Milla Jovovich is totally nude

September 8th, 2009 // 271 Comments

Milla Jovovich appears completely nude in the Fall/Winter issue of Purple which makes her Maxim shoot look like, well, a Maxim shoot. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out the storyline here, and I’m guessing Milla is a young woman who just moved into a new apartment and thought waving her vagina over the boxes would magically unpack them. For the record, ladies, this actually works. But only if you have a spotter. (I’m free all day.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that should make you evaluate how much you really like your job.

Photos: Purple

  1. boo boo


  2. first


  3. Squirt

    I see boobies!

  4. bitter_cheeze

    Did I beat those losers that say First??

  5. Dude


  6. fearsarewishes

    Clean up those boxes.

    ALL of the boxes.

    Thank you!

  7. first

    f-f-f-f-f-f-first! beyotches!

  8. richport

    leelo multipass

  9. Kwerki

    She’s like my sugar Momy…

  10. bitter_cheeze


  11. gvm

    What a great long weekend this has been.

  12. Frank Rizzo

    Those nipples are longer than my penis.

  13. Just Me

    WOW !

  14. paula

    those huge nipples make me sick to my stomach…barf bag, please!

  15. Tim

    Coincidentially, I’m totally nude right now! And I’m typing with just one hand!

  16. alison

    She needs to shave down there.

  17. Christina

    Not very sexually exciting. This is a revelation.

  18. haha she had 2 doorbells!

  19. haha she had 2 doorbells!

  20. haha she has 2 doorbells!

  21. Baur

    I’d bang her.

  22. Those are some um…interesting nipples to say the least. Yikes. #16, Why does she need to “shave down there”? It’s well manicured. Oh, I forgot….shaving your vag completely BALD like a toddler is what’s sexy. She’s an adult woman, a mother, not some sorority whore in college.

  23. hello

    That is some beautiful nude photography. Maxim has its own retarded agenda which is probably why she didn’t give them any real flesh. (Screw u Maxim!)
    This however, is art.
    Good for her.

  24. Kim


    Don’t knock bald shaven soriority whores until you tried a couple dozen. Without them, millions of young men would never be persuaded to educate themselves beyond high school.

  25. dave

    @22, I want to do a vag, not a caterpillar.

  26. Mr. R. Gere

    ALL WOMEN need to look like this after giving birth. Nuff said

  27. Dude

    Hooray for a woman with bush!

  28. Reese

    Her nipples scare me…..

  29. ROUGH daddy

    What a spectacular (straight to the colon) ass shot. I just took back anything negative I ever said. Shoot, I’m so easy…

  30. I'm Obama and I approve...

    Looks like she sat on a Brillo pad…trim that trim back!!

  31. Valerie

    Slim and fit, good for her–weird contrast to the earlier post about her hotness being in question. But, I’m so glad I’m not a man, because nipples like those are just….unfortunate.

  32. Tim Drake

    @16, 24, 25

    I like women – not little girls – thank you very much.

    I hate this disgusting trend of people wanting women to shave. Its seriously disturbing.

  33. M

    Those nipples scare me.

    But she has a wonderful body other than that!

  34. Senior Pepe


    Nipples that you can hang your hat on!
    …or coat
    ……or wet towel

  35. Hugh Gentry

    i luv her face….needs bigger boobies though. great nipples

  36. Razor Thin

    Long live the Queen of Horror

  37. Harry Doyle

    I just shot my Fifth Element all over the screen!

  38. Mike

    Love her bush and nipples. Very nice.

  39. Fegirst

    I LOVE her nipples. And the bush is perfect.

  40. She has a little bit of a meth face going on, but i’d still floss with her pubes.

  41. Paul

    I like them shaved because toddlers are hot.

    You non-shaving pussies (no pun intended) are retarded. We don’t like’em shaved because they look like kids, we like’em shaved because if they’re shaved, we can see all the goods!


  42. Elisa

    At #12 Frank,
    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you’re funny, thank you…although I wouldn’t brag about that if I were you.

  43. Melonie Mellons

    What’s with her nipples? The only time mine looked like that was after a marathon nursing session with my twins…

  44. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I’m digging the fur patch.

  45. lisa

    so pretty

  46. BinchOVirgin

    Holy shit #12 #14 #16 #28 Obvious trolls, i’d like to see the tail you guys are getting!

  47. Nameless

    It’s a bit ironic that Playboy features non nude celeb photshoots nowadays while Maxim is now doing full on nudes. Too bad Milla is pretty meh….

  48. I'm Obama and I approve...

    I would tax that ass…and then I would TAX that ass!!

  49. EB

    IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee)

  50. Bushman

    Nipples, bush…whatever, people. That body is perfect. And if you don’t think so, you are either gay…..or envious.

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