Miley Cyrus is single

June 2nd, 2010 // 68 Comments

Seen here teaching young girls how grown-ups say “Hello,” Miley Cyrus has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, according to StarPulse:

A source tells the National Enquirer, “The result was a vicious fight – and Liam bolted. He said he’s tired of her folks’ interference and that Miley’s jealous that his film career has taken off.

Hemsworth, 20, is said to have since moved back in with his brother Chris at the Hollywood apartment they previously shared. And Cyrus herself appears to have confirmed the romance is on hiatus – when asked by the tabloid about their relationship status, she is quoted as saying, “(We) are on a break.”

So let me get this straight: Miley’s parents hover over her relationships but at the same time let her bring child stripping to a mainstream audience? Granted, one keeps them lush with mullet creme while the other’s a path to Jamie Spears-town, I can’t help but think I should get a second mortgage and see if she does private parties this is a moral outrage. — *drives to bank*


  1. @ #22

    she is fugly

  2. gogo

    yo! memememe I m frist!

  3. Wait a tic…he MOVED BACK IN with his brother? Was he living with Miley, she asked expecting tha answer no?

  4. sam

    i would rip her ass to shreds

  5. gog

    damn it! I wasn’t frist

  6. Taz

    Horse teeth

  7. Deacon Jones

    i would take her to dinner and have deep conversations

  8. MrChips

    Single? No way! You mean Billy Ray dumped her?

  9. Robots

    What a little pug faced strumpet.

    As soon as she turns 18 I am done masturbating to the the cardboard cut out of her i stole from wal-mart.

  10. Randal

    This beautiful young lady has many years of continues success in the music industry and that’s not just because she wears an attractive face. Her music and style has lifted her well beyond her years and that has staying power.

    Looking forward to many more years to come, Miley.


  11. Anonymous

    Randal, put the dick back in your mouth and stop talking. Nobody cares.

  12. Randall has teh ghey

    Where the f*ck did Randall come from? This isn’t Entertainment Tonight.

  13. Guido

    @10 Her VAJ has staying power.

  14. Bosco

    You say child stripping like it’s a bad thing……………

  15. Gweb

    Randal, you’re a fucking pantload. STFU.

  16. I feel like a Kiki Vidis video now

  17. Hils

    That bitch has never listened to Cheap trick.

  18. sam adams

    Miley is just acting like any other slutty 17 year old girl. It just seems like she tries way too hard.

    And shes ass ugly.

  19. O_o

    Damn she actually looks pretty hot in these pictures, i mean don’t get me wrong she seems like she is trying too damn hard to be a slut through.

  20. Chris

    Although you may have to be 18 to do porn, 16 is the legal age of consent in many states . =)

  21. timbo

    She is kind of thin now, but I think that body will be Kelly Clarkson-like in 5 yrs.

  22. FrankNfrtr

    God, she is fugly.
    Make that money while you can baby because your face is going downhill from here. Keep distracting us from your pug faced gums with continuing displays of muffin top, side boob & camel toe, otherwise the loyal listening public will surely wise up to how utterly talentless you really are.

  23. scott

    how cute is it she has a T shirt with her nicname written all over it?

  24. bmose

    Is she “Tuning in Tokyo” in pic #1?

  25. If you think about it (& if your fortunate enuf!) we ARE supposed to PREcede our parents. I and my siblings are better, more buffer, cooler, etc…than our parents, tho they were considered “cool” in there day. Miley is just a product of the “coolest” in the industry…multiplyed by TEN!!! There isn’t a one of us that wouldn’t have taken her route in a heart beat!!! Congrats to Myley, I wish I had your life:)

  26. Your mom's dick

    Wow if you think this girl is ugly then you’re gay. Mile yis actually smokin hot, especially compared to her sisters. I’d really like to know who you guys do find attractive if you find her ugly. Sweet jesus that body is amazing! I would eat ice cream from her ass crack.

  27. Shockman

    I would grind my c0ck down to a nub inside that!!!

  28. Sarahhhh

    she probably doesn’t even know who Cheap Trick is…

  29. Champ

    I think she looks pretty hot in that first pic.

  30. Gweb

    @27 – Your cock already is a nub.

  31. Lauren

    She is 17. Everyone has a perfect body at 17. Wait till she is older & that ‘face’..

    Why can’t they just wait till they are 18 before they show off a trashy-over-sexed.. sorry ‘mature’ side?

    How could her parents get it so wrong? I’d be slapping the ‘slag’ out of her- her parents too. It’s okay though, she is making Billy the moolah *cough-exploit-cough*

    Do it the classy way. Take a leaf out of Natalie Portman/Scarlett Johannsen’s book. It’s not hard to grow up normally & still be sexy.

  32. dude

    she actually dont look that bad here. i’d nail it in T minus 7 months is it?

  33. So let me get this straight, Milerz is jealous over his film career taking off, that she pretty much helped start. The Last Song was written by Sparks under the request of Tish Cyrus to make this into a film for Miley.

    If she is getting jealous this means she know here time in the limelight is fading unless she ends up in a film that blows peoples socks off. Only thing next is Wings, which looks like it will be the Twilight of Fairy movies. I was kind of hoping more like True Blood of Fairy Movies so we can see some TInkertits.

  34. Yoda Mann

    Truth in packaging, that t-shirt is right on the money.

  35. jackeris

    im within age, i’d love her all night long till early morn. she can even kick me out

  36. bar room hero

    M u l l e t s p a w N

  37. cc

    Alright, alright we get it Miley, you are a big girl now. Now, off you go to do some lap dances and sing no more.

  38. Rich Frotten

    You people are crazy…. She is a hottie….

  39. You know, the girl is only what, 16? Maybe I should worry about other things besides not having a boyfriend of 20 years.

  40. captain america

    buying diapers for just one person is cheaper, folks!!

  41. josh

    Hugly Ho

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  48. berry

    She damn ugly and pathetic tryin so hard to be hot

  49. Miley Cyrus is not so hot that every boy would want to break up with her after knowing that she is not earning much bucks either from her singing and acting career.

  50. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Everyone has stated everything ive wanted to say.

    1. hes moved BACK in with his brother? So he was living in sin with Disney Queen? Her parents REALLY dont care as long as the money keeps comin, do they?

    2. She will one day be epically fat. She has a real Kelly Clarkson vibe goin on.

    3. She cant name 3 songs by CHEAP TRICK.

    4. Ashton Kutcher must die a slow painful death and nobody is gonna go see that new movie of his.

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