UPDATE: Miley Cyrus is full of crap (Photo evidence included)

April 28th, 2008 // 213 Comments

Vanity Fair fired back today by simply posting the Miley Cyrus interview and photo shoot on their website. Basically, it takes the piss right out of the following claim made by Disney via The New York Times who think Disney is worried about the shots alienating parents from their billion dollar franchise:

A Disney spokeswoman, Patti McTeague, faulted Vanity Fair for the photo. “Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines,” she said.

Vanity Fair’s online article also includes behind the scene photos, where the picture above was taken, that show Miley having a blast during the shoot. Here’s a quote from the article:

Um, was Cyrus–or Disney–at all anxious about this shot? “No, I mean I had a big blanket on. And I thought, This looks pretty, and really natural. I think it’s really artsy.”

I put on my detective hat and tried to find the gun in these photos that Annie Liebovitz used to force defenseless Miley Cyrus to pose for these pictures, but so far no dice. I thought I saw Adolf Hitler with a machete and had cracked this case wide open but it was just a palm tree. Then why did it have a moustache…

NOTE: I know you guys are probably wondering what the brain trust at The View thought about this whole debacle. Well, you’re in luck, video after the jump of Whoopi cutting through the bullshit and telling it like it is while Elisabeth Hasselbeck apparently listened to Rush Limbaugh this morning and blamed Annie Leibovitz. Fortunately, there’s Joy Behar to say “Billy Ray is robbing that ass!” So, prepare yourself, for the sassiest barrage of sass this side of Sassylvania.

UPDATE: Annie Leibovitz issued the following statement to People: “I’m sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted. Miley and I looked at fashion photographs together and we discussed the picture in that context before we shot it. The photograph is a simple, classic portrait, shot with very little makeup, and I think it is very beautiful.” Afterwards, Annie ate the American flag then read a Harry Potter book because, didn’t you know? She’s a terrorist.


  1. You are rouning your crear for fuken sake

  2. You are rouning your crear for fuken sake

  3. You are rouning your crear for fuken sake

  4. monty

    If there’s a photo people should be pissed about, it’s the one where she’s posing with that dude!

    She’s 15 and he looks pretty close to 50.
    That’s just wrong man!

  5. Skip Smith

    So, are posts 100 through 103 real, or people making fun of Hannah Montana fans?

  6. So Little Miss Innocent is turning into a teen-age slut like lots of other girls. This probably has something to do with her (lack of) singing ability. At the Kids Choice Awards, she kept going flat whenever she had no support from the chord. Another manufactured star (she wouldn’t be a star if her Daddy weren’t that country-fried joke Billy Ray Cyrus) bites the dust!

  7. listen number 90# i am not 30 i am 41 and i have 4 girls and i no how girls think i have been threw it with mine so it doesn’t matter how old i was when i had my kids i’ll tell ya something else they all graduated high school and are in college so what ever you think i don’t care i no in my heart she was to young for them pictures and it took away that little girl image and billy ray let them talk him in to it i am sure because all magazine sale sexd images even if they are not tottally naked there is something wrong with this world today it is on tv billboards internet it is protrayed in this awlful world and it starts with the girls that are in the media it is never the teenage boys

  8. so if the magazine doesn’t go out until june make new picture a mistake is a mistake make it new i am sure it is not her fault there were adults in the room

  9. sorry were i said number 90# i meant number 96# read it you said what the ?

  10. concern

    Disney had to remove that little….from their company. it is really sad that they have her as a model for our kids

  11. Sasha

    Who cares about her skanky pics? She is ugly.

  12. what ever as people say at them shoots there is always someone there from the company that you work for aproving of them pictures before they go out to the public and disney new it might have been the wrong person from disney but they were there when it was going down she is still a girl

  13. Sasha

    And BTW, MANY of the models in high fashion who do shoots like this are 14-15 years old. In fashion, 14 is the new 18.

  14. brand

    The poor girl was already Jew-corrupted long before Liebovitz got her filthy semitic lens on her.

  15. Cosmetic Representative

    “Very little makeup on.” She is wearing more makeup than I have in my entire house.

    Also, why is everyone in the photographer’s crew a Metro-Sexual.

    This whole thing is just a bunch of PR Bullshit.

