Mini-Me files lawsuit over sex tape

June 27th, 2008 // 214 Comments

Verne Troyer (a.k.a. Mini-Me) is suing the pants off of TMZ for showing footage of him without his tiny pants. Apparently, Mini-Me filmed a sex tape with ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider (above) and, like any good amateur porn, it was stolen and found its way online. His lawyers claim to have sent several cease-and-desist letters before and after TMZ posted the footage. E! Online reports:

In addition to the gossip purveyor, which just posted the footage yesterday, Troyer has also sued One Night in Paris peddler Kevin Blatt. He claims that Blatt, who’s known for his celeb-porn brokering ways, somehow acquired the stolen tape and, according to TMZ, is currently entertaining a $100,000 distribution offer from SugarDVD.
Troyer is alleging violation of privacy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, violation of right to publicity and misappropriation of name and likeness.

Mini-Me made a sex tape? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


EDIT: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!* But, in all seriousness, did they use a tripod or just lay the camera on the floor?


Photos: Splash News, HA HA HA HA HA!

  1. Deacon Jones


    Julia, I totally hear where you’re coming from. It’s ironic in this day and age we must STILL bear witness to religious/racial intolerance.

    That said, do you spit or swallow?

  2. Sandaroo

    Oh god…… i’m crying right now this is so funny!!!! *wipes tears away*

  3. Ted from LA

    Don’t listen to these assholes. You’re cool. Keep being you, but you will not convert these degenerates.

  4. @ 42: Julia_NYC…

    You must have never seen a nig*er before. I dont mean black people…I mean a nig*er.

    The ones that:

    force ebonics on you

    have dishwashing jobs that they wear $400 worth of clothes/shoes to, to look cool doing an entry level job.

    smoke blunts all day long and wonder why they are so cranky
    are loud and obnoxious
    park in handicapped spaces
    play their music in their car so that you hear it 2 blocks away
    BLAST their music even when they arent in the car
    bitch about being slaves
    bitch about the white man holding them down
    drink all day long
    brag about being busted, or going to jail
    cant fight 1 on 1 and have to involve their friends
    cant fight without a weapon
    have tupac and biggie posters in the living rooms of their houses
    that make millions yet do nothing to help their communities
    do 95mph in a 65 then say they got pulled because they are black

    are voting for Obama because hes black, not because we need a good president

    celebrated OJs not guilty verdict
    rioted in LA, trashing their own neighborhood (silly negros)
    have no manners
    have no class
    do EVERYTHING half ass (work, school, communicate)
    think rap is music
    are ALWAYS looking for shortcuts to EVERYTHING
    think rappers are role models
    think dewrags are stylish
    think its ok to fight dogs
    etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

    Like Chris Rock said…

    I love me some black people, but I hate a fucking NIG*ER!

  5. Ted from LA

    By the way, are you into threesomes?

  6. Lipper

    Good god, Julia. What a wind bag full of self importance and above all judgmental most of all. And guess what? DONE of us care what you think, and there is NO way I’m reading all your words. I was snoring after the first two paragraphs and ignored the rest.

  7. @ #51: What’s with this non-sense that I’m somehow a whore? Now I’ve heard it all. Okay people, enough conspiracy theories and back to business. I’ll leave because it’s obvious this is a tough crowd to talk to. Talk to you later! Have fun in your lives and good luck with your white nationalist movement. Any further comments will have to go to my myspace page because I’m not going to be back!

    To all of those I was already in a conversation with; send me at my myspace.

    And one last thing; how can my myspace page be a fake when I’ve had it for over a year now? And I have hundreds of friends. Yeah, thats right, I’ve been planning this for over a year now. Sarcasm. Like I said, one day I heard about this site in an article and decided it was time to shine. Ttyl people, and remember, stripes don’t go with plaids! Love ya =)

  8. Lipper

    *NONE! Not DONE.

    *grumbles* MUST stop drinking before work ends.

  9. Kathleen

    Yes, racism sucks. Blah, blah, blurgh.

