Miley Cyrus kisses girls now. Of course.

June 4th, 2010 // 170 Comments

Miley Cyrus performed on Britain’s Got Talent last night where she apparently kissed a female dancer because that’s the next chapter in the Britney playbook after “Camel Toes! The Reliable Friend.” Frankly I’m amazed the Cyruses can still read the damn thing. I just assumed it’d have cold cuts and mayo between the pages that survived the bite marks.

JAMIE SPEARS: Where’d I leave that playbook…
BRITNEY: *chomp chomp* This bread ain’t right, y’all.
JAMIE SPEARS: Noooooooooooooooo!

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  1. thetruthhurts

    Well I guess since “American Women” suck so much, it would make complete sense that Miley was just on BRITIANS Got Talent….so much for talent in that neck of the woods…..had to borrow ours?

  2. Josette


  3. Hotmom

    #40 Thank you for setting the slant eyed bitch straight…..

    Asian women are selective…I think not…. Hey, want some suckE, suckE…. Famous line, from a famous movie….Yes, the Asian women was selling her ass….

    Very few Asians are even pretty…. Hard to notice if they are pretty when they all look the same….And lets not forget flat in the frount and flat in the back….

  4. Maxine Boogerman

    I wonder why the media is up in arms about a publicity stunt that has been done many times before. If you want to see a really outrageous performer, look up rapper JEW FRIZZLE.

  5. snarkyscreenname

    ROFLMFAO @ 37: M u l l e t s p a w N
    OMG, that makes my cheeks hurt. Bahahahahaha

  6. Pretty Girl

    Finally someone talking sense here. The women in USA are ugly and fat. And they are promiscuous. I guess they are not afraid of getting AIDS. They really need to have some self respect. But from the attitudes on tv I don’t think they have a chance. I don’t think there will be many white people left in this country in a few years anyway they will be bred out of existence.

  7. jan

    Miley fans! Check out her newest video “Can’t Be Tamed” on!

  8. Ughh

    Miley is right up there with heidi and spencer now… another annoying false copycat celebrity using dated tricks to win fame. Judging by the comments, Miley’s act is how a large percentage of the rest of the world views white american women. HOW SAD!!

    Miley, hurry up and go crazy / do a sex tape / spit out kids / die / whatever it takes to ruin you and get you out of your grossly undeserved spotlight.

  9. dave

    And now the penis is out.

  10. Anthony

    TO # 34-36:

    We American men do NOT want the Oriental women with chinky eyes, flat faces, flat titties, and flat assess. If we do ask you for suckee suckee it’s because we know that you are meek and will only nod your head and bow down to us while calling us your Master. Now get on your knees and suckee suckee you pale ugly flat faced Oriental!

  11. SFT

    @ #60

    LMAO!!! So F******** true!!!

  12. @30 Typical said, “We possess the qualities that all men want: classy, intelligent, elegant, sophisticated, modest, innocent, kind, and attractive.”

    Holy crap, you are the DEFINITION of modest.

    Back on topic…
    That wasn’t even a kiss. That was bobbing her head to the rhythm with a chick’s face in front of her. That was like a phantom blow job to the face.

  13. Kristin

    shes making out with her chin. FAKER

  14. SO RIGHT

    @ 56 if white people are “bred out of existence”, it will be because they’re responsible human beings who usually give birth to the number of children they can actually care for, instead of giving birth to 10 neglected children from different fathers, just to suck off the government.

  15. Marcus

    Cell phone leaked nude pics about 3 weeks after her 18th birthday. Or maybe only 3 hours after…

  16. Of course. Right on schedule.

  17. y

    “Typical” + (all the other screenames he/she is creating to “agree” with he/she). No disrespect, but most (east) asian girls will take any white guy that looks their way because their guys are feminine and have small dicks and they think it makes them look cool/sexy/powerful. have you SEEN the white guys they date/hook up with? not exactly the cream of the crop. so your point is moot. PS: hey bitch, Indian women ARE asian.

  18. xtina

    LOL Asian women are the sluttiest women I know. Also asian women never get love because they go for security.

    Miley is trash and her music blows.

  19. xtina

    indian women are techincally caucasasian. wrong.

    asain women get with white doofuses. its s tatus symbol among their whore friends.

  20. johnson

    is it just me or do i see little bit of bare crotch? hahahahahah

  21. raging boner

    I bet you ANYTHING Miley is using cocaine or another hard drug, just like Britney was. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; I’m just stating the obvious.

    As for American women being more promiscuous than European women, I have my doubts. But as far as being fatter and more attention seeking, well that much is obvious.

