Mini-Me files lawsuit over sex tape

June 27th, 2008 // 214 Comments

Verne Troyer (a.k.a. Mini-Me) is suing the pants off of TMZ for showing footage of him without his tiny pants. Apparently, Mini-Me filmed a sex tape with ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider (above) and, like any good amateur porn, it was stolen and found its way online. His lawyers claim to have sent several cease-and-desist letters before and after TMZ posted the footage. E! Online reports:

In addition to the gossip purveyor, which just posted the footage yesterday, Troyer has also sued One Night in Paris peddler Kevin Blatt. He claims that Blatt, who’s known for his celeb-porn brokering ways, somehow acquired the stolen tape and, according to TMZ, is currently entertaining a $100,000 distribution offer from SugarDVD.
Troyer is alleging violation of privacy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, violation of right to publicity and misappropriation of name and likeness.

Mini-Me made a sex tape? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


EDIT: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!* But, in all seriousness, did they use a tripod or just lay the camera on the floor?


Photos: Splash News, HA HA HA HA HA!

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  5. Justice Served

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    The Indians speak of something called karma, and God speaks of something called an eye for an eye. Two different religions, two similar meanings.
    Those who sin against others will have it done unto them tenfold.
    Don’t you think it’s interesting that your crimes would come down on you ten fold like a plague and the only help you get from even the law, or entity is the depletion of our race??? IT’S NOT FAIR! Don’t you also think it’s hilarious that it is white supremacist groups that are responsible for this tenfold karma on their entire race even though the passive whites did nothing?

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  10. AliCat

    I hope Shirley Phelps starts posting on the Superficial soon too.

  11. Julia_NYC

    Thank you Josh #144!

    Dear Forum Members,

    My name is Julia. I originally visited this site to call everybody names, and generally cause a controversy. I read the posts, and eventually decided to go ahead with it. I did cause a controversy, and my original post is still getting replies. This is not why I am back.

    I was told that deep down inside I would being to see the things that all White Racists see, and people told me eventually I would become one of you. After visiting this site it entered my mind every time I saw someone in a different race, the things that the superficial forum members told me. That black people were inferior and that they had less intellegence. I also remembered how I feel about it. I feel that everyone is equal, yes, the same old “Liberal Crap”. I then decided that I was going to do my own research.

    White Racists hold a common belief that African American/Jamaican decendants pose a dangerous threat to the modern day white society. Either this or; that black people are inferior to us. Both beliefs lead to separating ourselves from other races by sending them off to other countries. Tell me, how is it fair to say we own this country just because we have a higher intellegence? I say that we teach all the other races, and make them equal to us. If you don’t agree then I think that you’re motives go beyond anything moral. Intolerance is not healthy. You base your beliefs on cold statistics. So according to you if a child is born black then they are destined for criminal activity and therefore should be shipped back to Africa? What if that child became something great? Now imagine all of the other potential that could come from the race you so desparately want to get rid of. I know your response, “Black crime is too high …. Most black people are dangerous ….” Well what about the others, that don’t fit into Most. Are you going to punish them too? That is going beyond your so called “justification”, that is intolerance just because of their color or race.

    I have something else up my sleeve too, a fancy term for you. Correlation does not imply causation. Just because a cold statistic claims that black people are dangerous does not mean that the outcome should be to get rid of them. In order to have an acurate study, it needs to be unbiased. If you have a racist scientist conducting a survey as to whether we should have an all white society then he may ask only white people, further more conservatives. If you have a black scientist doing the same survey he may only ask black people, or liberals. This is where you have to enter the conciliator. Someone who isn’t on any side. Someone who can see both arguments clearly and someone who can make a fair solution.

    I can clearly see fear in both sides. You are afraid for our society, and they are afraid for their society. This fear creates hatred. This isn’t healthy. This hostile behavior will lead to a war and what is sad is that you don’t see it! Don’t think that by releasing your hatred you are surrendering, you aren’t. You are fighting for something more important, and that is a fair chance for human beings.

  12. Peace

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  17. Mr V

    I’m actually curious. I won’t go out of my way to watch it and I certainly won’t pay money to see it. But eventually, just like all the other sex tapes, it’ll be available for free and thus “low hanging fruit” if you catch my drift (yes yes, I can see how that might be a euphemism for Mini-Me’s crown jewels).

    Basically the physics baffles me. If I’m not wrong, Verne Troyer is the shortest celebrity little person in modern cinema. Warwick Davis and all the actors from The Time Bandits were still taller than him. This Ranae is a petite woman but still well within normal range.

    In short, it would allow me to scratch an itch.

