Minka Kelly in Tight Pants, Shooting a Gun

July 21st, 2011 // 58 Comments

I know this will come as a huge shock to some of you, but the high-falutin’ celebrity blogger isn’t a big gun person. Not that I’m against the second amendment – I’m from Pennsylvania where somebody has to hunt deer or you’re driving into 80 of them before you’ve left the driveway. – I just don’t sit around having wet dreams about shooting home intruders or fire-fighting the federal government when they decide I can’t have more than 50 automatic weapons in my outhouse bunker even though I specifically need those guns to ward off the King of England who’s clearly disguised as a Mexican. All that said, I fully support whatever is happening in these photos. I am 100% pro-hot chicks in tight pants wielding firearms. I don’t like to take controversial stances like this often, but I’m willing to risk alienating the anti-Minka Kelly‘s awesome ass with a gun crowd because sometimes this site is about principles. Not often, or even just now, but I’m pretty sure it almost happened once.

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  1. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
    rough will make you lose control
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    You did say guns right?

  2. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    Who gets to hold on to her hot thigh during this shoot?

  3. Deacon Jones

    Guarantee Jeter’s already sick of hitting it.

    “Once you’ve had Biel, you never go back”

  4. DogBoy

    ironic, I just ‘fired off a round’ as well.

  5. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
    Clive Pounds
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  6. RoboZombie

    Pic #9: My new desktop background!
    (Soon to be jobless…)

  7. My Left Nut

    Mink a dink a doo!

  8. That Bastard Tony

    I love the expression on her face in that main pic. Is it wrong that I’m highly turned on by aggressive women, with or without the firearms? Not that I enjoy getting slapped around by a female… well not outside the bedroom at least.

  9. Frank Burns

    Hooray for the pants, Boo! for the two layers of shirt.

  10. Vivian

    Guns must be a controversial issue over there, and that’s the good part about it, over here it’s worse, a couple of laws and a lot of holes in them make it really easy for any idiot to wield one.
    Anyway, the girl looks hot and arousing.

    • I don’t know where “over there” is, but it’s ironic that Drew Barrymore refused to appear in the Charlies Angels movies if the angels used firearms, but now she’s executive producer of Charlies Angels TV series…prominently featuring the angels using firearms.

    • feminist barbie

      a lot of idiots wield one over here too. and yes she does.:)

  11. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
    baron of all media
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    wow. just wow.

    i just shot myself and now i need a towel.

  12. Richard McBeef

    Fingers crossed she’s shooting Jeter or another Yankee.

  13. JC

    If you make Minka Kelly’s ass illegal, then only criminals will have Minka Kelly’s ass.

  14. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  15. the captain

    please look twice.
    this is the modern version of a dildo.

    for a DYING ORGASME!!

  16. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    pic #9.

    holy crap.

  17. Is this a new fitness craze? Treadmill target shooting?

  18. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    That looks safe.

    I’d hate to be that cameraman…hoping you’re not about to be shot in the face.

  19. g-moonie

    Whatever she’s shooting at need not be worried. You’re supposed to look down the sites of a gun, not the back of your hand. Somebody rent her a copy of Lethal Weapon, stat!

  20. Coyote

    Sorry, But I will never be able to buy her being a tough Girl, a Great Roll in the Hay, Yes; Tough Chick not going to happen

  21. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    Her efforts to pull off a tough face are laughable.

  22. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    Nominated for best picture of the year!

  23. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    Almost as laughable as her weak, tit chin….gross

  24. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    That’s quite nice :)

  25. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    I’d hit that*

    *Though not if she pointed a gun at me.

  26. ah yes the old Shannen Doherty ploy. hot chick wielding gun, thinking it will deter guys away from her. Generally used by the paranoid lousy in the sack because i have a good body types.

  27. Thanks for the audition, but, honey, you’re going to need MUCH bigger tits to be in a Russ Meyers film.

  28. cc

    For the record, I WAS outside the 50m range stipulated in the restraining order…the pistol was totally unwarranted.

  29. Fletch

    Sometimes she’s hot and sometimes she’s not. A chick wielding a gun is usually a turn on but for some reason these pics aren’t doing it for me. Someone above mentioned Drew Barrymore and then I looked at Minka’s face again and saw Drew; ugh

  30. H. Smith

    Aw, it’s just a Sig Sauer. From the title, I imagined a M4 for some reason, but I can get over the lack of rifley goodness. If they were dead set on giving her a SIG, they could have at least given her a P230 (for the Walther PPK look-a-like, and thus James Bond, factor). Or if the goal was for her to shoot a full-sized pistol, and manufacturer was not important, a Colt 1911 would have looked much more interesting. Or, even better (provided a revolver would be acceptable) a S&W M29; although it should be noted that such a large firearm may be difficult for Minka to hold.

    Oh, and Minka’s hair looks lovely.

    • cc

      Sigh, a Colt 1911 (as classic a design as it is) just doesn’t cut it anymore. Haven’t you learned from movie posters that that the weapon of choice for everyone is a Desert Eagle chambered in .50 AE?

  31. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
    Pippy Longcockings
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  32. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    she has a great ass.

  33. Pippy Longcockings

    My boner remains unimpressed.

  34. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    fuck that’s a nice ass. I mean fuckity-fuck-fuck thats a nice ass.

  35. DrunkRussian

    Thank-fucking-Christ they’re re-booting Charlie’s Angels. I was losing sleep over that. They might as well bring back Love Boat and Fantasy Island because America is clamoring for schlocky 70s TV shows. With the economy in the shitter, a soon-to-be one-term Democratic President, and no functioning space program, it’s looking more like the late 70s every day.

  36. anonym

    her nose is still ugly

  37. Charlie

    Tight pants and a gun = ass shot!!

  38. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    what a treat for sooer eyessssssssssssssssssss

  39. Arzach

    You got me at “Minka Kelly in tight pants”

  40. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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    Oh hello.

  41. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
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  42. Minka Kelly Tight Pants Butt
    surf ninJa
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    Wow. What a beautiful girl, and she’s obviously completely unaware of it. She’s totally into mystical contemplation. Can’t even take the time to put on makeup. Amazing.

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