Mindy Mann Will Milk Gavin Rossdale The Other Way Now

Someone took notes during the Ben Affleck Nanny-Fucking Scandal of ’15 because E! News already has exclusive photos of Mindy Mann and promises of more details about the nanny Gavin Rossdale was fucking for three years behind Gwen Stefani’s back until he synced his phone to the family iPad like an idiot. More importantly, if you look at what will be the first of many pics of Mindy, that is absolutely the same chick in those photos of Gavin touching a woman’s ass, which means Gwen Stefani sat there while Gavin let everyone think it was his sister even though she clearly knows it’s the woman they hired to watch their children. Unless Gwen Stefani is really that shithouse at recognizing people she’s related to.

“Wait, why are you touching that woman’s butt?”
“Uhhh… it’s my sister?”
“Oh, right, I knew that. Haha! Joking! — Wait, you shower with your sister?”
“British thing?”
“Ohmygod, you must think I’m so dumb. Love you!” *walks away*
“Holy shit…”

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Photos: AKM-GSI