  18. Iambeggingyoutostopthishate

    Remember who started this all! It is too late now to stop it, we are doomed as a race. No matter what we do, we will still have to pay for the original sins of our fathers, it is what is destroying us, and destroyed we shall be.
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    Now, the rest of us might suffer, and only those who repent will be spared from God’s wrath.. God punished the Israelites and he will continue to punish us. We will suffer until we realize our wrong doings and repent, and we must first do it by realizing we are wrong! wrong for hating his children, or we will forever feel his wrath, you are taking your time and keeping the rest of us back who have already repented for the atrocities of our forefathers, we have already forgave, admitted and asked for forgiveness by embracing his children.
    I am no different than you anti or not, but you turn your backs on me, that is how I know you have your own agenda, you do not care about our RACE at all, this is about YOU? This is about YOUR movement. YOU SICKEN ME. You betray your own kind and then blame others.
    Your greed and your kind before you have doomed our people to pay for such sins. Instead of repenting, you create more hate, you immitate your forefathers that brought this upon us to begin with. I feel sorry for you. I have already repented and I will go to a better place when I am dead, you ought to do it too or burn in hell, because there is no saving us now if you refuse to change your ways, it will follow us generation to generation until the ends of the Earth.

    Leviticus 26:39
    Those of you who are left will waste away in the lands of their enemies because of their sins; also because of their fathers’ sins they will waste away.
    (Whole Chapter: Leviticus 26 In context: Leviticus 26:38-40)

    Leviticus 26:40
    ” ‘But if they will confess their sins and the sins of their fathers-their treachery against me and their hostility toward me,
    (Whole Chapter: Leviticus 26 In context: Leviticus 26:39-41)

    1 Kings 14:22
    Judah did evil in the eyes of the Lord . By the sins they committed they stirred up his jealous anger more than their fathers had done.
    (Whole Chapter: 1 Kings 14 In context: 1 Kings 14:21-23)

    2 Kings 14:6
    Yet he did not put the sons of the assassins to death, in accordance with what is written in the Book of the Law of Moses where the Lord commanded: “Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sins.” [ 14:6 Deut. 24:16 ]
    (Whole Chapter: 2 Kings 14 In context: 2 Kings 14:5-7)

    2 Kings 15:9
    He did evil in the eyes of the Lord , as his fathers had done. He did not turn away from the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, which he had caused Israel to commit.
    (Whole Chapter: 2 Kings 15 In context: 2 Kings 15:8-10)

    2 Chronicles 25:4
    Yet he did not put their sons to death, but acted in accordance with what is written in the Law, in the Book of Moses, where the Lord commanded: “Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sins.” [ 25:4 Deut. 24:16 ]
    (Whole Chapter: 2 Chronicles 25 In context: 2 Chronicles 25:3-5)

    Ezra 9:7
    From the days of our forefathers until now, our guilt has been great. Because of our sins, we and our kings and our priests have been subjected to the sword and captivity, to pillage and humiliation at the hand of foreign kings, as it is today.
    (Whole Chapter: Ezra 9 In context: Ezra 9:6-8)

    Nehemiah 9:2
    Those of Israelite descent had separated themselves from all foreigners. They stood in their places and confessed their sins and the wickedness of their fathers.
    (Whole Chapter: Nehemiah 9 In context: Nehemiah 9:1-3)

    Psalm 79:8
    Do not hold against us the sins of the fathers; may your mercy come quickly to meet us, for we are in desperate need.
    (Whole Chapter: Psalm 79 In context: Psalm 79:7-9)

    Isaiah 14:21
    Prepare a place to slaughter his sons for the sins of their forefathers; they are not to rise to inherit the land and cover the earth with their cities.
    (Whole Chapter: Isaiah 14 In context: Isaiah 14:20-22)

    Isaiah 65:7
    both your sins and the sins of your fathers,” says the Lord . “Because they burned sacrifices on the mountains and defied me on the hills, I will measure into their laps the full payment for their former deeds.”
    (Whole Chapter: Isaiah 65 In context: Isaiah 65:6-8)

    Jeremiah 11:10
    They have returned to the sins of their forefathers, who refused to listen to my words. They have followed other gods to serve them. Both the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken the covenant I made with their forefathers.
    (Whole Chapter: Jeremiah 11 In context: Jeremiah 11:9-11)

    Jeremiah 32:18
    You show love to thousands but bring the punishment for the fathers’ sins into the laps of their children after them. O great and powerful God, whose name is the Lord Almighty,
    (Whole Chapter: Jeremiah 32 In context: Jeremiah 32:17-19)

    Daniel 9:16
    O Lord, in keeping with all your righteous acts, turn away your anger and your wrath from Jerusalem, your city, your holy hill. Our sins and the iniquities of our fathers have made Jerusalem and your people an object of scorn to all those around us.
    (Whole Chapter: Daniel 9 In context: Daniel 9:15-17)

    “Scottsboro Boys” — In 1931, two young white women alleged that they had been assaulted and raped by nine “Negro boys.” After swift “legal” (pre-lynching) procedures, eight of the Blacks were sentenced to death. Eventually, the women recanted their story, though it did not result in freedom for the young Black men.

    Oklahoma City Bombing — The terrorist bombing was first blamed on “the Nation of Islam.” Both NBC’s anchor Tom Brokaw and ABC’s Peter Jennings broadcast this false story to the world, endangering the lives of Blacks and Muslims all over the nation. The actual terrorists were white men from middle America with U.S. military backgrounds.

