Miley Cyrus thinks Britney Spears needs help

January 18th, 2008 // 221 Comments

Miley Cyrus the 15-year-old star of Disney’s teeny-bopper juggernaut Hannah Montana thinks Britney Spears needs help. Miley told Extra last night that she understands how Britney is the way she is:

“I understand and the pressure is definitely hard, but I think just keeping your head on your shoulders is easier than it looks,” she said. “I think if you know who you are, then I think you’ll be fine for the rest of the way.”

The sad thing is that in ten years Miley Cyrus, a product of Disney just like Britney, will be arrested for selling her baby for two Mallomars and half a container of Cool-Whip. She could’ve had a normal childhood, but no, Billy Ray Cyrus had to have his solid-gold hunting cabin. Complete with fully functioning “Budweiser Mullet Volumizer Chair.” Got-damn, Billy Ray, was it worth the ding dang price of your kin? Wait, y’alls got a bowling alley next to the tree stand. Su-weet!

NOTE: These are pictures of Miley at last night’s premiere of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert 3D. If I ever have a daughter, the only thing she’ll be doing in 3D is kicking every boy in the crotch that tries to talk to her. You know, just till she’s 40 or I finally die from all the sexy radiation I give off (i.e. whiskey-related liver failure).

Photos: Splash News

  1. TS

    FIRST bitches

  2. A.J.

    It’s hard to compare the two, but right now I’d say the biggest difference between Miley and Britney is that I DON’T want to fuck Miley at age 15.

  3. Zang

    “Miley” nice fuckin name. What’s their dog’s name, “Karen”?

  4. The Office Whore

    you don’t talk good country, fish. I done know cause I’m fluent in redneck.

    anyway, one of my coworkers said I look like her, and another coworker told me he thinks she looks like she got her face smacked with a frying pan.

    so, I pretty much hate everything. But it can all be fixed with a cold beer (or 9)

  5. LadyJane

    I can’t say a bad thing about this kid. The show is sweet, my daughter loves her music, and until I see her shaved twatiledge, I’m gonna assume she’s allright.

  6. Damn it, TS, you always get FIRST! One day I’ll beat you…and beat you good (*wink*)!

  7. LayDeeBug

    Oh sweet nibblets, not Miley….I like her, she’s funny.

  8. I’d rape that fuckin smirk right off her fuckin redneck face.

  9. em

    riding on daddy’s cotails.
    and what’s up with those lips, that face, and those poses.
    she looks slow.

  10. Shallow Val

    5- Lady. I’m with you…except I don’t have any kids, and I’ll be 40 next month.

    But serriusly, folks, I do watch the show cuz she has some comic chops, this kid does. I also watch the Farly Odd-Parents….is that weird?

  11. steve

    LOL LadyJane.

    Same here. She seems to be a decent kid for that much success. My daughter adores her, I’m glad my daughter wasn’t into entertainment when Britney was whoring out America.

  12. Bigheadmike

    At least she doesnt follow her dads hair style…..

  13. That’s not TS, he hates people who claim first. Hey, whore, she said “keeping your head on your shoulders is EASIER than it looks” who does she think she is???

  14. will

    @1 and 7-go kill yourself, losers.

    Miley is cute and sweet and can sing better than Britney. Hope she stays that way.

  15. Gene

    When you think about it, #7 and #8 are pretty much saying the same thing.

  16. Wow, this girl is not at all attractive.

    Also, I just picture Britney Spears saying this exact same thing about some cracked out celebrity when SHE was on the Disney Network. Funny how the world works.

  17. Hey Jimbo, your parole officer called

    Hey Jimbo at #8

    He said if keep makin’ pedophile comments, they’re gonna haul you back into the joint. Where your cellmate will rape that smirk off your face……oh, so THAT’S why you wanna go back. I get it.

  18. Hey Jimbo, your parole officer called

    Hey Jimbo at #8

    He said if keep you makin’ pedophile comments, they’re gonna haul you back into the joint. Where your cellmate will rape that smirk off your face……oh, so THAT’S why you wanna go back. I get it.

  19. You guys never learn

    Next Miley Cyrus news item: “Miley Is Pregnant!”
    then “Boyfriend Wants To Do The Right Thing”
    then “Test Confirms Father is ‘Hanna Montana’ Producer”

    …just wait…

  20. Ren

    Um, why does she want to look like she’s 26?? She’s 15; enjoy it for fuck’s sake because you’ll be old and trying to look like you’re 15 soon enough anyway!!!

