Milla Jovovich’s hotness is debatable and other news

July 23rd, 2009 // 87 Comments

- Paris Hilton’s asinine claim that Michael Jackson named his daughter after her DEBUNKED. [Celebslam]

- Taylor Lautner totally dumped Selena Gomez for his ex Sara Hicks. — So that’s what it’s like to write for Tiger Beat. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kelis awarded $55,000 in monthly child support from Nas after giving birth to their son this week. Jon Gosselin will wish he got off that easy. [PopEater]

- Megan Fox’s Jonah Hex poster is corset-y. [Just Jared]

- Johnny Depp made a surprise visit to Comic-Con today at the beckoning of Tim Burton. Who saw that coming? Besides anyone who’s seen a Tim Burton movie. [PopSugar]

- Heidi Montag is performing at the Miss Universe Pageant next month. Really? Heidi Montag? Performing without an entire sound crew digitizing every sound coming out of her face? Remind me to burn my TV that night. [I’m Not Obsessed]

Photos: Flynet

  1. Har

    Looks like the T-Virus is starting to take hold of Alice…

  2. bobbob

    I still think she’s the hottest element and I’d bang her like a gong.

  3. argh

    boo hiss. :( .. maybe its just the outfit and shes dying after a big workout..?

  4. Joe Mason

    still doable, very doable.

  5. Ljutefisk


  6. in my eyes

    Looks like her eyes may have seen a splash or two of man paste……

  7. This is how ppl actually look you know..

    what’s the “used to be?” this is how women look when they dont have on makeup and aren’t photoshopped. dont’ ever come to LA if you dont want your fantasies smashed i guess. besides the fact that she’s in the middle of exercising..

  8. what?

    Huh? How you going to be making comments like that about Milla? She slays zombies by the thousands and you bad mouth her? When the zombie apocalype arrives, you might want to rethink that one.

  9. @7 agreed

    Also, I like that it’s supposed to mean something when a 17yr old boy decides to date a different girl immediately after another one. As though there is a deep emotional relationship going on when anyone is 17. I need to stop reading things that I’m not the target audience for!

  10. trying to figure out the ‘used to be’ part!

  11. richard

    post/during workout no makeup shockingly you’ll find a lot of hot women don’t look flash

    if you didn’t know this you are probably a virgin

  12. datroof

    She’s always been really thin.

    She still possesses the hot.

  13. Beetlejuice

    She’s still hot. At least she works out and keeps her nose clean. Fuckin-a.

  14. Venom

    I’ll more or less same the same thing I said about Rosario… hell… no, scratch that. I’ll just flat out say it like this: this chick was NEVER hot to me. Ever. At all. And the Resident Evil movies sucked, too (I love the games.)

    I’ll take Rosario over this 10 times out of 10.

  15. Stinky

    Milla’s alright. It’s all relative. Is this the 19 year old supermodel from 5th Element? No. But for a 35 year old she’s doin’ good. Everyone gets older, compared to what she’ll look like in another 30 years she looks great.

    If you want a really scary ride, just check out anything the rotting zombie corpse that is all that is left of Janice Dickinson does!

  16. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Yep, she still got it.
    Fish you wearing you bifocals today?

  17. Maybe this is a case of “the Diana Prince Effect”

  18. Ummm…

    I’d stil hit hit…

  19. Psychoangel419

    haha. love how the title got changed after people complained. way to give in sw writer. :)

    i think shes always been a hottie. no ifs, ands, or butts.

  20. Zee Brat

    Appreciate that you’re keeping all Heidi news to single lines instead of full fledged posts. Gracias.

  21. Beetlejuice

    You pussy, at least put a note that you changed the title from “Milla used to be hot” or whatever it was.

  22. RPMcMurphy

    F f f f uck-em-all
    And you too #1-#21

  23. Oscar Goldman

    I saw her a couple of years ago holding hands with some old ugly guy in Yorkville Toronto. I think it was during the filming of Resident Evil 2.

    She was extremely rotted in person so I’m not shocked by these pictures.