    John F. Kennedy Assassination — The first reports from Dallas on October 22, 1963, included the ludicrous report that “Black Muslims” were seen “running from the scene.” The government concluded that a white man murdered the president. None of the hundreds of conspiracy theories implicates a Black man.

    Riot of 1908 — In Springfield, Illinois, a white woman, falsely accused “a black fiend” of raping her. Local whites formed a mob, killed two Blacks chosen randomly, then burned and pillaged the local Black community. Blacks fled to avoid a mass lynching. The woman later admitted that she lied about the rape to cover up an extramarital affair. Often, whites, seeking to take Indian- or Black-owned land (or to destroy their businesses) would simply claim that one of their precious white vaginas had been invaded by a Black male, justifying by “retribution” the snatching of ANY Black lives and/or property. This, despite the overwhelming proof that the entire Black race had been lightened in skin color by the mass serial rape of African women by white American savages.

    Charles Stuart — On the night of October 23, 1989, Charles Stuart shot his seven months pregnant wife in the head, and then shot himself in the abdomen. Stuart told the police that the murderer was a Black man, sparking a police round-up of hundreds of Black men for questioning. The Black community was outraged. Charles Stuart picked a Black man out of a lineup, who was subsequently arrested for the crime. Stuart’s story unraveled and he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

    Central Park Jogger — A New York “trial” in 1989, in which five Black and Latino teens were convicted of assaulting and raping a white woman, introducing the term “wilding” into the racist caucasian lexicon. A non-Black serial rapist admitted his guilt in the crime, which was confirmed by DNA testing. He also claimed that he never met the five victims of white “justice”

    George Washington University Hoax — In 1990, a female student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., falsely stated that a white woman had been raped at knife point by two Black men with “particularly bad body odor.” The story exploded across campus and was a call to action for school officials, campus activists, and the school’s rape crisis center. The day following the school newspaper’s publication of her account, the press was informed that the story was a fabrication. Miriam Kashani, the student who was the newspaper’s main source for the “rape” story, held a press conference and stated that she “had hoped the story, as reported, would highlight the problems of safety for women…”

    Nashville public schools faced their first day of integration on Sept. 9, 1957.

    Under a voluntary parental choice plan, 13 black first-graders ushered in the new era as the first students to enter previously all-white public schools.

    Although there had been reported telephone threats to their families, no one tried to harm or stop the children that first morning.

    But protesters jeered them as they arrived for classes. Some in the crowds waved signs in support of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Others lifted racially charged banners with demands to ”Keep the n…..s out of our schools,” according to reports in The Tennessean.

    The day passed without violence. But, at night, a bomber struck, destroying a wing of Hattie Cotton Elementary.

    ”That was probably the most terrifying of all,” said Robert Kelly, whose father had sued Nashville public schools two years earlier to try to get Robert into a nearby white high school.

    ”I don’t think Nashvillians, black or white, really thought anything that extreme would happen,” said Kelly, who was a teen at the time of the bombing. ”Everybody was just stunned and shocked. We didn’t really know what to do next.”

    Police scrambled. Pastors of all faiths and races called for calm.

    A 10-year-old white student at Hattie Cotton named Terry Pentecost looked over the ruins on the morning after the bombing and said, ”It makes me real sick inside.”

    The bomber was never identified. No one was arrested for the act.

    The school reopened nine days later — without the 6-year-old girl, whose mother transferred her to an all-black school.


    On Sept. 15, 1963, at 10:22 a.m., an explosion from a dynamite bomb ripped through the 16th Street Baptist Church that Cross pastored in Birmingham. The blast killed four black school- girls.

    Cross and Birmingham have been healing ever since.

    Wednesday in Birmingham officials jailed two longtime church bombing suspects, former Ku Klux Klansmen Thomas E. Blanton Jr. and Bobby Frank Cherry, after a state grand jury returned murder charges against them.

    Just months after the nation watched Birmingham Police Commissioner Bull Connor turn attack dogs and fire hoses on civil rights demonstrators, the explosion hardened the city’s nickname — Bombingham — and helped draw silent, moderate whites into the struggle for racial integration.

    The explosion damaged Alabama’s largest city in its competitive race with Atlanta for business supremacy of the Deep South.

    The detonation has flashed, almost daily, through the pastor’s mind. “Mostly every day. Day and night,” Cross said Wednesday in an interview. “The sound of the dynamite going off and hearing a building crumble down.

    But today, it’s kind of a happy feeling that brings tears to my eyes.” The day of the bombing, Cross stood in the church sanctuary, observing an adult Sunday school class. At first, he thought the church’s gas water heater had blown up, shaking the red brick walls. Then he caught a whiff of ignited powder and evacuated the building.

    Within 10 minutes, he found the bodies of 11-year-old Denise McNair and 14-year-olds Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley in the basement. They had been preparing to provide music and act as ushers for Youth Sunday.

    Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman (1789 – December 29, 1815) was the most famous of at least two Khoikhoi women who were exhibited as sideshow attractions in 19th century Europe under the name Hottentot Venus–”Hottentot” as the then-current name for the Khoi people (see further discussion of this now offensive term), and “Venus” in reference to the many works of art depicting the female form.
    Saartje Baartman was born to a Khoisan family in the vicinity of the Gamtoos River in what is now the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She was orphaned in a commando raid. Saartje, pronounced “Sahr-key”, is the Afrikaans form of her name; it translates to English as “Little Sarah”, where the use of the diminutive form commonly indicates familiarity or endearment rather than a literally short stature. Her original name is unknown.

