Miley Cyrus surprisingly cavalier about pissing off the Bible Belt again

December 7th, 2008 // 56 Comments

After essentially being locked in Disney prison for exposing her bare back on the cover of Vanity Fair, you’d think Miley Cyrus would be hesitant to work with Annie Leibovitz again. Nope. Turns out she hates all that sweet Wal-Mart money and is contemplating another photo shoot. Maybe even this time with more ankle. Avert your eyes, children! Page Six reports:

“Everyone outside of America liked it a little bit more . . . The States are really conservative.” And she gushed over Leibovitz, “She was amazing and so talented . . . I would love to work with her again.”

“The States are really conservative.” Interesting. This just in: Miley Cyrus has been kicked out of the South. The Hannah Montana star is not permitted below the Mason-Dixon line without first surviving a snake bite then agreeing that “rasslin’ is real on that there picture box.”

Photos: WENN

  1. Insatiable Peter

    I’m sick of these fucking retards who use Disney and Wal-Mart to financially cushion their transition to be ostensibly “edgy” and cultivate it saying baseless inane shit for shock value. Fucking vapid scum, dumb fucks.

    Oh, look at my pensive countenance and hippy-chic wardrobe. I’m mysterious, ooooooh. I’m my own person now, ooooooh.

    Someone should pull a Samuel L. from Black Snake Moan and knock some sense into this bitch, since her dad is too busy feathering his hair and letting older men teabag his little princess.

  2. #51 needs to do the world a favor and take up a new hobby, pedophilia is SOO 16th century! Hey, here’s a suggestion; seppuku. It was a hit with defeated war generals in Japan, I bet you’ll be pretty good at it too.

  3. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    No Miley I am out of America too and I think for 15 it was far too slutty you unpleasant little tramp you.

  4. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    @47 where the fuck do you American twats think you can go?? you cant just get the fuck out of US because no other country will take you a bunch of poorly educated ignoramuses for the most part.

  5. KoT

    Writer … you really have no fucking clue about the south. You’re either from LA or NYC … and I challenge you to come on down to the dirty south so one of us can beat the metrosexual pussy out of you!

  6. That Guy

    I love miley. she is so cute!

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