Minka Kelly’s Got a Gun On a Horse Now

Yesterday, we posted a tight-panted Minka Kelly firing a gun from the back of a truck which is really about as American it gets, so here she is still wearing those stretchy pants, only this time on a horse because apparently the new Charlie’s Angels is going to be a titty-bouncing tour-de-force of ridiculous chase scenes, says Roger Ebert. Next, they’ll probably have her riding a unicycle with an uzi before the inevitable climax of a frightened Asian guy pulling a rickshaw while Minka Kelly wields a bazooka.

MINKA: Time to take this punk to the cleaners… *aims bazooka*
ASIAN GUY: You want creaners? Then we go reft.
MINKA: Whoa, wait-

God, I should write television.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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