    Baartman was a slave [1][2][3] of Dutch farmers near Cape Town when Hendrick Cezar, the brother of her slave owner, suggested that she travel to England for exhibition, promising her that she would become wealthy. Lord Caledon, governor of the Cape, gave permission for the trip, but later regretted it after he gained a complete understanding of its purpose. She left for London in 1810.

    Great Britain

    Saartjie travelled around Britain, showing what to Europeans were unusual bodily features, thought to be typical of her people. She had large buttocks, a condition known as steatopygia, and visitors were permitted to touch them for extra payment. In addition, she had a sinus pudoris, otherwise known as the tablier (the French word for “apron”) or “curtain of shame”, all names for the elongated labia of some Khoisan women. (Although “sinus pudoris” refers only to the labia of Khoisan woman, all labia vary in size and shape to some degree.) To quote Stephen Jay Gould, “The labia minora, or inner lips, of the ordinary female genitalia are greatly enlarged in Khoi-San women, and may hang down three or four inches below the vagina when women stand, thus giving the impression of a separate and enveloping curtain of skin” (Gould, 1985). Saartjie never allowed this trait to be exhibited while she was alive [4].

    Her exhibition in London, scant years after the passing of the Slave Trade Act 1807, created a scandal, and an abolitionist benevolent society (equivalent to a charity or pressure group) called the African Association petitioned for her release. Baartman was questioned before a court in Dutch, in which she was fluent, and stated that she was not under restraint and understood perfectly that she was guaranteed half of the profits. The conditions under which she made these statements are suspect, because it directly contradicts accounts of her exhibits made by Zachary Macaulay of the African Institution and other eyewitnesses [5].


    Baartman later traveled to Napoleonic Paris where an animal trainer exhibited her under more pressured conditions for fifteen months. French anatomist Georges Cuvier and French naturalists visited her and she was the subject of several scientific paintings at the Jardin du Roy.

    She died December 29, 1815 of an inflammatory ailment, possibly smallpox, while other sources suggest she contracted pnuemonia. An autopsy was conducted and the findings published by French anatomist Henri Marie Ducrotay de Blainville in 1816 and by Cuvier in the Memoires du Museum d’Histoire Naturelle in 1817. Cuvier notes in his monograph that Baartman was an intelligent woman who had an excellent memory and spoke Dutch fluently. Her skeleton, preserved genitals and brain were placed on display in Paris’s Musée de l’Homme until 1974, when they were removed from public view and stored out of sight.


    There were sporadic calls for the return of her remains beginning in the 1940s but the case became prominent only after U.S. biologist Stephen Jay Gould published an account, The Hottentot Venus, in the 1980s. When Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa in 1994, he formally requested that France return the remains. After much legal wrangling and debates in the French National Assembly, France acceded to the request on 6 March 2002.

    Whilst studying in Europe, Diana Ferrus, a South African poet of Khoisan descent, wrote “A Poem for Sarah Baartman”, which includes the desire “to wrench [her] away-/ away from the poking eyes…”

    Baartman became an icon in South Africa as representative of so many aspects of their history. Her remains were repatriated to her land of birth, the Gamtoos Valley, on 6 May 2002.

    Greenwood was one of several all-black communities settled largely by former slaves after the 1889 land rush to the Oklahoma Territory. When Oklahoma became a state in 1907, the all-white legislature passed laws, as Mr. Davis puts it, “to keep blacks separate and in their place.” That show of bigotry, says Homer Johnson, a Greenwoodian, compelled blacks to come together for their own protection. Fortunately there was money around. A small piece of land in northeast Tulsa was bought by black developers and the investment paid off with more than dollars.

    The recollections of good jazz and good barbecue, of a library, 2 newspapers, 13 churches and 15 grocery stores are accompanied by memories of white hostility. In the years after World War I, the Ku Klux Klan was active in Tulsa as in other American cities, and on May 31, 1921, an incident between a young black man and a white woman touched off violence. Tonight’s witnesses tell of hiding and running as a mob charged into their neighborhood, and the old pictures and newspaper headlines — LOOT! ARSON! MURDER! — confirm their accounts. Estimates of deaths ranged between dozens and hundreds; 35 blocks of black Tulsa were burned out and thousands were left homeless.

    The Springfield Race Riot of 1908 was a mass civil disturbance in Springfield, Illinois, USA sparked by the transfer of two African American prisoners out of the city jail by the county sheriff. This act enraged many white citizens, who responded by burning black-owned homes and businesses and killing black citizens. By the end of the riot, there were at least seven deaths and US$200,000 in property damage. The riot led to the formation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a civil rights organization.