    But we are also told to “embrace diversity” and other bullshit phrases. We are supposed to be proud of who we are. We’ve all seen the commercials. It’s fine for a Chinese person to be proud of being Chinese or a Jamaican to be proud of being Jamaican, but when I suddenly throw up my hands in the air and say, “I like being white and I am proud of it”, there is something wrong with that?
    Isn’t that a little racist? Picking which races you’re allowed to be proud of and which ones you aren’t?
    Just because other white people in history were racist doesn’t mean everyone is and doesn’t mean I should be ashamed of being white (just like how that one crazy black lady shouldn’t be a representation of all black people).

    Double standards, man. Double standards.

    - Kathleen
    A proud white bitch.

  10. Jimbo


    Yet another brainwashed, sanctimonious, self righteous white liberal with horrifically naive views.
    When brainwashed white liberal see their flawed world view genuinely and intellgently challenged, they
    respond in one of 2 ways:

    1) Become aggressive and use personal insults when what they think are their unassailable arguments
    are systemetically destroyed.

    2) Run away from the debate they started – parts of their brainwashed minds see glimpses of the
    truth, and the defense mechanism is to run as fast as bear from a guy in a plaid shirt carrying a shotgun.

    Julia opted for the latter.

  11. You went undercover??? What the fuck does that even mean? Did you stake out the Anticlown office and don a Groucho mustache and pipe? Or was it like a Victor Victoria kind of thing? Did you gulp, embarassed and ashamed, everytime someone said something about Kanye West? I mean, yea, there are some bigots here, but most of the blatant assholery here is ignored or lambasted anyway.

    Dude take the trip… I hear they have a special wench (heh heh) used to tenderly remove sticks from asses there. And please take Mike Ohitssobig with you. And have the negroes do as many stereotypical things to him as they (and he) would like…

  12. and BTW, Ive never seen white nationalist posts on here. I call your bluff and say you are full of white guilt and blame yourself for slavery, therefore, lecturing others here will make you feel somewhat better, especially after you get out of bed from being gang banged by every Tyrone, Leroy and Effrom that was at the ghetto ass club you were at last night wearing your short skirt and eating up the ex-slave attention.

  13. Lola

    @ #54- Mike


  14. I_believe_in_human_race


    Julia,I agree with a lot of your posts.I think you have very good intentions.Still,you need to be a bit calmer.

  15. Julia_NYC

    @ #54: Well you see, thats what my friends and I are trying to do, stop them from anymore murderous activities in order to stop violence.

    Naw, I’m not really leaving. I suppose if you really want me to stay I can.
    You guys were right, if I stayed here long enough I’d see your logic. I really do. It only seems reasonable to protect our race by separating us from them. That way we wouldn’t have to be racist.

    But you see…. call me stubborn, I see why you’d want separation, but I still stand my ground. I agree that separation would be a good thing overall, but I just hate the idea of loosing the amazing diversity that our society has, North America is like no other. Sure there are bad things to living with other cultures, but the good things are what makes America so unique and vibrant. For example; most other countries don’t offer a Chinatown in every city.
    Enough of my blabber though. I won’t try to convince you, but some of these conversations are interesting and it’d be rude to just leave.

    Don’t get me wrong, I see your points, I just think there is a difference between right and moral. I chose moral.

  16. Mike Ohitssobig…You like the name I gave you?…I think about how big it would be in my ass…while I stroke here at BK. I like to go in the stall and use my internet phone to look at pictures I took on the streets of passed out homeless men that i unzipped and sucked to hardness.

  17. #66 – Really Mike Ohsshit? You’re not even trying anymore…

  18. AP

    Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later? How do you like to do it? Do you like to wash up first? You know, top and tails… whore’s bath? Personally, before I’m on the job, I like to give my undercarriage a bit of a ‘how’s your father’!

  19. Kathleen

    Everyone has different morals.
    These people might not think what they’re doing is wrong. They may have different standards. Therefore they’re acting within their morals.