  22. Brooke

    No matter the race, the sexiest women are the ones that don’t flaunt their demeanor. They’re calm, stylish without being over the top, easy to talk to and be around, relaxed but confident, honest but modest.

    I’m pretty sure the people on this site that are bashing others (other than the ones who are just defending themselves) need to read up on etiquette and learn how to better interact with others to get their point across. Otherwise you just come across as angry and bitter, and that’s not desirable at all.


  23. Chou Time

    I live in Asia. I am not sure if you American women are aware of this but your men tell us that we are more lady like than you. We are cleaner, not as hairy, are not drunken pigs etc. I would never choose an occidental for a mate as I would not want to ruin my lovely gene pool.
    And we have higher IQs.

  24. June

    ROFL She is so pulling a britney.

  25. Bunny

    Forget Miley!!!!

    Listen you Asian slant eyed whore making the comments on here, you wanna act like a racist fuck? Okay, let’s get racist….Asian chicks might be skinnier on average but American chicks (and that includes African and Asian Americans) are CLEAN and don’t smell like rotten salmon. You can keep your small dicked Asian men, and we’ll keep our Anglo and African American men. Me and my girlfriends would have sooooo much fun with you at a club. We’d go all ugly american on ya and laugh in your walleye faces. OH and it might help with your odor problem to shave your hairy, smelly ass bush down. Besides your Asian men ain’t that big anyway and won’t be able to get in the hole.

    So yeah….

  26. xtina

    read: asian women are racist, that’s the answer. i think the asian girl commenting here is proof.

    Two Year Columbia Study on racial preferences in dating
    In 2007 economist Ray Fisman, in a study he co-authored on dating preferences among Columbia University students, did not find evidence of a general preference among white men for Asian women. Furthermore, the study found that there is a significantly higher pairing of white men with East Asian women simply because East Asian women discriminate racially against black and hispanic men. As quoted on, and also reported in the Washington Post [1] and The Review of Economic Studies [2] (a publication of the London School of Economics and Political Science [3] ):[14]

    ” We found no evidence of the stereotype of a white male preference for East Asian women. However, we also found that East Asian women did not discriminate against white men (only against black and Hispanic men). As a result, the white man-Asian woman pairing was the most common form of interracial dating–but because of the women’s neutrality, not the men’s pronounced preference. Men don’t seem to discriminate based on race when it comes to dating. A woman’s race had no effect on the men’s choices. ”

    The study was carried out over two years and was conducted by psychologists Ray Fisman (lead researcher from Columbia University), Sheena Iyengar (Columbia University) and Itamar Simonson (Stanford), as well as fellow economist Emir Kamenica (University of Chicago). They took data from “thousands of decisions made by more than 400 daters from Columbia University’s various graduate and professional schools.”

  27. bgtwatcher

    lie they didn’t kiss… it was just a dodgy dance move = faces too close. I watched the show and thought this first of all, watched it in slowmo and nope, no kiss….. get your facts right.

  28. yep

    #76 summary.


  29. Yellow Fever

    As a scandinavian male, other than our own women, I would only date Asian women. Sorry.

  30. SingleWhiteMale

    @30 – As an attractive, successful, and meaningful white male, I have but one question. Where’s my Asian chick?

  31. AmericanWhiteMale

    As a successful and happily married white American male, I have to say that Asian chick #30 does have a point. American women are debasing themselves by being a ho to the black man – or the white man trying to be black. They migrate like chattel to these thugs, cry about it when they get mistreated and dumped like the piece of trash they emulate, then go on to the next thug expecting a different result. All the while complaining there are no decent guys. Well here’s a clue. Decent guys (white, black or yellow) don’t want you. We may want to f^ck you, but that’s about it. Guys that are educated, career minded and truly successful in life would prefer to have, as #30 said, a classy, intelligent, elegant, sophisticated, modest, innocent, kind, and attractive woman. Thankfully there are still women in the USA (white and black) that have not succumbed to the ho mentality. And there are Asian chicks that have succumbed to this black cultural dead end.
    I have raised my daughters to value themselves above the men they attract. To realize if you don’t respect yourself, you cannot expect others to respect you. And while I like looking at you trashy sluts, I give thanks every day that my daughters are nothing like you.

  32. gen

    Oh shut up you angry Asian chick. Everyone knows that Eastern European women are the best-looking. The Beatles sang about it for Christ’s sake. We have great racks, small asses, and a good deal of us are smart too.