  21. Karmasabitch

    Karma is a bitch Jimbo… a bitch named BUBBA

  22. Alien Observer

    Interesting. This is almost exactly what they were saying about Britney Spears back in 1994. Now they say “I ALWAYS thought she was an ugly retarded hick!”

  23. bob

    God, I’d love to fuck this girl, and I don’t even care that she’s 15 and I’m 44.

  24. The Office Whore

    FRIST!! Yeah, that comment confused me, which isn’t hard to do really…

    Jimbos troll is retarded.

    I’m thristy.

  25. Rick

    Guys, you’ve learned a painful lesson with Britney. It’s time to apply what you’ve learned: don’t wait. Fuck this girl now. It might already be too late.

  26. havoc

    Mullet spawn…….


  27. Ren

    And I do think she’s pretty and talented; but I don’t think it’s good idea for her to try to look like a Kardashian sister…

  28. random hosebeast

    in pic # 1 & 3 she looks like she’s a marykateandashley wannaba

  29. LadyJane

    bob, you forgot to add the extra o in your name.

  30. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    What’s with all the hype around her? Why do we have to care? None of these Disney kids, including Zac Effron, should be on “superficial.” They’re neither crazy nor talented enough. Except Brtiney, Kim, Paris, and Montag……… blah. Never mind.

  31. sla

    Miley will be okay as long as she doesn’t use virginity as a marketing ploy. A lot of Britney’s problems started when too much attention was focused on what was or wasn’t being done in her extremely low cut pants.

    Marketing yourself as the answer to every dirty old man’s fantasy ain’t a good idea. Jessica Simpson would be better off is she hadn’t made a big deal about her so-called purity.

    A lot of young teenage girls say they want to be virgins when they marry. Virtually ALL of them won’t be. It’s hard to reconcile a preteen goody-two shoes image with the raging hormones of a hot girl/young woman.

    Don’t go there, Miley! Keep the details of your sweet niblets to yourself!

  32. p0nk

    miley, dear cousin, and idol of my pre-teen daughter, i beg of you please do not go over to the dark side.

  33. sla

    All these comments about Britney from enlightened and understanding celebrities are about as useful as them saying “I think the sun is going to come up tomorrow.”

    Anyone with a freakin’ brain thinks Brit needs help. Duh.

  34. MMB


  35. Shallow Val

    14 – Why #7 – I didn’t say ANYthing bad about her.

    If you watch the show, stupid, you’d know that’s her catch phrase “Oh, sweet nibblets!”

  36. Snides

    A whore in progress…

  37. Snides

    A whore in progress…

  38. this bitch got man shoulders, real talk.

  39. I feel so much better now that Miley has explained how hard it is to be a star. I think we should all lay off the Britney bashing and justhave kind words for the whack job mental case Britney SpPears.

  40. juniper

    At least her dad works with her and knows the business. He ain’t desperate to be famous like Dina Lohan so he can actually focus on protect his daughter. Britney didn’t have that. I don’t dislike this girl, my kid likes her so I agree with #32.

  41. I would like to get a few miles in on Miley if you know what I mean.

  42. Wow, she looks terrible in these shots. She’s definitely trying to work something other than herself. Baaaad move.

    Talk about this and more on!

  43. I wonder if I would be the first? There is nothing like being the first to deflower some hot little tramp.

  44. aury

    damn near pissed my pants at this one. LMMFAO.

  45. The Office Whore

    Mike, don’t make your dog jealous man. It may not just lick the peanut butter next time. (freak)

  46. How about I show you some (freak) office whore? Maybe you should become my afternoon whore and my weekend whore and my whenever the hell I feel like it whore??

  47. xw

    Looks like she’s having a difficult time evicting a poop in some of those pictures. Needs some Mileymucil perhaps.

  48. Good thing she works for Disney… the worst we have to expect from her are naked shots and bushy muff. We all know you have to work for Stick-a-ho-deon to get pregnant at her age…

    #3 – That was freaking funny.

  49. Auntie Kryst

    Did this Miley chick diagnose Britney’s problem as bi-polar disorder just like every other dumbfuck has done?

  50. Angelia

    You know, I think Miley is the real deal! She does alot of radio spots with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM, and she really is very sweet and down to earth!
    She has a sense of humor, and morals, and at this very moment, has admitted that she is grounded and got her cell phone taken away for having attitude about wearing a shirt that showed some tummy!
    HER PARENTS ROCK!!! Totally making her change out of her tramp clothes to look decent and grounding her when she has attitude about it!
    Maybe some of these other celebs (READ: BRIT) should have listened closer to their parent early in their careers!

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