  20. GR

    Honestly Julia, I don’t believe that everyone here is racist (I’m certainly not, but choose to ignore all the racist/sexist comments). Everywhere you go on the internet there are haters. Could be because everyone’s a whole lot braver safe when behind their computer screens and without the fear of repercussions. It’s very easy to insult someone based on the colour of their skin / gender as these are the most superficial and obvious things which divide people. Having said that, it really does shock me how easily people use the n-word, especially when talking about Kim Kardashian and her sex tape, so I guess I agree with you that the commenters here can be vile and also chauvinistic sometimes – maybe they just like to fight and cause a stir?

  21. Julia_NYC

    @ #69: I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by “different morals”. If you mean join you in this little attempt at a Hitler-inspired society I won’t give in.
    I try to appologize and you still want to toss insults around? Well sorry but I’m not really in the mood.

    Like I said, I don’t really wish that you’d get raped or killed. I don’t even know you. I do however wish you wouldn’t be such a sneaky hipocrite. You say aweful things to me like calling me a dumb blonde and jewish and black. And you make my beliefs a personal thing for you to attack and ridicule and you expect me to keep on my little barbie doll act like a lady? Sorry but I’m not like that. I don’t actually take everything people tell me.

    But like I said, I was caught up in the moment. What I should have said was;

    “I wish you wouldn’t be so judgmental, I hope one day you can re-open your eyes and try to find the good in everyone.”

    And I don’t appreciate you comparing me to an obsessed Britney Spears fan. That was humiliating, and that is why I don’t like you. >: (

  22. Deacon Jones


    Hahaha, I just noticed the link they put with her name, brutal!

  23. Yea, Kim Kardashian is so fricking hot and I refuse to acknowledge her propensity for dark meat.

    I write it off as her being Armenian and Armenians being some of the first that owned slaves. That and the fact that OJ used to fuck her when she was in Elementary school.

  24. Julia_NYC

    @ #57: Honestly, I don’t think you can read. Either that or you just don’t want to see the little letters forming into words. I’ll make it clear. I’M SORRY. Clear enough? Plain and simple?

    I came on here to insult you guys, yeah. After all that I heard on the news (and no I don’t consider MTV news, I’m talking about Good Morning America, CNN).

    And just because someone speaks their mind doesn’t mean they need professional help, you of all people should know that.

    I tried to have a civil conversation? Do you not want to have one? I don’t want to end up saying something mean like “White Supremacists are morally inncorrect and they need an immediate wake up call from the majority”.

    Remember, I’m the majority, White Supremacy is the minority. It isn’t catching on very quickly and in this politically correct society, you will get what you deserve, humiliation.

    And I have education, do you know what a persons demeanor means? It means how they present themselves, which can be different from who they are inside.

    And how do I know you’re not a black dude pretending to be white? Or a jew pretending to be Christian? Don’t make accusations unless you know for sure, just because I spoke a little too quickly and said something very mean doesn’t make me a black dude. You being a white nationalist does however make your views on life severely misguided. Who do you worship? Honestly? The devil or God? This whole WN thing is really starting to “grind my gears”.

  25. UK

    If you want real trusted news then watch BBC World News. They actually have news 24-7.

  26. Julia thats your fucking opinion and it’s really lame. @54 Dont forget nigs are loud even during a funeral memorial. Well the nig bitches. Some guys love it but most cringe when they hear those monsters screaming casually about how Tyrone didn’t lube it up before he shoved it in. IS IT JUST ME OR IS IT THE HOTTEST THING EVER WHEN YOUR ABOUT TO BLOW A LOAD AND YOUR GIRL TAKES THE PUMP IN HER MOUTH AND EAGERLY SWALLOWS EVERYTHING…EVERYTIME?

  27. Elliot shitz on Himself

    Every Irish fuck I know would love to loosen your crooked teeth. Irish women are beautiful too. Jewish women are truly the ugliest on earth. Sorry hook-nose. I know it must suck to be a racially confused ugly whore and yes I am talking about your entire “ancestry” ya little Turkic mongrel.

