Miley Cyrus thinks Britney Spears needs help

January 18th, 2008 // 221 Comments

Miley Cyrus the 15-year-old star of Disney’s teeny-bopper juggernaut Hannah Montana thinks Britney Spears needs help. Miley told Extra last night that she understands how Britney is the way she is:

“I understand and the pressure is definitely hard, but I think just keeping your head on your shoulders is easier than it looks,” she said. “I think if you know who you are, then I think you’ll be fine for the rest of the way.”

The sad thing is that in ten years Miley Cyrus, a product of Disney just like Britney, will be arrested for selling her baby for two Mallomars and half a container of Cool-Whip. She could’ve had a normal childhood, but no, Billy Ray Cyrus had to have his solid-gold hunting cabin. Complete with fully functioning “Budweiser Mullet Volumizer Chair.” Got-damn, Billy Ray, was it worth the ding dang price of your kin? Wait, y’alls got a bowling alley next to the tree stand. Su-weet!

NOTE: These are pictures of Miley at last night’s premiere of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert 3D. If I ever have a daughter, the only thing she’ll be doing in 3D is kicking every boy in the crotch that tries to talk to her. You know, just till she’s 40 or I finally die from all the sexy radiation I give off (i.e. whiskey-related liver failure).

Photos: Splash News

  1. isitin

    She looks like a 15 year old slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. pimlico

    Miley, you are 15. Please put your tits away.

  3. Miley who?

    Miley Cyrus is so weird. Why does she get up on stage wearing a wig and pretending to be a TV CHARACTER!? She’s a ham and is getting to be WAY old news. She has talent, but when her music is all pop-like and she wearing those stupid costumes, i’m kind of embarrassed for her.

  4. Tony

    She’s ugly – her facial features are oversized and exaggerated, like Kim KardASShian – and you can tell she’s gonna be fat in a few years, but I’d fuck her anyway. Just to watch her cry when I call her a whore afterwards.

  5. Just 16 years old?????? I think maybe it is early to make her know sexual things!!!!!!!!! But we should grow up and accept that many people like dating with other people on seekamillionaire especially many celebrities!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BE SURE, you’re not the only one………………………………………………..AT LEAST!!

  7. Puritan Assmilk

    yep, a 15-year old slut who hasn’t graduated from high school is definitely qualified to dispense life wisdom.

    read a book, skank, and then go text someone, like, or whatever

  8. Ted from LA

    You are a mental midget and a punk. Your life is going to be one bad experience after another. Go back to school and learn right from wrong.

  9. lexxy

    get ready for lindsey 2.0 guys

  10. lexxy

    and im willing to bet she is bulimic….bloated fat face and emaciated body

  11. lexxy

    I love semen.

  12. korina_jebediah

    She looks exactly like the girl from “Lost”(the one that had a baby boy in the first season) but as a brunette.

    Aside of that, she looks like she’s already trying to get herself apart from the “Zoey’s”(Britneys lil sis) type of girl,
    even if it only means dying her hair almost black.

  13. korina_jebediah

    and i know Britneys lil pregnant sis is named J.Lynn.
    And it’s sad my comment was posted after some semen-lover creature.

  14. comm

    Miley looks so cute and sexy. She is my favorite. I have a question about her: Is she single now? I just saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site last week. Just curious.

  15. WhoCares

    Look at those poses, and pouty lips. Shes already turning into alittle camera whore. She’ll be posing half naked in a couple of years, just wait. Shes not gonna stay the sweet little country girl like everyone makes he out to be..

  16. CrankyGranny

    SEXY RADIATION!!!!! Gimme some of that!

  17. #1 hater

    what the hell is she doing with her face…?? is that sexy….???

  18. CJ

    Ugly Pig face trying to be sexy. Go back to class!

  19. Kat

    I have met Miley and she seems like a very nice, level headed girl. I think she’ll be fine.

