t contemplate, debate about it, just fucking do it. This girl is so far from random and ordinary, it’s ridiculous. Weird looking face? If by weird, you mean different than the wilderbeast type maws of the girls you keep company with, then thats understandable. People are entitled to their opinion, unless they’re as asinine as this one. Then, no such luck.. in particular because assholes like you say shit like that for one reason- so you can sound cool ‘going against the grain’ when in reality, if she got within a mile of you, you’d turn into a blubbering fucking idiot and most likely lose control of all bodily functions because you never foresaw yourself being within a restraining orders distance of someone that fucking hot. She’s fucking stunning. You’re fucking sad.

      • The Critical Crassness

        Although it pains me to say this…I AGREE with K Soze which means, BringBackbablu must really be in serious need of an intervention, eye glasses and a clue, because, as most of you know, that rarely happens!

      • Hola

        Damn Bringbackbabalu, in your FACE!!!! He told your ass mo fo! One of the best comments I’ve ever read!!!!! K Soze – bravo!!!

      • Not cool K Soze. Your comment is the perfect example of internet bullying. How would you feel if Bringbackbabalu kills himself. You were a little over the top.

      • a prince formerly known as an artist

        He’d jizz before he got it halfway in

    • Pete

      I agree with adult. Bringbackbabalu should kill himself to prove to K Soze that internet bullying is retarded.

      • K Soze

        Hahahaha…..internet bullying typically pertains to young kids. Based on the post, I seriously doubt thats the case. As much as I’d like to say you made me do a double take over my post, you didnt, and if he’s that butthurt over my post, hes got bigger issues than being thrashed on a gossip website. So if thats the case, that means that Minka Kelly should have around the clock security in case she herself decides to wax poetic and off herself because she was insulted by ‘bbb’. right? Good stuff.

        And hahaha@Pete. Thats awesome.

  7. Bucky Barnes

    Scars on her chin like she did a serious face plant at some point…

  8. Clever misdirection People, putting Mila Kunis in a small photo. It’s like your saying, “I know who you want on this cover but this other lady’s career is a ticking time bomb.”

  9. Carl

    I concur. Minka is awesome.

  10. Mooty

    Suck what? Her chin looks like my dog’s anus? I don’t want to suck on my dog’s anus, it likely tastes like anus.

  11. dramkit

    Minka? No, thank you. I’d take fat Scarjo over Ms Look-at-me any day.

    Seriously, there’s so many hot chicks out there and you’re wanking off to Minka? Well, maybe you have a good ballgag or sth. Or earplugs. Anything, really.

    Otherwise, yeah, I’ll take Mila.

  12. shes a pretty girl, but nowhere near “most beautiful” status, most of hollywood now isnt. You could go to brazil, sweden, ukraine, etc and see a sea of beautiful “commoners” prettier than her. Im only 22, but when I think of hollywood beautiful, Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren come to mind, minka, scarlett johansson and J Lo dont hold a candle.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I agree. Very pretty, but she looks like about 10 other actresses out there now, and I can’t remember any of their names.

      I can think of women who make this girl look like plain Jane. And no, not Brooklyn Decker the butterface.

  13. She’s attractive, prettier than most people you probably see every day. What’s with all the insults, geez.

  14. aaron

    Chin implant anyone?

  15. bribios

    We all got out types. Im obsessed with Emma Roberts these days myself. Everyone says I’m weird and she’s not that great but fuck it, I’d go full romantic comedy Colin Firth for that girl.

  16. Minka is an exceptional specimen. Sweet as pie too in every interview I see or read with her – which just makes her even hotter in my book. I definitely heart Minka.

  17. Danger Rodneyfield

    No lips, no thank you.

  18. She has underarm vulva…the perfect woman

  19. Britton


  20. Boo, People. Boo.

    J-Lo?? Seriously, we need to stop encouraging women with piano leg to wear skirts. Right. Now.
    In other news, Shay Maria continues her life of relative obscurity. Is this Bizarro world??

  21. anonym

    her face is pretty fucked up. Don’t let the hair fool you.

    nose is pinched and narrow, and not proportional to the rest of her face.

    oh, and the chin.

    her worst angle is straight on. she only looks good at angles.

  22. Not as rough as we think are we?

    All this from a mere handshake from Jeter?

  23. The Critical Crassness

    She looks like J-Lo, if J-lo were young, beautiful and had tits! In other words, she looks nothing like J-Lo at all. Which is a good reason to name her “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”

  24. LJ

    I’d wake up next to that every morning and never complain.

  25. i win

    i choose candice swanepoel as the most beautiful woman in the world

  26. Morgan

    Haha, Superfish has a celeb crush…

    Mine is Olivia Wilde…despite her being a liberal vegan…

  27. Cock Dr

    Makes me wonder how many people J-Lo had to blow to get that People cover.