    I guess Miley and her Daddy needed some money real bad and fast…

  16. jennie

    ok all the people that are calling her a slut and a ho need to get a life and stop trying to ruin hers!! Now there are girls way younger then her getting pregant and you would rather focus on this! Miley is still a good person at least she isn’t becoming Brintey Spears!! she is a teenager and we all do and did stupied things!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. jennie

    ok all the people that are calling her a slut and a ho need to get a life and stop trying to ruin hers!! Now there are girls way younger then her getting pregant and you would rather focus on this! Miley is still a good person at least she isn’t becoming Brintey Spears!! she is a teenager and we all do and did stupied things!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. lambman

    Honestly the whole Disney teen goes wild and slutty and then addiction/crazy thing is just getting boring at this point. And Miley isn’t even pretty, so she won’t grow up to be hot.

    the picture laying on her dad’s junk is way creepier than the one of her “topless” and completely covered by a blanket

  19. justifiable

    #90 From the looks of things, you couldn’t monitor a school hallway, let alone your daughter’s myspace profile. God, it’s sad to see what happens when first cousins procreate.

  20. Billy's Brain

    Billy Ray Cyrus is a child molestor.

  21. Public Address System

    #115 Fuck you and eat shit, you anti-semite dicksmack.

  22. breeeezy

    if this child is worth so much why the fuck doesnt she have a good set of veneers yet to replace her snaggle teeth. grosssss. get this bitch to a dentist ASAP.

  23. hahaha

    sarah, learn to use punctuation. then people might take your posts seriously. maybe even actually read them.

    irregardless is NOT a word. it is much like dubya’s pronunciation of “nuclear” as “nucular” — just b/c it’s done doesn’t make it right.

    miley slutrus is old enough to know what she’s doing. and if she’s not, her parents are. either way, they got owned by vf.

  24. lisabeller

    She said she felt very embarrassed about that issue the day before yesterday at a millioniare club ” M I L L I O N A I R E L O V E R.C O M ” where the millionaire & celebrity gather!

  25. Veroonica

    Hey 100! Come up for air! That has to be the largest run-on sentence I’ve seen since “Krazy Kelli” used to post.

    Too bad she isn’t on here anymore. Too busy campaigning for Obama.

  26. Conscience_Found

    is a word.

    The debate is ‘is it a word’, not “Is it ‘non-standard’”, you hair-splitting fucktards.

    A reliable test: “Is it in the dictionary?”. Try Websters.com, because it is there.
    and no, you wont find Fucktard there. It’s not about how you feel about irregardless that matters. Rightly or wrongly the language will morph up or down with the brilliance of the speakers.

    Oh yeah, stop using LMAO, GAYSIAN, W00T and Pr0n

  27. Danklin24

    Billy Ray obviously wants to have incestuous sex with Miley. He’s just waiting til se turns 17.

    Seriously, Billy Ray, she isnt 7 anymore, let it go. This guy is going to put a shotgun in his mouth when Miley gets married and/or loses her virginity(if she hasnt already) whichever comes first.

  28. Mos

    I would hit him, with a baseball bat.
    I would hit her, with my dick.
    Then I would make her run out and grab me a pizza and some beer.
    Also, irredardless is not a word. #126 is a moron fucktard.

  29. Unklejoe

    Id lick her aszhole!

  30. Tom

    I don’t care how naked she is, she’s still not hot

  31. Bob Moore

    83. Hillybilly

    Lemme guess, you’re a Democrat.

    You can tell via the hatred toward your fellow citizens.

  32. Bill Clinton

    hey #68. in Arkansas, 15 just means she can drive the pickup while she’s jerking me off. oh & btw, fuck you.

  33. Totally inappropriate photo shoot for a 15 year old. Topless, braless and trying to be sexy? Comeon….

  34. Crystal

    I’m honestly not surprised to see this out of miley and I’m not surprised Disney has played the double standard with this as well even though when vanessa hudgens did it she was 17 and they where inches away from firing her. Money rules all and her father is willing to leach off of the sucess he never had by whoring out his BRAIN DEAD daughter. I am surprised parents are still letting their kids buy her stuff after all of this. Allot of young kids look up to her and this is what they are sopose to act like and think is ok?
    I jusr hope miley is smart enough to save enough of her money and not blow it like lindsay lohan did and go broke or blow it all on male stripers and drugs like britney spears but all of them have something in common……BAD parents that could not set structure for them.

