Milla Jovovich is totally nude

September 8th, 2009 // 271 Comments

Milla Jovovich appears completely nude in the Fall/Winter issue of Purple which makes her Maxim shoot look like, well, a Maxim shoot. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out the storyline here, and I’m guessing Milla is a young woman who just moved into a new apartment and thought waving her vagina over the boxes would magically unpack them. For the record, ladies, this actually works. But only if you have a spotter. (I’m free all day.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that should make you evaluate how much you really like your job.

Photos: Purple

  1. DJ

    WOW! What an incredibly beautiful woman!

  2. Just me...

    Always a shave/don’t shave debate. It’s a woman’s personal choice…that said, just because a woman goes “bald” does not liken her to a toddler or make men who prefer this pedophiles. I assume most of the women here shave their legs? That started somewhere…same for your armpits. We have evolved from the caveman days, and simply put, minimal to zero pubic hair eliminates odor. Hair traps body odor and urine…some women prefer this and it makes people look really stupid when they bring up the child argument. Grow up ladies…just because a woman shaves her cooch doesn’t mean she’s like a child, or a sorority whore *wtf* Also a woman who keeps a maintained bush is not a caterpillar.

    On the actual topic, Milla has never seemed attractive to me, and I can’t even be bothered to click the thumbnails. :)

  3. B

    I feel sorry for guys who have a problem with that amount of bush. Pretty pathetic.

  4. B

    I feel sorry for guys who have a problem with that amount of bush. Pretty pathetic.

  5. VN

    FIRS… aw shit.


  6. Johnny boy

    I agree with #50. This woman is naturally gorgeous. Any ‘guy’ who does not think so is probably some pimple faced geek, with a small dick who will never get within 100 yards of any woman.

    Milla takes care of her body and is stunning. Too bad all the North American woman dont give a shit what they look like. They are too busy stuffing their faces with french fries, getting piercings and wearing fatty stretch pants.

  7. JonnyB

    You guys are fuckin morons prominent nipples are something a guy definitely won’t have maybe you’d rather suck on some man boobs. And she’s trimmed up nice. Maybe you’re just mad because you’re used to the 11 yr old 4chan pussy.

  8. HUMAN

    YUMMY!!! I want one!

  9. whoa


  10. some people are idiots

    @ 25

    Hey genius, it’s still a vagina whether it has hair on it or not. Use a GPS on the “caterpillar” next time.

    Milla has perfectly, well maintained hair. If she had a huge bush, then I’d say shave it, but she looks sexy and natural like this. Some of you need to get over your fear of hair. If nature put it there, it probably serves/did serve a purpose. Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean that she has to cater to your preference. It’s her vagina for fuck’s sake.

  11. ginger

    she is stunning.

  12. John

    Why do I get the feeling whenever I read comments on sites like this that most people posting are 27 year old virgins still living in their mommy’s basement? (She needs to shave? Get real.)

  13. missywissy

    Abosolutely beautiful.

    all the immature people are coming out “shave her pussy, big nipples”. Grow up.

  14. missywissy

    one more thing…

    It took me 12 years to grow hair between my legs and I knew I was becoming a woman. You think I’m going to shave it off so I can look like I’m 11 again down there???? That’s just fucked up. Why some guys need their woman’s pussy bare kind of freaks me out. If men shaved off all their shit, they would look like young boys (or queer). It’s not natural to not have hair down there unless you’re a child, thus, that’s why folks on here are saying you’re like a pedophile.

  15. She looks amazing! I think she the right amount of fuzz. I sometimes do the brazilian. It hurts down there for about 2-3 days. Your understuff sticks to you and if you go camando it hurts as well. I still do it, just saying.

  16. Christhebliss

    I like “art”

  17. BaddKarma

    So basically, #53, you are saying that women reeked down there for years until the late 1990′s early 2000′s when the shaved porn stars and various nude skanks all over internet became the standard bearer for feminine hygiene? Please. If you feel the need to follow the leader by shaving completely, knock yourself out, but don’t give smell as a reason that women should be completely shaved. You are clueless. Btw, Milla looks stunning, far hotter than anyone knocking her on this blog will likely ever look like or sleep with. Her nipples and trimmed bush are fine.

  18. justaguy

    missywissy I agree with you. She does not need to shave. Having a nice trimmed bush makes a woman stand apart from a little girl. It is like a decoration for the vagina and can be lots of fun to play with. Lets see yours.

  19. james

    nice, appreciate the carpet.
    also, I’m pretty sure there’s coke in those boxes…

  20. bc

    All dumb bitches frantically shave that shit, therefore, when you see it now it’s exciting and naughty. Vag hair is a turn-on because not many women these days have it anymore, they’ve been brainwashed by fags who can’t handle a real pussy telling them to shave it all off.
    It’s not like she’s even growing a full-on bush down there either. Grow up little boys, or get out of the way.