    • a prince formerly known as an artist

      Probably had to do Randy and let Steven drive her from behind , or the other way around

  28. ME

    I choose ME as I am a taller bustier Mila Kunis look a like.

    Second place tied to with Mila Kunis and Nina Dobrev. Look up Nina bitches she is FLAWLESS.

    SUPERFISH post some pictures of Nina Dobrev already dammit.

    As for Minka you tools are being so critical, girl is gorgeous. Now her legs are AWFUL and cankley to the max, but the rest of her is lovely. There is a reason she was chosen as August the girl who gives Joseph Gordon Levitt or however you spell his dope head name hope after having his heart trampled by Zoey Dechanwhatever.

    FISH I am happy to see you have gotten over your crush on Mr. Blake Lively. Blake is a man’s name BTW and that should tell ya something right there buddy.

  29. This is my name

    Does she ever exhale?

    • ME

      No because if she did a chum buckets worth of gooey Jeter spunk would spew out.

      Jeter spunk cannot be digested.

  30. Hugh Gentry

    why is there a puffy asshole on her chin???? Gotta love the underarm vulva too!

  31. forrealthough

    does no one else think she looks like a young jennifer lopez?

    • ME

      YA she totally does look like J-Ho, in fact in interviews she sounds and kinda acts like a less bitchy version of her.

      • Phil McCracken

        It’s pretty damned hard to be MORE bitchy than Hennifer Yopez.

      • ME

        HA! Ya I was going to write something to that effect, but my brain pretty much shuts off after writing more than a set aount of words about fatass bitchy bitches like J-Whore and Kardashi

  32. fap

    Err, she’s ok, but she’s not the most beautiful woman. Sorry chicky if you’re reading this, but you probably already knew this right.

  33. Minka Kelly
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    what the fuck is on her chin??

  34. Whiskers, consider thyselves poked.

  35. Alipop

    SHE should play Sharen Tate…NOT Lindsay lohan.


    Who in the hell “elected” that Scientologist pig Lopez to begin with? Most beautiful? Give me a break.

    Her entire large-assed career has been manufactured from day ONE despite the fac that she has zero talent. She has been in movie FLOP after movie FLOP while far more capable actresses get passed over. Who keeps banking her? I’ll give you one guess: the magic of Elron Hubbard and his lunatic followers.

    Remember, these are the people who wanted to induct Elvis into their stupid cult just for the face-value PR it would give them. Elvis told them to fuck off, and they had to settle for Vinny Barbarino instead. Rumour has it they sent Elvis’ cultist daughter after Michael Jackson to “convert” him as well.

  37. homosapiens

    to illustrate the pointlessness of the entire endeavor, I present random-not-famous-failblog-chick: http://thisisphotobomb.memebase.com/2011/04/12/photobomb-that-guy-we-all-have-that-one-friend/
    but I guess if you select JLo as the world’s most beautiful woman, you don’t need any additional help torching your credibility.

  38. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    while she is indeed beautiful, her armpit looks like a miniature vagina and that is all i am able to focus on in this picture.

  39. one legged

    she’s 1000x hotter than any hot chick
    win win

  40. keijo

    she was hotter at the airport

  41. Decent body. Average face. Fail on the most beautiful.

  42. Doc Schweinstrudel

    This woman is so hot…She could be the one indeed (to me), but I have no idea who Minka is.
    So many people here are obsessed with Mila Kunis – I don’t find her attractive at all. As if anyone can become “that” after being in a shitty movie -because of a fake lesbian action. That’s kind of not fresh anymore, the lesbian shit I mean. Gross.

  43. DD


  44. she is so classy

    i prefer Jennifer Lopez . she is a real woman!!

  45. Minka Kelly
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s ok but “Dean Martin’s corpse” and “The Moon” called. They both want their chin back!

  46. Whats the bigger secret? Obamas birthplace or whether Jeter has herpes. You would think this information could be found out.

    “The only people that wont disclose the truth, are people with something to hide” Barrack Hussein Obama

  47. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    oh OK, now I get it.
    she’s beautiful. Almost perfect. The assholes will never admit it, because they will never hit it, but she is.

  48. Alex Roidriguez

    Apparently Jeter’s batting average is the only thing going down when with him.

  49. Italian

    I’m taking the best vacation of my life in Switzerland, the women of the worlds best live here, and long ago that Hollywoodland dolls, beauty and plastic with no personality I do not like.

    My eyes have seen the most beautiful woman in the universe, mature for her age … her name is Cheyenne. This priceless beauty can never be imagined by any man, or the most exotic dreams.

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