Minka Kelly in Tight Pants, Shooting a Gun

I know this will come as a huge shock to some of you, but the high-falutin’ celebrity blogger isn’t a big gun person. Not that I’m against the second amendment – I’m from Pennsylvania where somebody has to hunt deer or you’re driving into 80 of them before you’ve left the driveway. – I just don’t sit around having wet dreams about shooting home intruders or fire-fighting the federal government when they decide I can’t have more than 50 automatic weapons in my outhouse bunker even though I specifically need those guns to ward off the King of England who’s clearly disguised as a Mexican. All that said, I fully support whatever is happening in these photos. I am 100% pro-hot chicks in tight pants wielding firearms. I don’t like to take controversial stances like this often, but I’m willing to risk alienating the anti-Minka Kelly’s awesome ass with a gun crowd because sometimes this site is about principles. Not often, or even just now, but I’m pretty sure it almost happened once.

Photos: Flynet

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