    CRIMES THAT GO BACK TO THE SLAVE TRADE AND THE INJUSTICES WE EVEN DID TO OUR OWN GREEK BROTHERS CAN NEVER BE ERASED. So laugh it up, come in here and tell me I am insane, that I am hilarious, but I will not burn in hell with you.
    I have accepted that I will be doomed because of the crimes of my fathers, but in this day and age I sure as HECK will NEVER become a part of ANYTHING that has destroyed so many families generations later! When Gos is finally willing to forgive our race, it will be a great day, but with people like you holding the rest of us back that day will NEVER come. You are SELFISH.

    You think you are thinking about your children’s future? Of course you are. A future of grief and turmoil, so maybe you SHOULD segregate because the wrath you and people like you have brought upon yourself is nothing that you can FACE it is something you must run from if you are ever going to survive, but the will is in GOD’S hand and HE will determine if we are forgiven for these past sins or if we will destroy ourselves!!!

    God punished the Israelites!!!


    what´s wrong with that?. the girls next door of playboy had to fuck a mummy everyday!!!

  20. This is not Israel

    We are Americans here and used to be of primarily European descent. Blacks were brought here as slaves. I personally take great pity on their treatment and in no way endorse any of it. But please try to remember that northern black Africans or negroes were very harsh in their treatment of southern Africans or capoids of which Ms. Baartman was one of. But I guess the fact that negroes were culturally more advanced than capoids and displaced them leading to their relative demise is all ok, right?
    What about the clitorectomies that all African women suffer so that they do not enjoy sex and thus do not cheat on their animalistic husbands is justified in your shallow mind as well, right?

    The Bible has N O T H I N G at all to do with this country. Nothing. It was written by ancient Hebrews and some of Genesis was probably lifted from Babylon and other earlier civilizations. Yahweh was a tribal God to the early Jews. The Bible and it’s religion of Christianity was a dying concoction dreamt up by a dying Roman empire to keep the invading Germanic hordes at bay. It worked. Rome outsmarted the Germans. Fact.

    I would imagine you feel that the black race is kind and loving and only suffers because of the white race? Your people contain many violent criminal offenders and suffers a cult of gangster worship which is essentially tribal. The age of the Tribe is long gone. We are now living in the New World Order, like it or not.

  21. meeatu

    the last picture disturbs me !

  22. meeatu

    wtf are u ppl talking about
    we all slaves , now and then just because we are normal people , we all work eat in same places , and politics create dogmas and shits to destroy our liberty since always , look around , not on tvs but in real world , stop this brainwashing

    jews are different concept , and ugly too

  23. julie

    You holier-then-thou people sicken me.

  24. julie

    You holier-then-thou people sicken me..get a fucken life!!!! n by the way u don’t think blacks hate other races..whites aint the only fucken race hatin on others..whites will continue to be the world leaders…rite under the asians…

  25. youareallmessedupinthebrain

    this was supposed to be about mini-me getting laid… to a tall person. how the f____ did the convo get to this? race? how is all this about race? you people with your bible talk, and historic comments about slavery and racism are ridiculous. mini-me got laid and made a sex tape, woo hoo. i am on target.

  26. Super PC Man

    Iambeggingyoutostopthishate made 2 very good posts, which were factual and summed up the racists here better than any posts I have yet read. Not a single racist responded to refute him, but rather attacked him personally.

    I fully believe that if everyone who comes to the Superficial reads this thread, the Superficial will self-destruct in a very short time.

    Just for the fun of it I quickly added up what I guessed to be the IQ’s of those who responded to Iambeggingyoutostopthishate , and it appears to me (though of course not by scientific method, I admit) that the combined IQ of all those who responded lies somewhere in the lower level of IQs for an single individual in the country, in other words, no individual Superficial poster/racist on this thread has an IQ above the lowest recorded IQ of any human.

    I have been worrying myself needlessly for many years about this site; now I know there is no need to worry. Racists can’t succeed, because racists have no brains.

    Keep up the good work you racists. With your help the Superficial will self-destruct within months.

  27. gigi

    y’know how guys brag & say they’re hung like a baby’s arm? Vern actually *has* one!! you KNOW there’s some ‘deep manual action’ going on with those too……. yikes

  28. meandthee

    Hey Julia…you might want to talk to Bill Cosbey.

    here is a quote from him:

    ‘They’re standing on the corner and they can’t speak English. I can’t even talk the way these people talk:

    Why you ain’t,
    Where you is,
    What he drive,
    Where he stay,
    Where he work,
    Who you be…

    And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk.

    And then I heard the father talk.

    Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth.

    In fact, you will never get any kind of job making a decent living. People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we’ve got these knuckleheads walking around. The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal.

    These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids. $500 sneakers for what??

    And they won’t spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics.

    I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. Where were you when he was 2? Where were you when he was 12? Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn’t know that he had a pistol?

    And where is the father? Or who is his father?

    People putting their clothes on backward:

    Isn’t that a sign of something gone wrong?

    People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack, isn’t that a sign of something?

    Or are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up?

    Isn’t it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up and got all type of needles [piercing] going through her body? What part of Africa did this come from?

    We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans; they don’t know a thing about Africa .

    With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap, and all of them are in jail.

    Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person’s problem.

    We have got to take the neighborhood back.

