Miley Cyrus wants you to see her bra

January 13th, 2010 // 52 Comments

Not realizing her daddy only taught her this trick for his birthdays, Miley Cyrus stepped out in LA last night giving the paparazzi a camera-ful of her jailbait undergarments. With Hannah Montana coming to an end, obviously she doesn’t have to worry about her wholesome image anymore and can finally concentrate her efforts on beating Britney Spears by shooting out two kids before 19. Let the Trailer Derby begin!


  1. Minus the bra issue, she actually looks really pretty here.

  2. The worst part of it is… yeah, I really do wanna see it. We are all of us going straight to hell. Worth it? Kinda.

  3. Miley likes my syrup

    May I please insert my engorged penis inside your tight, lubricated snack and dislodge your small intestines with my powerfully eruptive ejaculate?

  4. lance steel

    grabbing her vagina in picture 3, and then smelling her fingers in picture 4?

    consider me sold.

  5. yomoshi

    lol and then smearing it on her face in pic 6 and 8!

    yeah and she does look pretty here too…

  6. killerabbit

    Miley Cyrus wants me to see her bra? What a coincidence! I want me to see her bra!

  7. Sport

    She looks good. Wow did I say that?

  8. killerabbit

    Also, who wants to make the first joke about the stains all over her jeans?

  9. miley is number one.

  10. Dont get it

    I dont get why some people think this girl is so ugly. If she was 18 i’d nail the shit outta her. Yes her voice is annoying but she doesnt need to speak. She’s got a good body and she’s cute. If you dont think so then you’re gay.

  11. Nome King

    The bra is the same color as the shirt. I’ve seen much more desperate attempts for attention than this.

  12. Grand Ole Commentator

    Not sure if she wants you to see her bra, or if this is just one of those “Tennessee thangs…”

  13. Richard McBeef

    @9 – I thought Billy Ray would at least be able to get her pants off before he spackled her.

  14. La Manchuba

    @11: I’m a heterosexual female, and I think that, in some shots and from some angles, she can look cute. She’ll be 18 soonish, so if you’re looking for a hookup with her, I suggest hanging out in her trailer park.

  15. Vinnie the Chin

    She looks good here. What’s the countdown clock on her?

  16. Looseyfer

    #3, I await the arrival all you child pornographers… oh, wait! She IS hot! Yummmm….

  17. Parker

    I can’t wait till she’s old enough to have anal sex cause then I’ll offer to have anal sex with her all the time.

  18. Miley incest

    “But daddy, you said I was your favorite; better & hotter than even mommy!”

  19. Roughgasm

    You aint kiddin Fish, Miley looks like shes ready to take off from 0 to 90 in 15 seconds. Boy I hate to be the guy to take her out for that very first test drive…

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  21. Why do I always get that creeped out, disturbed feeling that she’s walking around with a stomach full of Billy Ray’s baby batter?

  22. Kim

    She tight, wet and ready. Welcome to womanhood Miley! You’ll love all the fucking! It’s great!

  23. Randal

    Here Miley is sporting that grunge look with all the holes and rips in her jeans. One may say she’s trying to look like she’s lived a little too much for too long with her hardcore partying ways but as always with Miley, it’s about the style.


  24. Jesus

    @ 11> If she were 18? Bah, I’d do it now! 16 is the age of consent in a lot of places! Also, I died for your sins, so that makes it ok.

  25. The round face & the South Park mouth just aren’t doing it for me.

    Maybe someone could get a running start and slam his fist into her face. That might help. Or at least it might entertain me.

  26. The Bobster

    I used to have pants like that, but then I got a job.

  27. BananaVan

    Has the double-chin firmly in place, now she is working on the ever elusive triple-chin.

    She is going to be an enormous fat chick, the question is will it be within the next two or three years.

  28. tony romo

    “jizz in my pants, in my pants” oh yeah

  29. BOFF

    A beautiful young lady…

  30. black jesus

    dude this chick looks exactly like that porn star Eva Angelina

    IM TELLIN YOU! for real, tho – look it up MY NIGGA

    bitch is a screamer too, so you know miley is too

  31. Shaq-fu

    “15. La Manchuba – January 13, 2010 2:42 PM

    @11: I’m a heterosexual female, and I think that, in some shots and from some angles, she can look cute. She’ll be 18 soonish, so if you’re looking for a hookup with her, I suggest hanging out in her trailer park.


    Really? Thats the best joke you can come up with? You might be heterosexual, but based on that post, I’d say your IQ puts you just above the cut off for being intelligent enough to determine said sexuality…not much more. So to summarize- youre straight, and fucking dumb. Bravo!!

  32. Mayo


    Dont be jealous. Just because every guy on here’s posted about how much they’d love to wear that shit out, doesnt mean you have to try and insult her to make yourself feel better. Fact is, isnt a fucking thing wrong w a muffin top especially when she looks like that. We know, we know, you’re smokin hot w 5 % body fat and 12 pack abs.. but indulge us, and let us have our little fantasy while you count the folds under your rib cage and try and convince yourself that you’re just big boned.

  33. The age of consent in New Zealand is 16. Get with the times America. Unfortunately if you wanna score some hot vapid girls you’ll have to buy a Honda with sparkly mag wheels. Trust me – putting glitter on your bus pass dosn’t work.

  34. dude

    @16.. vinnie, i believe its 44 weeks and 5 days, but whos counting..
    @37.. depends on where. its 18 where i live, but 16 a few miles down over in the next state. and btw the silver edward cullen volvo smokes ur honda for hvg’s..

  35. cc

    What was she doing with the bleach so that it ended up on her jeans? Doing her whites or something more sinister?

  36. Dubya

    #37…Isn’t New Zealand Australia’s little bitch of a neighbor? Don’t you guys fuck sheep on that godforsaken island?

  37. I don’t like the style ,so many holes …..
    Michael Jackson

  38. doug weil


  39. kathy

    Wow – look closely idiot- its a tank top!

  40. Miley is looking stunning in that sexy outfit. I like her colored hair so much . Her body is really appealing I must say. Really Beautiful chick she is!

  41. I really hope she does not go the way of Britney, etc

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