  33. Typical

    Asian women are the superior women of all. You all know it. The hierarchy goes like this:

    -Asian women
    -white women (non American)
    -Arab women
    -Indian women
    -American women
    -mexican women
    -black women

    You American women can only get with dumb monkey blacks, greasy mexicans, and ugly white guys. We get the hot white guys. We steal them from you. We don’t want those blacks though, because we don’t degrade ourselves like you. We have something called class and self-respect. Maybe you should acquire some you slutty fat whores. Asian women are what smart and successful guys want. We are kind, modest, intelligent, classy, and innocent. The desirable guys do not want you trashy ghetto or trailer girls. They don’t want high-maintenanced, loud, irresponsible, materialistic, party sluts like you. American guys will always chose a foreign girl over an American girl any day. And I am pleased to take them hahaha.

  34. Typical

    @ 82

    Haha you make me laugh. Eastern European women are the sluttiest women of all next to American blacks and mexicans. You whores would sell your bodies for a penny. 75% of the sex trade is Eastern European. You are a race of prostitutes. You marry Western men for money and green card. # 82 is probably the offspring of a whore and her John haha. I bet you too are a dumb whore as well. You open your legs for blacks? I bet you open your legs for everybody. How much you cost lol.

  35. Bart

    “I love the “Oh, I’m so ‘saucy’!” look.”

    Looks more like she was trying to lick BBQ sauce on the corner of her mouth.

  36. gen


    Actually my mom went to Juilliard and my dad went to Stanford and Caltech. I also have a 4.0 (4.337 weighted with AP class grades), am a talented cellist, and yes, I have natural, disproportionately large tits.

    I am confident that I am way fucking hotter and smarter than you.

    And I’m generally attracted to hot jewboys, but black guys can be pretty sexy too. I don’t discriminate unlike you, you obnoxious little bitch.

  37. racistjerk

    I agree with every racist comment made on every race.

    @76 The problem with that study is that the sampling was graduate students. Graduate students, particularly male ones, will date anything that doesn’t mace them.

    Asian girls are so cute how they act like people. They look like little monkeys in tuxedos.

    “American” girls (presumably not of Asian descent) are slutty, loud-mouthed, fat dipships. Except for the ones that aren’t.

    “European” girls…what the hell does that even mean? Sounds like a mail-order bride advertisement, which reminds me of Asian girls . . .

    “Black” girls usually have skin that’s darker than white girls. I’ve noticed this.

    “Hispanic” girls: no comment, they can’t be here legally (I live in AZ)

    As will come as no surprise, I am a male graduate student who has been dumped by all the above within the last few years. Tacos anyone?

  38. FrankNfrtr

    Wow, this post seems to have wandered a bit.
    Thank U #76 & #78. I think that we have reached a sound conclusion there about something. Good to start a summer weekend with one more important bit of social knowledge in the beaner.
    Anyway, although I find Miley fugly as hell I am counting on those leaked nude pics & maybe a hardcore sex tape coming soon.

  39. Anton

    @ 73

    According to the latest tests, Ashkanazi Jews are the smartest ethnic group (115 IQ). Others at the top include Germans, Dutch, and Hong Kong (107 IQ), then Koreans and Polish (106 IQ), Japanese (105 IQ), and Swedes (104 IQ). In fact only the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese (including Hong Kong and Taiwanese) can be considered smart, that is, having an average IQ of at least 100. Most Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders are not particularly intelligent. So if you only count northern Asians, then yes, you are smart. But if you include all Asiatic peoples, then, no, you have nothing to brag about.

    By region, North and Central Europe, as well as North Asia (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) have the highest IQs — averaging out at around 104. Most nations in Southern and Eastern Europe are around 95 -100 . The U.S. is at 98. Canada is at 97. Southeast Asian nations hover around 85-92.

  40. Typical

    @ 86

    Yea… people who say they don’t discriminate are the ones who CAN’T discriminate. You lie to yourself and say you are open to everyone when in reality you are open to everyone because it ensures your ugly ass a date. Asian women are capable of having standards. Jews are in our standards, as are white and Asian guys. But lowly blacks are certainly not. Only an insecure, classless, no self-respect-having slut would let one of those monkeys touch her. Black men could never get with us in a million years. They are dumb and ugly. I never want my kid to have nappy hair, coal skin, and a monkey nose like them. Asians need to protect our nice hair and slender bodies for future generations. We can’t procreate with the scum of the earth. Too bad your ugly, ho ass can’t have this luxury. You have to take any man you can get. Typical American in that sense. You people are the sluts of the world. NOBODY respects you whores. The fact that you are an Eastern European American makes you even more of a whore.

  41. mike

    When is she gonna switch over to country because I do not want to hear her any more?