    I did see GQ supreme looker Eugene Levi in Yorkville as well a few weeks before that.

  24. Geoff

    I’m a proud homo, but gimme a couple of vodka drinks and I’ll tap that ass.

  25. Jeff

    Watch your mouth, she could BEAT the SHIT out of you…





  27. Lippen Whiskey

    She’s a babe, one of the babest of babes. Looks great in that movie Ultra Violet. Unlike the artificial tarts all over this site, she’s a natural beauty, and will be for a long time in comparison to the surgeries’r'us crowd. Installs fade, beauty reigns mucho long time.

  28. Beetlejuice

    #26 THAT_GIRL_JENN = Obviously very insecure fat chick trying to justify her daily consumption of 3 Twinkie boxes.

    Fat isn’t pretty. Never is, never will be. It’s called a treadmill…look into it, porkpie.

  29. anon

    she looks like she’s been doing drugs

  30. Still Hot…..very

  31. Her “hotness” has always been debatable.

  32. Not great pictures. She’s using Botox.

    Jackson should have named her “Kim Richards”, after Parisites aunt. She was hotter than plastic surgery could ever make Parisite.

    Selena dissed by Shark Boy!

    Kelis looking rough. A baby made of the “greatest stuff on Earth”. Nas sperm? Hah, that fuckers broke.

  33. Thats her brother Milli fish…look it up!

  34. jesus

    milla, just like selma blair, is at her hottest when rail thin. some whores bodies just ain’t designed to carry weight.

  35. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    For the record, I would totally tap that hard, and break a few records while I’m at it.

  36. I know who this is, thats Roger Moore without makeup…

  37. Pilatunes

    Her ass needs serious toning. It’s all flabby and misshapen. Facial features still rock though, so just no sex from behind I guess.

  38. dude

    mila was ridic hot in the early-mid 90s, like when she was on married with children. omfg. yeah they all get older (sigh, seen bardot lately?) but i’d still do her.. hell i’d still do bardot….;)

  39. Lys

    She looks like Alien… But I suppose most men think she’s hot : she’s famous, she’s anorexic, she has no hips, no breast, men shoulders and weird empty eyes even when she’s on screen with lots of makeup. Most men won’t even look at the girl : When they hear she’s from eastern europe they instantly get a boner while dreaming about a ukrainian nymphomaniac. Come on guys, look at that thing, she’s fucking ugly and sick…

  40. Chris Redfield

    Damn #40…you sound just like a fat American bitch who hates any woman who doesn’t embrace their twinkie stuffing cellulite pocked fat ass. Here’s an exercise for you…instead of stuffing more cheetos down your pie hole, jam you hand up your ass instead.

  41. Miss

    *40, eastern european women are WAY hotter then american women, there is no questioning that so the only one that is jealous is you because you know most russian women are naturally thin and most american and german women are flabby and fat.

  42. Miss

    *40, eastern european women are WAY hotter then american women, there is no questioning that so the only one that is jealous is you because you know most russian women are naturally thin and most american and german women are flabby and fat.

  43. Lys

    41, 42, 43,

    Your vision of the world is so simple… So, every eastern european women are hotter than american? Everyone of them? No exceptions? My God, you must have been in eastern europe a lot to know every single girl who lives there. And what about that comment about Germany! I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was talking to an expert. I thought I was talking to a fat 15 years old virgin you likes to fuck bananas. My apology.

  44. Lys

    By the way, Kim Kardashian is a eastern european girl. Where the fuck do you think Armenia is?

  45. Toolboy

    I’d steal a monkey for it…

  46. Courtyardpigeon

    Seriously, she looks like a man. I always thought she was hot, but it appears that she is going to look very manly as she gets older.

  47. Galtacticus

    Looks like she’s working out.What would these celebitches do without the invention of make-up?

  48. Darth

    It’s no wonder that really good make-up artists make a really good living.

  49. Rhialto

    Many of them are the creation of three.Their stylist,make-up artist and hairdresser.

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