    People used to be ashamed. Today a woman has eight children with eight different ‘husbands’ — or men or whatever you call them now.

    We have millionaire football players who cannot read.

    We have million-dollar basketball players who can’t write two paragraphs. We, as black folks have to do a better job. Someone working at Wal-Mart with seven kids, you are hurting us.

    We have to start holding each other to a higher standard

    We cannot blame the white people any longer.’

    Dr. William Henry ‘Bill’ Cosby, Jr., Ed.D.

  29. Super PC Man

    You are a white racist for quoting Bill Cosby. I take it back, the Superficial will not be destroyed in months, but weeks or even days.

  30. stephanie

    If you like the speech by Bill Cosby, you’ll like the outlooks/opinions/etc of Walter Williams.

  31. With the way that this girl looks i think that mini me is to good for her ,but i still have to give a big YUCK just the idea of it.

  32. Super PC Man

    I am the kind of fellow that positively adores other races, especially black men. They are well hung and I like having a serious peace of meat in my lower intestines.
    Racists, you have no idea of all the culture and cock you are missing out on!

    I mean seriously, what is WRONG with you people? I’VE TRIED AND TIED to explain these simple facts to you but your intolerant, bigoted brains just won’t ALLLOWWW you to see the truth, will they? Huh?

    LISTEN UP! The world is changing, don’t you get it? Black is beautiful! Multiculturalism rules! RACISM ENDED IN THE 1960s, you MORONS! So get with the times, go outside for once and look at the nearest black/mexican/arab/WHATEVER person and try to understand hat their just people! Have any of you gone to medical school? All people are similar!! Almost all of the genes in each of our bodies is the same! Just because they have dark skin, is that a REAL REASON TO HATE THEM?! if you hated them because of there individual personalities, it would be at least understandable, but you just genralize! WHAT A BUNCH OF BIGOTS! I pray that God will have mercy on you before your times are up, and you can learn that all religions, all races, all cultures, all PEOPLE are the same!

    My own second cousin was sexually assaulted by a black, but does that mean that I have to go hate all the millionsof blacks out there? OF COURSE NOT!!! That just shows that I’m being the bigger man here, and unlike you learn to forgive and forget! Maybe you should try it!

    Furthermore, its appalling how you people laugh at all of the poor blacks in Rwanda or something just because…you guessed it, THERE BLACK! All those children dying and being recruited into militias, people like me try to set up organizations to raise money and help but the only thing “oh so great” whiteracists can do is say that we’re selling out our country! JUST BECAUSE WE TRIED TO SHOW SOME GOODNESS IN THE WORLD! Is it too much to take a dollar and give it to people in Africa? Its not evil, its humanitarian and diverse.

    Its really disturbing the way you murder for no reason and hate for no reason too. Remember, white racists will all go to hell, so change your ways quick before you learn to late that you should of been more tolerant!

    AU RIVER, racists! I’m going to go and get cornholed in the nearest tearoom by the biggest black cock I can find no matter how much it costs!!

  34. Julia_NYC

    #162 Peace: You are not funny.

    #183: OMG! Someone posted that racist video again!!!

    I’ve never heard the French expression “au river” before…. I wonder what he’s “trying” to say.

    I’m not dumb, you’re just cruel and snobby. You present this civillized character to everyone but I know you’re just vile. Do you have any idea that words can hurt like acid?

    I’m getting severely tired of you. You are bull-headed and vile. You have not taken in one word that I have said, only the stuff you think you can discredit. I’d like to see you publicly acknowledge my many arguments and then I’d like to see you apologize. After that you can attemt to repeat half the arguments against my intellegent responses and paragraphs.

    If not we are done.

  35. Proud PC Man

    #182: You are not funny either.

    Julia_NYC, the post with “AU RIVER” is a sarcastic piece. It is quite easy to detect, obviously that is not the original poster.

    I am going to try to translate the piece minus the sarcastic demeanor:

    I’m going to try to translate what he said…and I will do it withou preaching since people seem to be using that as a scapegoat to ignore the true message of his post.

    “Whites began the atrocities of mankind. From back in the days of the Ancient Greeks where we went into people’s lands and raged war, whites went into Asia and slaughtered many people in order to extend their kingdoms. We tried desperately to keep any of our losses to the “savages” out of the history books until the kingdoms were reconquered and we had no choice but to have them exposed as they were recorded as victories for other kingdoms.
    Our great kingdoms that spread throughout Asia were eventually destroyed. Many of them reclaimed by the sons of the persons our ancestors slaughtered.

