Mindy Kaling Created Another Human

Mindy Kaling’s semi-secret/surprise pregnancy is finally over now that she’s cranked out a baby girl. Back in June when she announced that she was pregnant, sources claimed that even her closest friends had no idea she was even seeing someone, let alone ready to have a baby. Still, because this is 2017 and we can all do whatevz because the world is on fire, she went through with it and left the world wondering who the baby daddy really is.

The only couple leads that we have are on again/off again BFF BJ Novak, whom she showed up to the Oscars with back in February, and the possibility that she got knocked up by some dude in New Zealand while shooting A Wrinkle in Time. So let your imagination run wild on those two possibilities, it’s either BJ Novak (who may have been dating a 21-year-old Instagram model at the time) or some random kiwi she had a one-night stand with on her day off from shooting.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Mindy might actually be serious about this whole paternally-fluid, baby daddy mystery thing. Maybe it’s a big performance art statement about how our obsession with celebrity culture has us bending our minds in ways that have no real world impact. Maybe I should cut my own foot off, sauté it up with some good olive oil, and have that for lunch…

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