Milla Jovovich’s hotness is debatable and other news

July 23rd, 2009 // 87 Comments

- Paris Hilton’s asinine claim that Michael Jackson named his daughter after her DEBUNKED. [Celebslam]

- Taylor Lautner totally dumped Selena Gomez for his ex Sara Hicks. — So that’s what it’s like to write for Tiger Beat. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kelis awarded $55,000 in monthly child support from Nas after giving birth to their son this week. Jon Gosselin will wish he got off that easy. [PopEater]

- Megan Fox’s Jonah Hex poster is corset-y. [Just Jared]

- Johnny Depp made a surprise visit to Comic-Con today at the beckoning of Tim Burton. Who saw that coming? Besides anyone who’s seen a Tim Burton movie. [PopSugar]

- Heidi Montag is performing at the Miss Universe Pageant next month. Really? Heidi Montag? Performing without an entire sound crew digitizing every sound coming out of her face? Remind me to burn my TV that night. [I’m Not Obsessed]

Photos: Flynet

  1. Nero

    So this is how a plain dummy looks like? Only backed up by her personal trainer?

  2. Duke Nukem

    ^Yeah, but makeup doesn’t give you a body like that. She’s still smoking.

  3. gigi

    Mila’s always had a mature face — it probably peaked when she was 12 or 13 when she first hit the scene modeling & was considered a prodigy… she’s gotten a little ‘harder’ as she got older, but at the same time she’s gotten more feminine too… She works hard, isn’t a tanned out bobble-head with implants & is comfortable in her sexy slavic skin. Go girl.

  4. Gando

    She’s like an undecorated X-mas tree.

  5. Lys

    50 you’re right.

    And what I hate about that fact is most men think that that kind of beauty is ”natural”. And when we have a proof that a celebrity is juste plain ugly without makeup they still think she’s hot because she was hot in ”that” movie.
    Come on guys, this girl is ugly, put her beside an ordinary girl and you won’t see her. Just because she’s famous and exotic doesn’t mean she’s beautiful.

    Sometimes I go shopping to a ukranian grocery store and the girls who work their are hideous. They’re all hairy and fat. Just because they are eastern european doesn’t mean they are hot.

  6. Lys


  7. Gando

    Kudos to her for showing her natural self though!

  8. Joe D

    What an appearance range: uber hot Euro-bot supermodel or Appalacian meth trailer trash…dang!

  9. Moi

    She looks good.

    Megan fox looks plastic

    Paris is an idiot

    Gunther once, in palpable anger, said he wanted to kill Michael’s father for what he did to Michael. I never knew for sure what he meant by this. He would never tell me. But over the years many of us who knew about what Gunther said, believed that Michael’s father had his castrated so his soprano voice would stay with him his entire life.

    Castration before puberty (or in its early stages) prevents a boy’s larynx from being transformed by the normal physiological events of puberty. As a result, the vocal range of prepubescence (shared by both sexes) is largely retained, and the voice develops into adulthood in a unique way.

  10. Zits

    Anyone who says European women are not hotter…. has never been to Europe. Trust me… their women are hotter.

  11. dude_on

    I would say that Euro women are just equally hot. Where they separate themselves from American women is their open minded approach to sex. A Euro woman is much more likely to invite her best friend to join you in the sack. I don’t even have to tell you what women here would do – if anything related to their best friend, and sack, are in the same sentence.

  12. Veronica

    for a celeb post-workout, no makeup, she looks fine. I never really got her appeal but hse has looked the same since she was 13.

    Isn’t the real shocker here how Nas has the $55,000/month required to keep an infant in style?

  13. Heck she still looks amazing to me!

  14. el ces

    Mmm, a real beauty.

  15. Dr. Dre

    THATS A MAN!!!!

  16. jesus

    hey lys how much do you weigh you fat little bitch.

  17. gigi

    re Lys’ hairy & fat ukranians – OK? good wax job & get on a diet…. so? those things are transient & temporary. Everybody knows eastern euro bone structure is absolutely beautiful. Alot of us chicks are very jealous of this fact. I just appreciate… wonder where most of the world’s most stunning models are from? hmm… it’s just sad they have such oppressive men there too… with all the brow beating & stress, drinking, diet, etc… once 40 creeps up on them, sadly alot of them hit the wall & they shouldn’t!

  18. Lys

    I’m always amazed about the fact that you can’t get an opinion here without some retard telling you’re fat. Hey, flashnews, we’re on the internet, how can I prove to you that i’m not fat? And as far as i’m concerned, you’re a bald 50 years old transvestite.

    ”Everybody knows eastern euro bone structure is absolutely beautiful.” Really? Everybody knows that? Maybe that is what we call a stereotype. Some people just don’t like the eastern euro type. I’m more in the scandinavian type and other are in the latino type. Stop pretending that everybody should think like you. Eastern euro doesn’t mean you’re hot, and american doesn’t mean you’re fat. Period.

  19. jesus

    lys is just another fat whore who hates good looking women. hey, that means you are probably a lesbo too.

  20. Lys is a bitch

    Hey Lys, when are you going to post pictures of yourself right after a work out? Oh that’s right, you don’t exercise you fat shit.

    Newsflash, if it is ok for you to sit their in your chair and talk trash about a person you’ve never met and call them ugly (even though she is undoubtably hotter than you could ever be) then people have just as much right as calling you a fat whore. The only difference between these two scenarios is you don’t have the courage to prove them wrong simply because you can’t.