  21. doc

    i’d fuck me

  22. bobby_da_Perv

    WOW! She looks incredible, nice

  23. vroom!

    Really, is it all that surprising that men who read a pink glitzy girly online blog about celebrity gossip have problems with a little vag fur?

  24. Starving Students

    I thought that I was the only one that hated moving. Last time I moved this is exactly what I did.

  25. Mal Gusto

    She is so beautiful!! Thank you Milla! I am going to run off to the bathroom for a quick fap.

  26. john

    How old is this child, 15, 16, or 17? You should all be ashamed of yourselves looking at this. You are all Pigs!

  27. Lippen Whiskey

    Best looking 30+ babe in the cosmos. She was awesome in Ultraviolet.

  28. Schadenfreudelicious

    For all the “shavers” commenting here, i would say Mila’s “goods” look just fine as is, she is neatly trimmed for gawds sake..i am also guessing that the ones commenting on her public hair being too much have never actually seen a “full” bush on a woman (in the flesh) and would likely run directly back to their parents basement whimpering if they did…hate to break it to you “boys” but most women (outside of porn)..leave a lil something there, you would know that if you got out into the real world….

  29. norton

    Awesome. Great bod………

  30. mike

    pic #5 fap fap fap fap fap

  31. Dom

    # 79 I’ve never had a women that wasn’t shaved. Hair down there isn’t attractive to people under 60.

  32. Bree

    All of these boys are complaining about the shaving preferences of a woman who’ll they will NEVER meet much less have an intimate relationship.

    But, I would bet their nether regions are a hairy mess. Yet, that’s ok?

  33. Dom is a virgin

    Hey Dom #80, let me do a little editing for you…

    “I’ve never had a woman.”

    There, fixed it for ya

  34. This is probably the correct definition of housewarming.


  35. What a goddess , Mila is the best ! Love her movies

  36. yuki

    just. totally. rocking. the. flat. out. gorgeous.

  37. simple beauty


  38. Schadenfreudelicious

    gee Dom, i am guessing number #84 has it right…cause if your actually thinking every woman under the age of 60 is devoid of pubic hair…wow…rude awakening coming in……

  39. Randall

    I don’t understand why so many ladies are offended by guys expressing their dislike of a huge bush. it’s the same principle behind shaving your legs or waxing your mustache (you know who you are) but no one says “only pedophiles want ladies to shave their armpits.” Also, it’s been hypothesized that the reason for that monster bush (neanderthals anyways), is that the stink of your greasy pooter get tangled up in the hair and lets cavedudes know your prime for 7 disappointing seconds of baby making .


  40. lovelyriot

    She is SO freakin’ pretty it turns my stomach, lol. But I like her anyway. I salute Milla for showing the world that even smaller-breasted women can be attractive.

  41. di

    HAHAHA #31…you said it perfect about those nipples!!

  42. Valerie

    90–you’re NOT Randall!

    Bushes come and go, you can grow one back and hack it off, it’s not really important. BUT! It makes your dick look bigger, so gentlemen, by all means, at least TRIM, shit.

  43. Schadenfreudelicious

    no one is suggesting women should keep a huge bush,its not a good look!…what i think we are suggesting is that in the real world most women keep things trimmed, shaved/waxed and generally cleaned up, but outside of porn the Brazillian in not the norm..enough pube talk now…

  44. dre

    First of all those photos are gorgeous. Not trashy, just beautiful shots of a human body.

    Second, THANK YOU Milla for finally making me feel like my body is sexy! I’ve always been very slender with small breasts and even though my boyfriend tells me that I have a good body, it’s hard to look in the mirror sometimes without being disappointed that I don’t have more curves. Those of you that are saying that she isn’t hot are either blind or jealous. I’m going with jealous considering the fat state of America today. :)

  45. lb

    She’s still one of the most beautiful women on this planet. Regardless of what some of you weirdos say. Her body is perfect, her face is delightful. I personally like her gum drop nipples. I am in awe of her body, especially after giving birth. As far as pubic hair goes, it’s a nice strip. I like it.

    Let’s face it, name another model turned actress who after being in the industry over 20 years and giving birth still looks incredibly hot naked. Not only that, willing to show it to the world.

    Simply put, I adore her.

  46. um

    Way too thin. The only thing that’s big on her are her mutant nipples.

  47. Malcom

    One of these should definitely be a new “Think Different” poster.

  48. um

    Way too thin. The only thing that’s big on her are her mutant nipples.

  49. um

    And #95, wow, way to all of a sudden become narcissistic. You didn’t think you were sexy before, but now that you see a skinny big-nippled tramp in a magazine you feel free to brag that you two have the same bodies? I agree that she is pretty and has a nice body, but it would be better if she gained 20 pounds, she looks sickly.

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