  28. BBC?


    They need to run more toothpaste commercials so you guys GET THE PICTURE!


  29. Julia_NYC

    @ #76: It’s very disturbing when I’m being checked out by a black guy. Thats mostly why I stopped accepting messages from people who aren’t my friends on myspace a long time ago. I was getting hundreds of hits a day but seventy five of them were black and they only wanted to have “a piece of … you know what”.

    Excuse me, but if you think I’m a black dude go right on ahead, like I said, YOU are the ignorant one. And your little thoughts don’t effect me, you are a complete stranger, why would I care what you have to think?

    And you even suggesting that I somehow imagined seeing a black dude kill my friend is imaginary is insulting. How can you say I’m evil when I said one nasty thing to you; and yet you repeatedly insult me, and my dead friend who isn’t even around to defend herself. Thats gross and you think I’m self-righteous.

    Here’s what I have to say to you. How can people ‘look up to you’? You are a vile evil woman, and I wouldn’t ever want to be in a conversation with someone like you. Your children have a pretty poor role model, and you are disgusting. You go around making fun of dead people and complete strangers by night and by day you live a lie? Wow, I’m supposed to be the embarrassment here? I’d be embarassed if you were my mom. Some racist biggot going around saying what ever she’d like to people she doesn’t know … kinda sounds like my mom, accept I respect my mom because she was brave, you aren’t.

    And notice how she tries to spin this on me everytime I say something? The difference between me and you is I’ve appologized, you haven’t. And what you said is equally as hurtful. No HUMAN BEING (much less a woman) would make fun of a dead person and their friends. So, if you really are the mature ‘know-it-all’ respectable grown up you claim to be, I’d like to see you take the blame for what you did instead of saying the same old crap about “me needing help”. You need help.

  30. @77 – wow…every irish fuck huh?…that would be amusing if you could find some that

    a) werent passed out by noon
    b) werent molesting altar boys
    c) werent in jail
    d) werent masturbating to Conan O’brien re-runs
    e) could put the vodka bottle down
    f) werent blowing their mick cop buddies
    g) werent feeding the irish lass horses
    h) werent watching Goodwill HUnting, remembering the good ol days
    i) etc etc etc…you get the picture

  31. vinny pappy

    So this is the amazing superficial. Hello friends of Julia. Okay, I’m going to come out and say it with great simplicity, I’m on her side. I hate racism, and if you’re one, I probably don’t like you. My friend told me about this site, so I created an account, guess which friend it was. Okay, I just want to say that I’ve followed this thread from start to finish, you people seem well educated, but not very nice. I also want to say something in Julia_NYC’s defence, I know her personally and she’s a good person! Her family gives to charity and they try to help everybody! Okay well, nice talking to you guys. Feel free to reply, or whatever.

  32. Lola

    ok i’m completely lost on you Julia_NYC….. why do you keep responding to comments and explaining yourself on your opinions? and why do you keep talking about your myspace page? so those 75 black men that hit you up on myspace all requested a piece of ass????? really???? every single one asks you for a piece of ass????? and its disturbing to you that black men show interest in you? so if it was a white, mexican or any other race other than black, it wouldn’t disturb you one bit?????

    maybe you should just stop responding to anything and putting your business out on a gossip website, then no one would know anything about your dead friend or how you don’t like black men hitting you up on your myspace page…. then no one will be able to insult you!!!!!

  33. Lola

    anyone wanna bet vinny pappy and julia_NYC are the same people????? where do you create an acct on this website?

    it’s really not that serious though to be defending anyone and their families and what they give to charity…. are you both (or just one person) serious with that? WOW….. ok i’m going on another site to talk shit….. this is getting hella gay and real retarded

    TGIF and have a great weekend to all!!!!!

  34. Lmao Wtf? This site is full of winners.

    How the hell did the conversation get from a midgets sex tape to race?