  21. keep in mind that she used to weigh like 190 lbs when she was pregnant so shes not going to look perfect…she’s human for christ’s sake….leave her the fuck alone

  22. Katie

    Milla! Milla Milla Milla My original lesbian crush…. I love this girl. She will be beautiful and kick ass no matter what she does. If she happens to ever read this…. Milla I love you!!! haha :D

  23. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++



  24. dogpack

    hey lys u are a fat retard. kim kardashian was born in the U.S. Her anccestery is Irish and Armenian. That does not make her Armenian as in from Armenia.

    Yea and Eastern European girls are hotter. They put a bad pic of Jovovich cause they photographer is a fag.

    I am in Eastern Europe and the girls are hotter. If you want slim.and tight fitted girls, Eastern Europe is the place, cause in America most of the girls are as fat as the dinosaurs.

  25. Vanessa

    She is a stunningly pretty woman with or without makeup. But like most women, including myself we look better when we are a little made up with hair, makeup, clothes etc. Check out any of her celebrity counterparts without makeup most of them look terrible.

    She is part Serbian and part Russian and was born in the Ukraine. Being a slavic girl myself, I have to say that woman from that part of the world are the most gorgeous. They seem to have the most flawless skin, and mezmering eyes and yes they have the most amazing bodies too.

    I do agree with the last comment posted that women from countries that are in Eastern Europe, and I have to add Southern European countries such as Serbia, and Montenegro are in much better shape than women from North America on average and they simply take greater pride in their appearance.

  26. Bobby corwen

    Ehhh, all women look like shit without cosmetics. It’s just the Sunlight doesn’t fancy her washed out face.

  27. These are bad pap photos, and she’s hot and sweating and worn out from exercising, of course she’s going to look like crap. Doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful, she’s a freaking model. Love Milla.

  28. These are bad pap photos, and she’s hot and sweating and worn out from exercising, of course she’s going to look like crap. Doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful, she’s a freaking model. Love Milla.

    A natural candid photo and she looks fine.

  29. Addition: A natural candid photo and she looks just fine.

  30. RedFantaGirl

    She’s hot no matter what!

  31. DirtyDale

    THAT_GIRL_JENN, you must be a pedophile if you think of preteen boys everytime you see a woman that doesn’t have big breasts.

  32. candaceiscooler

    Wow i can’t believe anybody would think she is NOT beautiful. I think Milla Jovovich is one of the most beautiful women to walk the face of this planet. With or without makeup. And I’ve seen plenty of pictures of her with and without makeup. I still think she’s gorgeous. She’s the kind of pretty that only needs a coat of mascara and she’s out the door. And she’s so talented (only makes her more appealing.) I wish I could look that great after working out. Kudos to you, Milla! keep up the good work! oh, and Lys and That girl Jen are obviously delusional if they can’t accept the fact that she is indeed an attractive woman. Women are built with different shapes, and Milla just happens to be very slender with fewer curves (she does not look like a man) and I still think she’s bangin’! I’m a fat chick, and I have absolutely no problem saying she is amazingly hot. I also have no problem with the way I look. Get over your insecurities, girls. Milla is a babe. Accept it. And all of your comments about her really do say a lot more about you than they do her.

  33. milla

    she looks manly, manly shoulders, big jug ears…ugly..fugly…she has jumped the shark…she has gotten worse lookin every year…no body shape or figure. marries one ugly dude..

  34. ItswhatIbelieve

    Milla Jovovich behaves like a bitch, she comes out with some strange stuff as well, like saying she go married so she wouldn’t have a little bastard running about. Her fans behave like Nazi’s.

    The fact is is that she isn’t a good actress, actresses like Kate WInslet, Nicole Kidman, Ziyi Zhang, Meryl Streep are in a much better league and actresses of the golden era like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall, Katherine and Audrey Hepburn are light years better.

    The trouble with Milla jovovich is that she has to much of an ego for what she has actually achieved, she is selfish and puts herself and her feelings above everyone else’s.

    I don’t understand why people on forums like this get at others who criticise her, its not like you are going to become best friends with her, you know Milla Jovovich gets to go here, there and everywhere, she doesn’t care about joe public. She rakes up a huge carbon footprint with her jet set lifestyle and then gets involved in a climate change album, what a hypocrite!

    One last thing is that she has recently announced that she did Resident Evil as a a joke, yet before she said that, if you had said to one of her fans that she did it as a joke, they wouldn’t have believed you.

  35. This is the way you look at women when it is not on the makeup and not photoshopped. Dont ‘come ever to Los Angeles if you dont think Nzuatc smashed. In addition to the fact that it is in the middle of practice.
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  36. Al
    Commented on this photo:

    Milla is very hot. I wonder how many man hours of work are missed every year throughout the world because people are too busy gazing at her videos and pictures. There isn’t anybody in Hollywood that is as utterly engaging.

    The Resident Evil movies would be just regular, run of the mill science fiction movies on par with the likes of Terminator, or Blade Runner, if it wasn’t for Milla. She give these movies so much personality. Personality that goes beyond her incredible looks.

    Hopefully, if the gods on Mount Olympus are kind to us humans, she will have the energy to keep doing science fiction movies and adventure movies.

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