Miley Cyrus works the pole

August 10th, 2009 // 162 Comments

Miley Cyrus performed at the Teen Choice Awards last night and, yes, you’re looking at a Jesus-loving 16-year-old girl working the stripper pole in front of a middle school audience. It honestly doesn’t get more biblical than at. Also, nice euphemism for underage vagina: “Miley’s Ice Cream.” That’s not creepy at all.

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  1. I'd Tap That

    Whoa… I’d tap that.

  2. meme

    your such a slut and a hoe

  3. meme

    your such a slut and a hoe

  4. meme

    your such a slut and a hoe

  5. meme

    your such a slut and a hoe

  6. meme

    your such a slut and a hoe

  7. carolina

    eso es mentira no sean weones


    todo eso es mentira toda la gente qe se la cre son tontos no trabaja de eso solo un baie no pasa de eso si no trairia mini top y todo aparte miley es buena chica solo escriben para perjudicar y ganar publico por qe no en ves de escribir cosas malas y negativas escriben buenas y positivas, todo lo qe disen qe hio el amor cn un chavo y eso no es sierto no se cmo la jente cre si no tienen pruebas solo inventan

    odio ele tipo de revistas noticias periodicos programas etc qe solo ponen cosas malas de los artistas

  9. Amazing. Read some of these comments to yourself and wonder how many of these people for child pornography that they have satisfied themselves on a regular basis. Hopefully your daughters to stay away from people like yourself.

  10. chrisgoat

    I do not condone the publication of child exploitation pictures on the internet, and certainly do not condone the fag putting picture of her privates on the internet.
    But at the same time some of the responsibility falls on Miley and her parents, If you are a celebrity and you leave your house to partake in an event and you are wearing short shorts or a very short cut dress you do not leave your house without panties on.
    This falls in the upbringing by the parent the fact the she has not had any real discipline in her life, always having everything handed to you and not really having to work for anything.
    Lets all face it if not for her father no one would even know who Miley is!!!
    Makes me sick that this teen has been exploited by the entertainment industry, never really had a chance to grow up she will be another Britney Spears or Paris Hilton with scandal her whole life.

  11. Nikita
    Commented on this photo:

    U have another type of colodhihd,thats true,I watched Hannah Montana,and I will ALWAYS love that TV show,but at least Miley Cyrus,Demi Lovato,Selena Gomez the Jonas Brothers are more talented are an inspirations for thousands of kids,like me.Not like Lizzie McGuire,That? So Raven,Even Steven,Phil Of The Furture,Kim Possible,Cadet Kelly, Cory In the house, grew up whatching all the same shows like u exept Even Steven Cadet Kelly,and they didn’t teach NOTHING at all.Sorry but I don’t agree.

  12. fox
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    Miley Cyrus gone sexy

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