Milla Jovovich in some nighty thing at the beach

January 6th, 2010 // 41 Comments

Here’s Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson in Cabo yesterday, and before someone without a penis tries to tell me she’s wearing some sort of dress instead of sexy négligée, I don’t come into your house and ruin your fantasies. And not just because I suck at picking locks.

Okay, it’s entirely because of that, but still.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Mara

    I’d hit it. Lady on lady style.

  2. Mara

    I’d hit it. Lady on lady style.

  3. TheWinedown


  4. JiggaJay


  5. Mara

    I’d be her Korbin Dallas with a vagina and the occasional need for cock in my mouth.

  6. cc

    Mara @5 I am not sure what you are talking about but you sound kind of hot.

    Anyway, I wished she was wearing just the white underwear and NOT smoking. Smoking is out ladies, unless you prefer that your man uses his mouth for things other than kissing you. In which case you should call me.

  7. A nighty and a cigarette? Jesus, she’s just like my grandmother!

  8. farles chew

    We just saw her bush-butt-naked. This is kind of a let down after that.

  9. Rough: shooting from the lip

    What is that? is that suppose to be a hot version of the muumuu…

  10. she’s hot an classy

  11. Although most Yugoslavians( Slovenians exempt) look hot in their youth, most Serbians and HZ’s hit the wall before they are 30. Especially the Serbians.

  12. chupa

    i actually like this a little better than her bare-it-all bush photos. Only because… well, I don’t want to see the bush. Sigh.

  13. Lovely sundress. But she’s in no way hot.

  14. DT

    Just more evidence of that everything Paul Anderson tuches turns to shit.

  15. edward r. moreau

    looks a little wide in the hips (which is just GRRRRRREAT, of course). rock on, Milla…

  16. Now bend over...

    Milla Jovovich needs to be naked & in heat at all times…

  17. Doc Schweinstrudel

    They both look great! Multipass!

  18. Bad haircut.
    Mean face.
    Chunky pale legs.

    Oh yeah — sign me the fuck up!

  19. Dannyb00y

    Maaan id make her dress like that 5th elementbitch EVERY’FIN’DAY

  20. i dont like this looks, just as a bitch with a cigarette.!!!!!!!!!!11

  21. Milla Jovovich, is really a wearing a nighty, but it still looks good. I must say.

  22. JudgeyMcJudgeyPants

    Veins + legs = ew…full stop.

    Seriously people, she’s beyond fuckable in the Resident Evil films, but in real life people land?..not so much.
    Oh and I dont care who you are, if you have pubes, you cant get away with white underwear.

  23. Chunky, really?

  24. Elle

    That scrawny hairless dude is no catch. There’s nothing worse than a skinny pudgy man with no hair.

  25. spicy

    eww this is the one with the nipples

  26. Rex

    She gets hotter with age.

  27. She is really hot … wow

  28. tdurden


  29. wow , lady on lady .reaaly ??????

  30. Hahahahahahaha

    Sickitten is full of crap and obviously has an axe to grind with the Serbs. All my Serb acquaintances in their 20s and 3os (being Greek, I have a lot) are hot and have moms in their fifties/sixties who look like a million bucks. Eastern European women (including all of the Balkan ladies) have great bone structure and generally aren’t tanning/McDonalds-eating their looks away.

  31. wow very nice. love her movies

  32. marietta

    Okay, who the fuck is Serbian in the above photo? Milla is barely Ukrainian as she left there when she was five or something.

    Milla is gorgeous, her husband who is famous by default, is hot too. It’s all a matter of taste.

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  34. r fifties/sixties who look like a million bucks. Eastern European women (including all of the Balkan ladies) have grea

  35. i think she is no longer hot anymore for me becouse of her age

  36. wow very nice. love her movies…

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