Miley Cyrus kisses girls now. Of course.

June 4th, 2010 // 170 Comments

Miley Cyrus performed on Britain’s Got Talent last night where she apparently kissed a female dancer because that’s the next chapter in the Britney playbook after “Camel Toes! The Reliable Friend.” Frankly I’m amazed the Cyruses can still read the damn thing. I just assumed it’d have cold cuts and mayo between the pages that survived the bite marks.

JAMIE SPEARS: Where’d I leave that playbook…
BRITNEY: *chomp chomp* This bread ain’t right, y’all.
JAMIE SPEARS: Noooooooooooooooo!

Photos: WENN

  1. Jack Mehoff

    I don”t give two shits about race. If it’s got a pussy, I’m balls deep!

  2. Joe

    “you know i might’ve been born just plain white trash
    but Miley wasa my name”

  3. human

    @147 seriously man, no one cares.

    This race war is ridiculous. At first I got annoyed but soon felt pity.

    If people don’t truly understand that there are attractive and ugly people in every race then they are thick idiots.

    Ethnicity preference is nothing new…but that all it is…preference.

    Racist comments pointless and pathetic.

    Oh, and miley is as exciting as a cold fishfinger.

  4. me ROUGH u wong time

    I know a man about town, connoisseur, joie de vivre, who was just in Thailand recently; that would love to hook up “Typical. And happens to be Dutch (top of the white food chains) Well as soon as he gets untangle aside his legal inconvenience from those pesky Peruvians of course…

  5. That’s just gr8!

  6. Yes blacks have larger penises, but their females also have larger and odorous vaginas.

  7. Two of those on the list released by the Israeli military have rejected the claims directly to Al Jazeera.

  8. I kissed the girl just to try it..

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  11. She has no choice to become famous, that’s the reason ppl say…another Britney on the way!

  12. miley stinks

    aericans are prudes compared to the brits. most promiscuous country on earth

  13. frank drebin

    actually asians are the second hottest. latinas are def the hottest women

  14. Hermes

    @ 163

    Latina? Let me guess you American? Well listen up stupid, Latinas do not have a distinct look. It is not a race moron. There are white Latinas with blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, as well as white latinas with brown hair, olive skin, and brown eyes. There are also black latinas, native latinas, Asian latinas, Arab latinas, and mixed race latinas.

    I am latino from Argentina and I am white. Most latinos here are white. We dont all look like short brown mexicans you know. I am tall with light brown hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. My sister is blond and so is her boyfriend. We are spanish and Italian blood.

  15. Cardinal Fang

    Latino women are hot. Any shade. Except when they do the finger and neck side to side thing. That goes for any race woman though

  16. gildlily

    She’s as CRAP as her Dad. Enough said.

  17. alyssa

    she obviously did not kiss her

  18. Beat

    All races have beautiful people. Beyonce Knowles. Black. Any white dude who says he wouldnt fuck her is a damn lie.

  19. highart
    Commented on this photo:

    Whatever the market will bear…

  20. highart
    Commented on this photo:

    What is she singing with all of these extreme vocal and anatomical poses? Even Geddy Lee isnt this raging. I hope it sound good cause her face may get stuck that way…

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