  42. Typical

    All rich people want Asians. Do you know the billionaire Rupert Murdoch, he owns News Corp (Sky TV, Fox, etc). Well guess what, he married an Asian woman because he knows they are the best. Nick Cage did too. A millions others prefer Asian women. When they are attractive, intelligent, and successful enough to get them, ALL men go for Asian women. FACT

  43. Bob

    #73, 89.

    I think you need to look up the meaning of the word “average”. Claiming that a certain group of people is smarter than another because one appears less “average” than the other on parer is rather pathetic. It’s like you’re two midgets having an argument about who’s the taller one.

  44. Chuck Norris Jr.

    I have an IQ of 2,321, I am worth 80 billion dollars, I am 8′ 4″, I have .2% bodyfat and my GPA is 100. I’ve invented things so amazing that the world won’t even know what they’re for for another fifty years. I can moonwalk faster than Usain Bolt can sprint and I was disqualified from the Olympics because my awesomeness is clinically an unfair advantage. I once wrote to Dear Abbey and won a Nobel prize for it. You quantum physics buffs will be glad to find out that I have found the elusive Higgs boson . . . IN MY PANTS! I’m so white that I make Dick Chaney look like a jiggaboo, and Wayne Newton has way too much “soul” for my tastes. I’m not going to brag about my penis size, but let’s just say that the oil spill in the gulf was caused by me slipping off the deck of my yacht with an erection (whoops!). I am so good looking that, while I easily get every woman I want–not to mention legions that I don’t want–none would even dream of having the audacity to think that someone so beautiful, so perfect, would be willing or able to settle for just her.

    And I’m still not as cool as Typical.

  45. normal girl

    Chuck Norris Jr. – that made me laugh. a lot. hee hee

  46. PrettyBlackGirl

    Typical Asian Chick you brag about how Asian girls are the best and have more class then any other race and then again you come on here and have the nerve to call someone ignorant when you are sitting on here acting ignorant. You seem like the devil has infecting you’re soul and others who stand by her side saying she is right, when really she sound stupid. It ain’t all american girls who are slutty first of all or dumb, just a few. And secondly ALL TYPES OF WOMEN IN DIFFERENT RACE HAVE SLUTS IN THEM SO DON’T EVEN SIT HERE AND SAY ASIAN GIRLS ARE THE BEST BECAUSE THATS ONLY IN YOU’RE PITUL EYES. TO ME I STRONGLY THINK SHE AND THE OTHER NON-AMERICAN PEOPLE WHOM SIT UP HERE AGREE WITH THIS LOW LIFE WOMEN OF WHAT WE CALL A HUMEN BEING, ARE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE ALL YOU HAVE IS CLASS TO OFFER. ASIAN ARE MOSTLY FLAT CHESTED AND HAVE NO HIPS OR ANYTHING.



  47. Miaou

    #49 is correct.
    You can barely see that there’s space and Miley’s just bobbing around in front of the chick. Still this isn’t exactly something a sixteen year old girl should be doing.

    PS: American here and I’d never do anything any of the celebs do (drinking, drugs, sleeping around; no I’m not Christian/Catholic..etc). Just because they’re a celebrity does not mean that’s the “average” American. We don’t watch foreign tv and just decide “Oh the Japanese are weird people that go around peeing on people for fun!” (as an example). Americans aren’t all the same. There are a few good ones still left out there fyi

  48. Fati87

    Her parents are fucks.

  49. BlackBeauty

    @Typical What gives you the righ to even say anyhing about anyone from hatever race ? Doesnt thats your opinion yes! but for you to go and say somthing so false is soo ignorant but you say US! americans are ignorant? And you arent ? you sitting here wastting precious time on whos what and how they are ? truth to me you dont have a life your obviously classless. What do you have to offer ? Nothing truthfully and ALL americans aren’t what you say they are . Your judging all when you don know any and what you seen from t.v has nothing to do with other people life style. So your opinion was just plain stupid. Your soo naive. We americans have sooo much to offer more than hat you can give and thats a true FACT! i am an american woman and im far from classless ,trashy, nor am i slutty if i had he chance to meet you i would definitely smack the hell out of you. Your so childish its time to grow up because trust white men maybe you get the goofy dorky ones but all dont want asians because you people really dont have much to give and europeans arent any better i say all race are similar everyone has there ways and just americans dont have sluts cause yall damn asians are porn stars and so on you may think your the good type but if it was a toll between american and asian best believe you would get out beat!

  50. gen


    Is there some way to get Typical banned? Her racist tirades are actually becoming incredibly offensive. I mean this site is obviously not an inoffensive place, but the shit that girl is spewing should not be permissible.

    I don’t come here to hear KKK rhetoric. It’s disgusting.

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