Minka Kelly Has GQ Outtakes

February 1st, 2011 // 40 Comments

Presumably this is God’s way of making up for me having to stare at the various hatchet wounds – an overgenerous if not entirely misleading term – of Charlie Sheen‘s porn star/hookers, because here are new outtakes from Minka Kelly‘s photo shoot for the February 2011 issue of GQ. In the meantime, she’s recently been cast in the TV remake of Charlie’s Angels which prompted way too many people to ask if a ridiculously hot chick is right for the part of a ridiculously hot chick. Apparently Drew Barrymore made everyone think the Angels should look homely and speak with a lisp now? I honestly don’t get it.

Photos: GQ


  1. awesome

    first :))

  2. Now that’s hot. Very hot. Natural breasts, nice legs, gorgeous face. What a way to start the day!!!! Fish SCORES!!!

  3. Jeter's Herpes

    I believe I tainted her. Can’t remember cause there have been many.

  4. this chick’s def growing on me. as in, my dick is growing..

  5. seth rogen's vagina

    I don’t get why Drew Barrymore gets work at all anymore. She’s fat, looks haggard and nasty, has a moustache, and is about half as classy as a misspelled lower back tattoo. Aren’t there about 5 million hot young broads lined up behind her that could do makeup ads and fill those movie roles that nasty skank Drew Barrymore somehow keeps getting?

  6. Bucky Barnes

    If she plays her cards right Lady Sagsalot can have me.

  7. oohlilit

    wow, she’s so gorgeous!!! Very few can full off sexy without also being trashy. Nice taste fish!! so much better than blake lively. Long live brunettes :)

    • Blake Lively is hot though.

      • Girl who knows ALL

        Blake Lively’s BODY and HAIR is hot, the rest is not. Blake’s face will head to Aniston territory as she ages. Lively’s got that Uma thurman, Aniston, even Sarah Jessica Parker facial issue. Remember when Aniston, Uma and Sarah were really young no one noticed how fug and just plain weird looking their faces were, but as they aged it became clear to those with even low standards that them bitches had ugly ass faces. Minka, apart from have a stupid ass name, has a beautiful face while Blake Lilvely has a buttermanface that will age horribly, in fact it already looks ridiculously old for 23.
        Minka’s hot but not nearly as hot as Nina Dobrev or Mila Kunis. Minka’s got awful thick cankle legs and too much chin, but she’s one of the hotter ladies in the biz right now.

      • Whoa Girl who … Do NOT bring Sarah Jessica Dogfucker into that equation. Blake Lively will NEVER look as disgusting as SJP.

        I knew SJP was going to be an ugly monstrousity since she was on Square Pegs as a kid!!!

      • GingleJanglez

        40s compared to 20s right in the same beauty ballpark. good comparison. you’re a real sharp tack aren’t you.

      • Girl who knows ALL

        Did you even read my post?

        If you had read what I wrote properly you’d understand that I was saying that Blake has a butterface the likes of a young Aniston, Uma and perhaps even SJP and clearly from the looks of all those women TODAY facially Lively will age horribly. I explained clearly that my point was that aging has an extra awful affect on acute manface syndrome and butterfacinitis both of which Blake suffers from immensely. Yes her body is insane, but as her youth fades it will be more and more clear how nast her face is. Those of us with standards are well aware of the crap that is her face, but for many only when it becomes age stricken will they look up from that body and notice WOW she had a man face all along.
        People rag on Aniston non stop from being a butterface, well guess what Blake Lively is nothing more than a young Aniston; hot body, great hair and a man face which will get weirder and nastier with age.

        Understand now?

      • Girl who knows ALL

        Christ I wrote the word “age” several times, my whole point is that she will age horribly and the truth about her manfaceness will be clear even to those with low standards. Aging brings out the truth about a woman’s face. The harsher and manlier the face the worse it will age, youth makes anything with a good body look decent, take away the youth and you see the true face. Blake’s face is a 6 at best, but with a 10 body many are blissfully unaware.

        Minka will age well, she’s over 30 now, did ya know that? Well come back and take a look at Blake at 30 I guarantee her face will look haggard by then. In fact I forgot the best comparison Blake is a young Cameron Diaz, Cameron was hailed for her hotness in the mask then she aged and people realized shit she has a joker face. the fact is Cameron always had a joker face, but youth hides a lot to the average pedestrian with moderate facial standards. Wait and see…

  8. PJ

    She is definitely the hottest woman around right now. Smoking hot!

  9. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck you, Derek Jeter. That is all.

  10. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    *cue pussy jokes*

  11. looks like his tv remake will be better than the original.

  12. jojo

    The Hardening.

  13. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t get how women posing in lingerie is ever classy. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it, but when you get down to it, it’s just the different between an overt whore or a covert whore — put a girl in lingerie and stilettos, then make her hair fancy and put a random trench coat on top and sure, it’s “classy,” except for the fact that everyone still sees her as a sex object. She’s getting paid to be a sex object. I’m not calling for this kind of stuff to stop, I’m just pointing out that people should never call photos like this “classy,” because they never are.

    • jessie

      Why do you assume that she’s trying to be classy? She’s trying to be sexy, and yes, she’s being paid for it. I really don’t see the problem with that.

  14. Talk Hard

    I would love to swish down those slopes.

  15. I like Kacey Jordan.

  16. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    I just came..is that wrong?

  17. babooda

    Just a reminder for all of you oversexed types with rich fantasy lives revolving around the unspeakable things you want to do to her………..Derek Jeter carries a big bat and swings for the fences……use an alias and someone else’s computer to post them. Fish may already have a price on his head just for posting her pictures on his website……..”Swing batter,batter, Swing!”

  18. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait a sec… Leighton Meester’s boobs aren’t that big. Oh wait, it’s not her. Never mind.

  19. excuse me, farrah fawcett’s legacy is not to be fucked with. stand down, minka. know your place.

  20. This girl makes my eyes giggle and sprout boners, but I would still rather gnaw off my own balls than watch a remake of “Charlie’s Angels”

  21. DKNY

    She can be the new Jaclyn Smith, who after all these years is still hot.

  22. GingleJanglez

    I bet her butthole looks like Kelly Ripa with makeup on.

  23. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    Anybody know what kind of cat that is? I want one.

  24. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    One of the worst things you can do to a cat’s digestive tract is to give it milk. Someone sick PETA on this girl.

  25. Cardinal Fang

    Wood. Meet palm. Guys, say hello to lotion.

  26. Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t know guys. You’ve led pretty sheltered lives if you think these poses are provocative and sexy. Way too posed, ridiculous and without the slightest bit of passion.

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