  35. Julia_NYC

    @ #84: Somebody in #20 and #57 posted a racist video. You people are smart but cruel! Don’t you know that words and images have power? As I’m writing this, I’m trying to hold back the tears. How can you be so cruel?!


  37. The Captain

    Well one thing is for sure, Julia sure knows how to draw a crowd.

  38. Soldier of Porn

    @ #87: I think you hit the jackpot.
    Almost every woman I’ve met enjoys doing two things

    1. Get lots of attention, positive or negative

    2.Pull the strings of men and watch them dance for her

    I suspect Julia’s real purpose here is doing both.

  39. Ted from LA

    You’re a lying sack of shit. Go to confession.

  40. Teacher


    The problem is bad parenting at home which means bad students which means ignorant people that cannot think logically. Education is the key and not censoring videos.

  41. Badcock

    I can see where he’s comming from. If I had sex with a girl this fucking ugly and manish, I’d want it sent into orbit!

  42. Julia_NYC

    @ #89 and 90: I just want to say I’m inviting everyone I can to come to the superficial and you can have fun fighting them off.

  43. BornUnderPunches

    Julia, I don’t believe in God, but… I agree with most of your posts.

    I came on here basically to do the same thing. I don’t understand how people, in today’s day and age, can be so racist.

    You superficial peoples arguments are illogical. One moment someone says ‘I have nothing against you, I just disagree with mixing of races…’ and the next moment, the same person is slandering all black people as stupid or violent.

    Most of you are deluded, nasty, aggressive people, and I thoroughly hope I never have to speak to you or I might say something regrettable.

    Get on with your lives – live and let live.
    All this rage might give you cancer.

  44. Badcock

    WOW!, I just took 2 minutes out of my life to read that monstricity of a rant that Julia_NYC wrote…….I would like to tell her officially to FUCK OFF! You don’t like, move on. instead you took 2 hours out of your life to write that, and 2 minutes out of my life that i will never get back. Julia_NYC you’re fucking ignorant, because in the 2 years or so that i’ve checked up on this site on a daily basis, I’ve can’t recall anyone using the “n” word. I willl make an exception to that and use it muself though………………. You fucking Narcissist!

  45. Grandma

    Julia you cannot save the world here. Try visiting a retirement home.

  46. Badcock

    Julia, FUCK OFF ALREADY! You’ve said how much you don’t like disparaging comments about other races and that the point of your thread was that this world is for all of us, and I agree. So here’s me point, all of us should be able to express our opinion, and that’s what happens here on TheSuperficial, so don’t come here and tell us that you think we’re ignorant, closed minded, racist, bigoted or otherwise when it is you who have offended by coming to a place where people of all nationalities and races get together to talk some light hearted, nothing personal shit about people who have no reason to bitch about their life being shitty because they made it that way. Go to msnbc or cnn if you want to get real serious!

  47. Myspace?

    Where did Julia link her myspace? I’m curious now.

  48. netstarman

    Good lord what is with these liberal Marxists coming into the room , all we are trying to do is figure out how Vern” Its not bigger than a kickstand ” Troyer got to do a chick with a fetish for little hobbits. Did he do her in the belly button? Did he try to use telephone books? Did he pee on her and think he still on Surreal Life? these are the questions we need to know, nothing about Julia_NYC small 19 year old attitude because she saw her daddy’s penis in the shower when she was younger. And it threw her for a loop that’s why she couldn’t fent out her non douching ways with a little bit of vinegar and water to clean her self of her low self esteem. Maybe party with some summers eve wooo hooooo. I’m thinking did the Olsen Twins put Mini-Me on there shoulders to film his porno night ?

  49. I like gay Elliot much better. he reminds of those romatic evenings I would spend with dad polishing his shoes, his furniture, and then his cockadoodledoo. mom never really understood why we went fishing so much. but at least I’m not black like barack osama bin obama. you liberal fucktards are going to see what a negro jimmy carter looks and acts like. i hope he does win so the american public gets mad enought to repeal term limits and bush can run again. fucking losers.

    what’s that? oh…… hee hee “coming” dad……..

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