    It doesn’t end there.
    Then there was the evils of slavery, where we bartered with Africans who would send off their people with us, not much different than giving up your daughter to those that would offer you respect and riches in return, but they were fooled, the white travelers who they thought were their intelligent friends did not regard them with respect or treat the people the kings had offered with respect. When word came back about the treatment they got, and when we got greedy, we went in. It was no longer a friendly trade, many of us make the mistake of assuming the thousands of slaves used on plantations were traded…I think alot of us know that’s not the case, because who would have been left to do the trading when we captured entire tribes…

    It doesn’t end there. We venture into other peoples homelands, in the Caribbean and the Americas and we bring the slaves with us. We slaughter the inhabitants of these lands because they dared to fight back for what was theirs, because they wanted to be left alone… so we kill those who put up a fight and we enslave the others, then we claim the land.In the 18th century we also went to Australia, the same fate followed for their native inhabitants now scattered in small tribes…

    It doesn’t end there. We no longer depended on extensive human labor, technological advancements we created allows us to abolish slavery. But we hate them, we hate people that did nothing but wanted to be free, how dare them try to have voices, how dare them pull a smart one over on their superiors by using drums instead of language to communicate. These people that were once our friends even with language barriers, now hated us, the Native Americans,numbers now depleted the Arawaks and Caribs,numbers now depleted,Aboriginals, numbers now depleted, Maori, numbers now depleted… even the Indentured Chinese/Japanese and Middle Easterners numbers still striving. The blacksnumbers striving in Africa but their enslaved brothers can no longer identify with their culture. Now the racist whites want to remove them from a place that has become their home as well, they would use them and then discard them back to African like used napkins, another disgusting disregard for human rights and human life, they are not your objects to be moved around as you please. This is enough to make any race simply despise the white man for his ancestor’s wrong doings.

    How do we answer back to those we unfaired? We called them n****rs, we burned their churches, we made them sit at the back of the bus, we made them come through the back door, we bombed their schools, we hung their people, we ganged up on their children at the street corner, we discredit anything they say, we spit on them in public, we never acknowledged their existance, we blamed them for crimes they did not commit, we created hoaxes to make them look bad etc.

    Eventually alot of us finally realized the errors of our ancestor’s ways and proabbly out grandparent’s ways. We stopped teaching hate in our families, we stopped pretending the past had nothing to do with us. The blacks do not believe the past has nothing to do with them, so why should we? Is it because we feel guilty that our so called great race could have such high disregard for any human life? That we believe everything really was ours to take and we don’t need to explain ourselves or apologize for anything? To the person who talked about Karma and eye for an eye not being a “black” thing, this is not a black or white world. Everything does not revolve around us. The original poster never said anything about the origination of those words, so I do not think you giving a history lesson changes anything, it just diverts attention from what really matters.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the OP, I do believe we will continue to be punished. The guns we flaunted so proudly back in the years of conquest.. how many white people do they kill presently and how many non whites did whites kill with them in the past? The numbers are catching up, it would seem that it is all coming back to us.
    And it would only make sense, it is a chain reaction, everytime we commit a crime SOMEONE down the line will answer back. So until we stop the hate and the crimes that would ensue from it, we will always answer back since we were the ones to begin it.

    Hope that made more sense to everyone.

    By the way, I do agree with two of your beliefs, only two. I believe whites have a right to be proud of their cultures. But I believe you confuse culture and race and it causes many of us who can tell the difference quite the headache. People DO celebrate their cultures quite adamantly that are white, so the idea that you keep trying to drill into people’s heads that they do not is an ourright LIE.

    My Irish parents celebrate their cultures, but they are straight out of Ireland. and I am also obviously Irish. If you have chosen to intermix your cultues and become culturally mixed then that is your porogative, either you accept the fact that you have different cultural backgrounds, choose one of them and feel belonging with that group, or by all means choose all three and feel belonging with all. The only problem that should arise, and they only need for having an “all white” culture instead of an “Irish” “German” etc culture is the need for certain individuals to have an identity when they cannot grasp their multiple cultures.
    It is your responsibility to take grasp of your heritage/s not anyone else’s. Many of our cultures clash, a white Utopia is impossible without diluting the cultures within it and forming ONE culture, anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

    We are going to continue paying for our sins, because the sons of the sons of the sons of the sons of the ancestors those the fathers of the fathers of the fathers of the fathers of our ancestors will continue to avenge those of the past. They will look at us and see no soul, this is where racial hate crime comes from. There can be no other explanation but what has happened in the past.

    Those who believe there can be no getting along between two races are living in denial, simply put, you know it is possible. The only difference for this person in denial and this person living in multiracial bliss whether they be a couple, or best friend of another race’s child, is that they refuse to acknowledge the wrong doings of our past, would like to just sweep it under the rug. Believe that it has nothing to do with them, refuse to admit they are wrong doings to begin with and continue to presently support wrong doings against other human beings regardless of race and refuse to accept the other races as equals therefore repeating the wrongs of our ancestors. It is only obvious you are continuing what our ancestors started.

    Do not bother to post your stats and your news clipping. All it does is support my argument that we are paying for our past wrongs. So maybe you should laugh off this post as well, as nervous laughter seems to be a result of denial and embarrassment.

    I am done with you, you Superficial racists.

  36. Iambeggingyoutostopthishate

    Concerning post 183, this person is not me…this is a very shameful and cowardly tactic. To speak or commit an action and have someone else take responsibility for those words or actions. It is the same formula that our ancestors had exhibited.

    I no longer see the purpose in posting, because God is my witness and I carry Him in everything I do, if I cannot speak with him fueling my words then I might as well cut out my tongue, so anyone that will post after this is not myself.

