Milla Jovovich weds Paul W.S. Anderson

August 23rd, 2009 // 29 Comments

Milla Jovovich and director Paul W.S. Anderson wed yesterday at their Beverly Hills home, according to Us Magazine:

The 20-minute ceremony began at 5:30 p.m. Jovovich donned a veil that covered her face, and a long, white sleeveless dress. Her hair was down and wavy, decorated with red flowers. Anderson wore a beige suit.
The model-actress and her husband, a director, are parents to 20-month-old daughter Ever Gabo, who wore a ballerina tutu. (Jovovich debuted her post-baby body in the September issue of Maxim.)
Jovovich, 33, met Anderson, 44, in 2002 when he directed her in Resident Evil. She’s set to begin filming Resident Evil 4 next month.
It’s the third marriage for Jovovich, who wed Dazed and Confused costar Shawn Andrews in 1992 at age 16 (it was annulled two months later), and The Fifth Element director Luc Busson from 1998 to 1999.

You know what they always say “Third time’s the charm.” Unless, of course, you end up sleeping with another co-worker because you have some sort of strange complex. Then it’s more like the third time’s, well, the third time. But anyway, congratulations!

Photos: Flynet

  1. Jared


  2. Bigo


  3. timmy the dying boy

    Aw, that’s nice.

  4. Ryan the Canadian

    Another Resident Evil? The first one was alright..the other 2 were awful. What’s the point?

  5. Lio

    aww, good for them….5th?

  6. Looks like a young Draco Malfoy.

  7. Katie

    I love love love Milla!!! She is gorgeous and my original lesbo crush ;) I wish her the best… and I’m excited about a new RE but I don’t know where it will go considering they killed off all the characters… woohoo Alice Army is a good concept tho… I can’t wait to see her tear up Umbrella. OH HEY FISH!!! I HAVE SOME HOT GOSSIP! THE WOMAN WHO WROTE TWILIGHT IS BEING SUED FOR PLAGARISM! (did I spell that right??) Any way, the author of the Twilight books is being sued by a woman who published an identical story in the 70′s I do believe.. there’s a chance the books could get pulled off the shelves and the movies could be in big big trouble too.. Hey, it will give y ou an excuse to put R Pats on the site again and attract the ladies… (as much as I hate him and Kristen… fugly on both parts. eww!) ok thats it! bye!

  8. yuki

    awww ever gabo!
    so adorable.

  9. whattheshit

    Lucky fuck. I wish I had multipass for that.

  10. Harold^Sick

    You know it would be awesome if she rode in on a motorcycle (through the window), wielding a shotgun, blowing the fuck out of some zombies. Then she would rip off her dress and get married in lingerie. Yeah!

  11. Katie

    Hell yea #10, hell yea. Epic :D

  12. this pretty much means he never saw the fifth element. i saw it, and wouldnt marry her based on that alone.

  13. Always liked her, she is about the best female action hero since Sigourney Weaver! I like that they had a cute low-key wedding

  14. Whoa…..Mila looks epic in these photos ,she’s Gorgeous

    Anderson has only done two good things in his life 1.Film Event Horizon , 2. Brain washing an epic beauty like Mila. It gives hope to the rest of us that no matter how devoid of talent one can pull it together when it counts lol.

  15. Pat Down

    Put them in flannel & no make-up and you’ve got Deliverance right there. Banjo music anyone?

  16. Truth Doctor

    My penis died a little today :(

  17. Annie Loves Anal

    Katie. I agree. Milla is smokin’ hot and one of the most underestimated actresses in hollywood. With that being said, please lay off the sugar.

  18. n

    haha annie loves anal @ katie!

  19. Jovo Majstorovic

    Damn, I always wanted to nail that fine woman. She’s from my country.

  20. techman

    It’s Luc Besson, not Busson.

    I guess Resident Evil movies are the only way either one of them can make any money these days. There isn’t any other reason to keep making them.

  21. Katie

    woot woot Annie sugar is on hold. ;)

  22. Kikker

    Gorgeous dress, beautiful child, what a lucky couple.

  23. Darth

    Congrats to the newlyweds!

  24. alisa

    Does anyone get married before they have children anymore?

  25. el ces

    Wonderful. They look great too.

    …hopefully he doesn’t open his fucking mouth and piss her off like those other two douche bags.

  26. LEB

    Wow. Did they intentionally get married in 1972?

  27. The … Luckiest … Bastard … On … The … Face … Of … The … Planet.

    25. If he’s smart, he won’t say a fucking word during their entire marriage. Just enjoy the 6 weeks and consider it a gift from an imaginary god, a god who loves you very, very much.

  28. 12. That’s because you’re gay, Todd. Undeniably, irrevocably gay.

  29. This looks like a wedding straight from the 70′s!

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