    ….and in closing, Miley is NOT country . Just becae her father was does not mean she is after doing nothing more then teen pop. Just showing up at a CMA award show and having a flash in the pan country star fora father does not mean she can be called country in any way.
    ( disney is on one hell of a role……britney, christina, lindsay, vanessa and now miley )

  35. so2315

    Don’t tell my cock,
    my achy breaky cock,
    I just don’t think he’d understand,
    and if you blow my cock,
    my achy breaky cock,
    he might blow up and spray his fans!!!

  36. ho

    What the fuck is it with Disney producing so many whores per one corporation?!?

  37. For those of you who care, Annie Leibovitz is in fact a communist lesbian Jewess. Don’t believe me? Just google the cunt’s name, and follow the links.

    She’s a communist.

    She’s a lesbian.

    And she’s a Jewess.

    Does anyone else think it’s strange that an elderly LESBIAN would push an underage girl to pose topless for her?

    Imagine if it was a heterosexual man who was taking the photographs. Say, a conservative, Christian heterosexual White man, who was a registered Republican and had endorsed McCain. If you don’t think the mainstream media would be in full-throated lynch-mob mode, then you just aren’t fucking paying attention.

  38. Punctuation

    #112 !,….,;:’”"”"”????????

  39. KEVIN

    I hate this fucking little bitch ! i don’t get the whole hype around her filthy sitcom and herself !
    oh and her dad is just a jerk for endorsing the whole trash attitude !
    no more pics of these fuckers for me FISH !!!!

  40. caitie

    “hey #68. in Arkansas, 15 just means she can drive the pickup while she’s jerking me off. oh & btw, fuck you.”

    Overreaction much… gosh

    Arkansas, eh? well that explains it. say no more… my hick cousin-lovin’ pervy pedo friend. *runs*

  41. ldsqtbea

    why do people post things up and not read them quietly to themselves before pressing the “post your comment” … seriously … learn to write guys !!! please … i understand not using proper english (no caps, no punctuation) but at least make an effort to make some sense … oh, and miley is a whore and if i ever have a girl no matter what career she decides to follow i would never allow her to do anything like this … if she wants to thats fine … when shes 18 and living out of my house :)

  42. MeridianWest

    who the fuck cares! these are just some fucking pictures!

    this is all just a media trick to get her more exposure. i didn’t even know miley cyrus existed before this shit. she’s not gonna stay 15 forever and unless she has no interest in continuing her career in entertainment she’s gonna need media attention. i wouldn’t be surprised if the whole disney being upset too was preplanned to create a furor. they need to sell and this is how it’s done. even disney benefits from this so it is bullshit to claim that they are upset. they either say it to maintain their own reputation or it’s a media trick. simple as that.

  43. mimang

    so many haters here… so many hypocrites…

  44. GTBurns

    I think this is a case of the ASSHOLE PHOTOGRAPHER, every professional photo I had taken was yearbooks and graduation all of them looked like shit. Because the photographer was an asshole. My senior photo looks like CRAP, my graduation photo looks like crap. I avoided PROM, because why do I want to spend one last day with a group of people that 80% of them I could not STAND to be around for 5 hours a day for 4 years.

  45. bill hicks

    Dave Chappelle put things into perspective perfectly when he simply asked, “How old is 15?”

  46. Toonkinstein

    achy breaky heart my arse!!! Hilly Billy Ray Cyrus is milkin’ the family cow for all it’s worth ever since he found out there ain’t no such thing as magic beans….damn Bizney Studios take the illusion away too!!!….. I fee like that time I was in university at my first Anthropology class and was told that little mammoths really didn’t vaccuum the floors and Pterodactyls didn’t fly Fred Flintstone to Hollyrock…for a moment…the world stood still man! Damn you BIZNEY! and Poo on you Hilly Billy Ray Cyrus

  47. Toonkinstein

    143. mimang – April 29, 2008 5:46 AM

    so many haters here… so many hypocrites…

    I hate you….go wirte that in your journal

  48. Fiorella R.

    I think everybody is crazy is a normal girl who is playing with the camera. everybody do that signs. Please dont be so inoccents. I support that girl she is not like britney or amy winehouse. She is great!!! so go away wioth your hypocresy.

  49. Janine

    Whatever, I think all the ‘controversy’ is ridiculous. The pictures are not that bad. Who really cares anyway! She made herself look like an ass for apologizing and kissing Disney’s butt.

  50. Dude

    well, sum’ bitch….150 comments for this…

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