Miley Cyrus is Bird Porn Edition Britney

May 5th, 2010 // 154 Comments

Miley Cyrus debuted her new video “Can’t Be Tamed” marking her inevitable transformation into Britney Spears. Everyone pretty much knew this day was coming, but I doubt anyone could’ve predicted it’d arrive on the wings of avian porn. Which is why I’m now 99.9% positive Billy Ray Cyrus wants to fuck a peacock. I dare you to come to a different conclusion.


  1. miley sucks

    @49 hahahaha! my thoughts exactly.

    if she wants to “break out” from her disney persona, at least be original. she’s just biting off of britney, lady gaga, etc. really awkward video…dancing is not her strong suit. but than again, neither is singing.

  2. Danny

    this seems like a parody. but it isnt. the difference between britney and miley is that britney has actual talent. she can dance, she can perform. miley has big teeth and has a dad with a one hit wonder and disney pedo’s backing her act. singing ability is moot in pop music, its all about the performance. and miley just comes off as goofy.

  3. vtfarmboy

    Who tells these GIRLS that this is the thing to do? Another case of a parent selling their childs soul to the mouse only to be left at the tender age of 18 to be a future sex tape porn star. Its only a matter of time.

  4. mai-tai

    there is obviously only one choreographer working in hollywood right now. reminds me of the cheerleading movie with the “miracle fingers.”

  5. ME

    Yuck! What the hell is she doing? Isn’t it pass this little girl’s bedtime?

  6. requiem

    @28 best comment i’ve ever read. “f you have guys all over you and can’t be tamed good luck with herpes and a cavernous vag”


  7. asdf

    whole meaning of the video in one sentence:

    she wants a cock in her vagina

  8. Tek

    I think this was supposed to be shocking, but when you’ve been posing for pictures soaking wet while half naked in the shower since you were 14… it’s pretty anticlimactic. Instead I just feel stupid for the 4 minutes lost watching/listening to this crap. If it wasn’t obvious by now, it’s now official…mainstream music is DEAD.

    Seriously, the message is one everyone already knew. You’re a little slut and you just couldn’t wait til you were old enough to be one w/o daddy there to clean up the mess. Congrats. By the time you’re 21 you’ll be pregnant and in rehab.

  9. name

    I cannot believe that she is a baby prostitute gross… she is not 18 her parents need to be parents and not let her be a little whore

  10. dude

    Kim Kardashian heard “pee” and “cock” and got instantly aroused….until she learned the publicity would be for someone else this time.

  11. Katja

    Seriously, she thinks she is brittney spears! She can’t sing! Her head is up her ass bigg time. She is just stupid,

  12. WhatEverHelpsYouSleepAtNightBtch

    She’s cute & I actually like the song…

  13. lori

    Vapid, annoying music. Check. Ugly, spectacular costume. Check. Fake sexy facial expressions. Check. Herky jerky “dance” movements. Check.

    Just another trailer park trash Disney kid manufactured Republican wet dream. GOP Rep. Mike Bennett from Bradenton will probably be watching this the next time he has to sit through another boring congressional session.


  14. kanyeisgay

    That girl has a great body ,just check out her bikini pics here in a search. No nudity at all. She is justified after Jamie Fox’s RACIST comments last year. Talking about her gum, shit that racist POS would eat her sh@t in a corn dog raw !

  15. krazykat314

    Great video—–for me to POOP on!

    That was the most un-erotic thing I’ve seen in along time.

    Seriously? What happened to music? It died sometime in the 80′s and it’s never coming back.

  16. gen


    Actually laughed out loud here.

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  19. fetus_mcnuggets

    britney is hot
    she can dance
    her songs are catchy

    this chick needs to stick to hannah montenegro or w.e.
    video was just…


  20. AnnaDraconida

    Nice CGI wings

    needs a finale where she’s served @ KFC


  21. mitch

    Who the fuck designed that cage to contain a human-sized bird?

  22. surlacher

    i hate the fact that her hair resembles anything related to snooki

  23. fdgfd

    birdcage….illuminati programming. check out lindsay lohan’s rumors video and prolly countless more

  24. Billy Baloney

    I might not be able to tame Miley, but I’ll definitely make it so she’s unable to sit without an inflatable pillow, that’s for damn sure. That hillbilly mouth was built for deep-throating action. I always knew that she was just a slutty little sex machine waiting to burst forth with womanly charms. I can’t WAIT for her very first celebrity porno, hope she gets the facial.

  25. sssteverrr

    As a mature rock fan I will say that Miley is very cute, and can sing and she can rock.

    She has a bad rap because of Ms Montanna and she doesn’t have a drug riddled up from the streets sob story like our heroes. We like our rock stars strung out, the guys getting laid and the girls getting abused, give me that good time old rock and roll.

    She’s young, but I think she’s talented and speaks her mind, i’m looking forward to seeing where she goes from here.

  26. jealous fat girl commenters are jealous

  27. Yoda Mann

    “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” Jessica Rabbit.

  28. Yoda Mann

    “…happy is the father whose son is even busy with murder and robbery, for he himself will then have no time to get accustomed to occupy himself with titillation…” Mullah Nassr Eddin

  29. jackeris

    h8ters you’ve been robbed. i dont know what kinda guys you hang round but i dont know a single one that sounds like her. *to those who say she sound like a male*

    i dont think a girl of her age and role model status should be doing the things shes been doing.

    thats whats wrong with america. soon your daughters will follow suit and makes it easier for them to get drunk or drugged up and gang banged at teen parties

    some of you are too quick to shoot this bird down. the contraversy will still net her some bank

  30. Jammy

    Is it just me or does she look like the creature from Jeepers Creepers.

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  35. Vandal

    LMAO! I love these comedy videos. They shoulda used Bill Cosby in there too, woulda topped it. This is a joke right? Please god it’s not a serious attempt at sex appeal.

  36. Music hit a low a long time ago (you have to dig deep to find good stuff).

    I hate the pop and most especially rap garbage…WTF, who buys this shit and actually thinks the ghetto ‘lifestyle’ is cool.

  37. really.. will she be washed up like brit in a few years too.. crazy.

  38. I like her costume !!!!

  39. Posh

    LOL I’m not even gonna comment. This video just made me laugh.

  40. brittany

    I love miley…but the whole black gothic thing looks too much like the adam lambert “For your entertainment” video…not a good thing. basically, her with the wings looks cool maybe for a picture or two but not for an entire video theme….

  41. a new britney spears in the making.

  42. Nero

    Those wings look pretty impressive.What’s her weigth?

  43. cellphone

    It’s hard to see whether it’s a dog basket or a bird nest.

  44. bribios

    Judging from the colors, she is a male peacock.


  45. HELLYEA!


  46. crissy



  47. Devpea

    1:43 – 1:45. Disturbia. Everything else is like a perfect combination of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. What a carbon copy…

  48. Devpea

    1:43 – 1:45. Disturbia. Everything else is like a perfect combination of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. What a carbon copy…

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