Millions of Milkshakes actually has standards

January 26th, 2010 // 38 Comments

After being bombarded with complaints and petitions thanks to the efforts of the Tila Resistance, Millions of Milkshakes realized it’s probably not a good idea to let the Leprechaun Harbinger of Itch near their food products:

Tila Tequila’s appearance at Millions of Milkshakes has been canceled. Thanks for all the response, we will keep you posted on more celebrity appearances.

Because she legitimately thinks her reputation requires spin control (Read: Syphilis makes you crazy.), Tila is claiming she canceled because she’s pregnant which is her go-to excuse these days. Although in this case, TMZ reports she’s shopping around an ultrasound to the highest bidder which I can only assume is a piece of a construction paper with a Cabbage Patch Doll glued to it.

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  1. Karen

    Is hating her wrong since she is obviously insane?

  2. andy7171

    fantastic boobs!

  3. J

    Seriously what’s even sadder is if you read the tweets at her and there are people out there that are actually congratulating her on this “pregnancy” and wishing her the best of luck. I think @Jesus_M_Christ said it best: She’s registered at Target. Do they sell coathangers and grain alcohol?

  4. Stephanie

    She’s like watching a retard play paddle ball!! I swear to God!!!

  5. So Hot

    I’d totally tap that…

  6. david

    yes congrats to everyone that signed the petition, way to get shit done and hazah for MoM for not destroying their empire! its a beautiful thing to see we can actually get shit done if we try. also she claims in her blog post that this is her first pregnancy when she has in the past talked of a teenage pregnancy where her ex at the time beat her and what not. this bitch is an insane liar and if the pregnancy is true she should go out and find that “ex” again and ask him for the usual

  7. jalin



  8. salsa

    Tila = Fuck Puppet

    Or porn gnome.
    Or Sex midget.

    Yes sir, I’d hit it!

  9. Max Planck

    Better flush twice.

    Silicone is buoyant.

  10. BeeTee

    Folks you now see the result of the Lucky Charms guy getting drunk off ass on Baileys and hitting up the Rainbow Spa Massage Parlor

  11. Dixie Chick

    A piece of a construction paper with a Cabbage Patch Doll glued to it bwahahahahahah good one!

  12. Rasputins Liver


    Oh well. Guess it IS time for our daily dose of Twatquila Schadenfreude.

    Yes, seeing and reading about her and the other fame-whore Montag certainly does make me appreciate my life much more.

    Thanks, Fish, for reminding me how much better my life is, even if I don’t quite have the bank account those two idiots have.


  13. Imagine this twat in the early 90′s, in your neighborhood….

  14. HackSaw

    You know I’d hit it.

  15. AmericanWhiteTrash

    You know when a society is at it’s low point when a little hooker like this gets this kind of attention.

  16. havoc

    I hear she has a new show coming up.

    Its called…No Mor Sucky Sucky! You Bin Her Four Hour Now! You Go!

    It’ll be on MTV. I think it comes on after the retarded Italian kids show…..


  17. Bwahahahahah !!!!

    Lmao I cant help but laugh at ‘celebrities’ like her & Montag. What if they purposely do these things to get a kick? I can imagine Tila laughing at the computer everytime she tweets another lie. LMAO.

  18. BeeTee

    Isnt that the little Asian dude from The Hangover with a wig on?

  19. The Donger

    Retarded or not I hit that!!!!!!!

  20. J

    If any one woman should not be allowed to procreate it’s this bitch.
    Her kid will need psychotherapy in the delivery room and then an
    IV drip of megadose anti-psychotic drugs until the age of 40.
    Can you imagine how horrifically fucked a life could be
    as the offspring of a bobblehead dwarf?
    If there were a petition to have her uterus removed before
    a child falls out of her birth canal, I’d sign it!

  21. I've got a crush on the GW

    her Twitter says “i am currently in my 1st trimester… whatever that means”

    I feel so sorry for that supposed child.

  22. Turd Ferguson

    What’s with the fucktard white bitch flashing some kind of gang sign in the last pic?
    Psssst! You’re a priveledged white girl.

    I don’t get it. I must be getting old.

  23. jlylec

    “I can only assume is a piece of a construction paper with a Cabbage Patch Doll glued to it.” hahaahAHAAHAHA…the reason i come here a couple times a day. good one, fish.

    ps…i’d still lay it to this ho just cause it would be interesting and i would tell everyone.

  24. G&T

    Dear Santa,
    I’ve never asked much of you, and quite frankly you haven’t given me very much either (thanks for the white tube socks this christmas, asshole).
    Nonetheless, I propose we reconcile, and I think that the best way for you to do this and make up for past time is by making the midget on the pictures become a Porn Star! (oh, and please dub her in hungarian or something so that she can’t be understood)
    Thank you.


  25. boo

    I don’t believe for a second that she is pregnant. But if by some slight chance I am wrong, I wonder what deliciously whorish maternity outfits she will come up with.

  26. rex

    I hate to say this, but she is only good for fucking. I cannot fathom what else she could do besides fuck for money.

  27. Leprechauness

    I highly doubt she is pregnant as this seems like another one of her publicity stunts but……she posted on her Twitter page that she is not going to “exploit her baby or sell pics to magazines.” Ummm……isn’t she already doing that??? LOL

  28. J-Bo

    It breaks my heart …that reality has nothing to do with my penis….I try to convince him that this Mexica….uh Asia…umm…Hawai,….no…..whatever she is…would taint the very essence of my manhood. He still wants to hit it.

  29. She's an uber slut

    One thing about uber slut tila tequila – she’s the poster child for a state sponsored sterilization program. Not only not allowing her to breed, but eliminating her NOW…

  30. Rich

    So her ‘fiancee’ Ms Johnson had a penis & got her pregnant !

  31. Um

    Tila is having a surrogate pregnancy for her brother, you idiots.

  32. The online petition was created by a movement against tila online called tila resistance and sent to millions of milkshakes who immediately cancelled THAT is what happened..

  33. she is one crazy girl

  34. ick

    Looks like she is fond of double-sided tape :) Just another mediawhore. Ick.

  35. That girl needs to get her mind straight

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  37. a movement against tila online called tila resistance and sent to millions of milkshakes who immediately cancelled THAT is what happened.

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