Miley Cyrus is single

Seen here teaching young girls how grown-ups say “Hello,” Miley Cyrus has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, according to StarPulse:

A source tells the National Enquirer, “The result was a vicious fight – and Liam bolted. He said he’s tired of her folks’ interference and that Miley’s jealous that his film career has taken off.

Hemsworth, 20, is said to have since moved back in with his brother Chris at the Hollywood apartment they previously shared. And Cyrus herself appears to have confirmed the romance is on hiatus – when asked by the tabloid about their relationship status, she is quoted as saying, “(We) are on a break.”

So let me get this straight: Miley’s parents hover over her relationships but at the same time let her bring child stripping to a mainstream audience? Granted, one keeps them lush with mullet creme while the other’s a path to Jamie Spears-town, I can’t help but think I should get a second mortgage and see if she does private parties this is a moral outrage. — *drives to bank*