    Everything is not a joke Superficial racists. Everything is not to be cast off as funny.You have your own agenda, or you would not turn your back on another of your kind because his opinion differs. I am taking my leave. God be with you everyone.

  37. Britney

    i like her dress, she looks so well in this beautiful dress.

  38. There is an even more beautiful dress at the website though! And it’s free!

  39. I, for one, am not seriously interested in making sex tapes with Ranae Shrider.

    #27 I often ask that question upon perusing peoples profiles that say “model”. Seems like half the people on the internet are models.

    #30 Yeah, cover up everything but her teeth. Now that looks alright.

    #32 You joined THIS site? How?

  40. Juliasux

    To Julia_NYC

    Okay. Let’s get this straight. You want World Peace.
    Nyeah nyeah nyeah nyeah nyeah nyeah
    You’re not gonna get it.

    I didn’t even bother reading your pointless, not to mention relentless rant on wy you won’t get laid, and hence have to sit at home and discuss the trials and tribulations faced by people who don’t really give a fuck if you care.
    There is hope for you, and it has batteries. And vibrates at a very high frequency.

    Now do as I say
    Follow Master Yoda’s words(draw light saber dramatically)
    1. Get Laid
    If 1. is not possible
    2. Get vibrator
    If 2 is unattainable, due to you being a shrivelled up prune,
    3. Use hand(or foot, or dog)
    Or, I got an even better one
    Jack off to Verne Troyer midget sex, as this seems to be a big concern of yours, and I can’t really see the reason. Unless you want some midget-peen.

    The world is in need, it is a dark hour.
    And you’re not making it any better

  41. hellcat1983

    Elliot_Spitz_On_Her – I’m an Irish chick and certainly not ugly and seeing how you think us all ugly explain how one of us won Miss World a while back….idiot!!! Anyway, continue trolling your unemployed ass online anyway.

  42. ElliotSpitzonher's Mom is a fat pig and his children are deformed

    Hi E. Just wanted to remind you of what a loser you are. Irish chicks are beautiful to nonhomosexual men (at least the whiter ones). Their history is awesome as is that of the entire Celtic race.

  43. I’ve actually been to Ireland and I must say it’s a gorgeous country. The endless patches of green, the predominance of the Guiness brand, the congeniality of the people… it’s a wonderful place and I plan on going back. Now if you’ve haven’t lived under a rock, you’ll know that I didn’t write those ugly Irish girl comments. That said, when my troll is funnier than you, it’s time to step away from the keyboard… some originality people…

  44. ElliotSpitzonher's Mom is a fat pig and his children are deformed

    And so you back away like a coward then?

  45. Victoria

    Seriously? Ranae is really unattractive. Looks like an alien with those wide set eyes…

  46. Victoria

    Seriously? Ranae is really unattractive. Looks like an alien with those wide set eyes…

  47. Jami

    Ok I have read the entire thread situation for this page and I have a few things to say. 1. I was looking for the verne troyer sex tape and the way ppl explain it makes it sound like there is an even better one out there than I thought.
    2. Julia from NYC. You are pathetic. You are obviously delirious. You think you are better than everyone, so therefore you can join the bigotry boat too. Everyone has qualms about certain types of people and you can’t change that. No, you don’t have to talk about them but the glory of being in America allows you to do so. Lighten up. We as a country didn’t make it through slavery and wars without a little sense of humor. It is pretty sad that you come to a site to “educate” but you allow yourself to be brought down to the level of the very people you are trying to change. No one cares if you are crying, really. No one cares about all the black guys wanting ass. A real man can tell a lady apart from the hoes so obviously you are attracting the wrong kind of men, regardless of their color. I am also curious as to why you had to identify the men that have been requesting you by their color. Anyone can be a creepy Mc Creeperton. So with all that said, I also wanted to say this. I am an 18 year old white woman that has a one year old baby boy. I am also with my childs father and we are going strong. Honestly no one cares about my status because they came to this site to fuck with celebrities. See how much of a difference I made. I think you are a prime example of how pathetic the “white” race can be. Always trying to change things, thinking you are a god of some sort. Instead of going undercover to do a pretend sting on a website made directly for slanderous and hilarious comments about anything, you should be out doing comm. service and helping sick kids. Make your difference there. Remember kids the stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. I can’t dance. I love black guys. I know plenty of Asians that are good at math and not so good at driving. I know LOTS of black people that love chicken and some crazy loud ass black girls with 8 kids by 10 different baby daddies. Its a way of life. Instead of trying to unite everyone, since we are all here in the same place, Embrace everyones differences. On 9/11 our country suffered a huge blow to our pride and we proved that when it really matters we can come together and take care of Uncle Sam. On that day black, white, Chinese…etc, and Latino etc…, young and old all came together and handled our business. Now when you see the news it is not another black guy died today or we lost 100 mexican/ americans it is we lost another “Soldier.” Think of it like that and get your head out of your ass.
    I want to see the whole verne troyer movie.

  48. fetus_mcnuggets

    wow this was a whole load of shit

  49. I have started reading this book and love it so far! I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back

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