  20. Kat

    I have met Miley and she seems like a very nice, level headed girl. I think she’ll be fine.

  21. D. Richards (Nothing witty to add here.)

    Okay, look. Dick was up all night studying this set of pictures and he came to the conclusion that Miley Curtis is not actually shitting her pants in every one of those pictures.

    It’s just the way her face looks. She has ‘slide’ face.

  22. Based on recent teenage star history, this isn’t going to end well.

  23. AssBigot

    oh dear..she’s just trying way too hard here…why the fuck would she wanna look like a retarded skank? her head’s too big for her body…and OMG look at that bloated forehead…!!!

  24. Clem


  25. what a cutie

    She’s VERY cute

  26. Mick

    Oh God, she is going to look just like Janice Dickerson is a few years, except with uglier hands. I saw her interview on TV yesterday, and she is a conceded little tramp, who is probably fucking her whole TV crew when Dad is not around.

  27. Peter

    15??? Thats a great age for fuckin!!

  28. A

    in 3 years she’s gonna be one of the sexiest women around

  29. k

    When Britney was Miley’s age, she was a pure goody goody too. How can this girl, who just started living life in the spotlight begin to think she can give Britney Spears advice. Duh!

    Go wash your face, you have too much makeup on.

  30. I think this girl is far too little, to give advice to other people about their lives, independent of wich people she will advice (britney, michell pfeiffer, diane kruger or anybody else).

    i invite you to visit my blog, its a recopilation about movies and actors life from hollywood.

  31. Wait 5 years and she will make BS look Sane!

  32. Wait 5 years and she will make BS look Sane!

  33. Wait 5 years and she will make BS look Sane!

  34. lambman

    I’m never going to pretend this girl is even remotely pretty. Her nose and eyes and teeth are all messed up looking

  35. shes really pretty!

  36. Al_Gore

    SCOREBOARD. She’s hot and rich and you’re not. Further, her dad actually cares about her, unlike Britney’s family.

  37. trth

    Britney is apparently hooking up with obama. srsly.

  38. shok

    Can’t Britney OD already, geez.

  39. sur

    shes just adorable, shes gonna be gorgeous in a few years.
    dont hate bitches.

  40. Hugh

    I think she’s adorable.

  41. marilynmonroe17

    her dresss is so fucking ugly!
    now she’s losing points with me…and who makes the peace sign on the red carpet?? not classy.

  42. Willravel


  43. Petite

    The Kim Kardashian poses, back turned, ass on display, are completely inapproprate for a 15 year old to be doing.
    The big picture of her doing the peace sign, she looks like the lead singer for Cinderella!

  44. She looks like the Joker.

  45. sillypanda!

    GOD shes annoying. plus, she has that weird mouth.

    its like, shes trying really hard to be cute. ugh.

  46. Who is this little skeeze?

  47. Lori

    This is what you get when Republicans control the media. One more packaged and exploited overly-sexualized poor white trash girl who in a few years will wind up the next Britney Spears. Go America!

  48. Cliff Notes : Binky – Mensa just sent me a few criteria for being ‘cool’ in 2008. It’s in readable test form, takes but a few minutes, and it’s always interesting to explore ‘values’ and even ‘faith’ in relation to ‘cool’ in today’s society. I took the liberty of linking it up to your name at the top there.
    Binky : #147 – I’m with you. What channel is this kid ? Shouldn’t she be in school ?
    And Cliff – why don’t you make yourself somewhat useful and write ‘The Idiot’s Guide to 9/11′ or something.

  49. Primadonna

    Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. Gratuitously cruel comments like some of the above are what drove girls like Lindsay and Britney to crack under the pressure. Let the new Disney generation (HSM and Miley and the like) make the mistakes everyone makes growing up – because they will – without making them hate themselves.

    It doesn’t have to be either one extreme or the other. Good kids have sex and sometimes go out to party with their friends, too – that doesn’t make them bad people.

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