UPDATE: Miley Cyrus is full of crap (Photo evidence included)

April 28th, 2008 // 213 Comments

Vanity Fair fired back today by simply posting the Miley Cyrus interview and photo shoot on their website. Basically, it takes the piss right out of the following claim made by Disney via The New York Times who think Disney is worried about the shots alienating parents from their billion dollar franchise:

A Disney spokeswoman, Patti McTeague, faulted Vanity Fair for the photo. “Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines,” she said.

Vanity Fair’s online article also includes behind the scene photos, where the picture above was taken, that show Miley having a blast during the shoot. Here’s a quote from the article:

Um, was Cyrus–or Disney–at all anxious about this shot? “No, I mean I had a big blanket on. And I thought, This looks pretty, and really natural. I think it’s really artsy.”

I put on my detective hat and tried to find the gun in these photos that Annie Liebovitz used to force defenseless Miley Cyrus to pose for these pictures, but so far no dice. I thought I saw Adolf Hitler with a machete and had cracked this case wide open but it was just a palm tree. Then why did it have a moustache…

NOTE: I know you guys are probably wondering what the brain trust at The View thought about this whole debacle. Well, you’re in luck, video after the jump of Whoopi cutting through the bullshit and telling it like it is while Elisabeth Hasselbeck apparently listened to Rush Limbaugh this morning and blamed Annie Leibovitz. Fortunately, there’s Joy Behar to say “Billy Ray is robbing that ass!” So, prepare yourself, for the sassiest barrage of sass this side of Sassylvania.

UPDATE: Annie Leibovitz issued the following statement to People: “I’m sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted. Miley and I looked at fashion photographs together and we discussed the picture in that context before we shot it. The photograph is a simple, classic portrait, shot with very little makeup, and I think it is very beautiful.” Afterwards, Annie ate the American flag then read a Harry Potter book because, didn’t you know? She’s a terrorist.


  1. Jrz

    Does she know what a great big fucking tool her father is?

  2. Beav

    @JRZ, no, but she DOES know the size of his tool.

  3. Jrz

    Buh dum bum……….you got dat right, Beav.

  4. Jrz

    P.S. who is the drunk keebler elf about to pull her top down in the main photo? Any normal father would beat that little alkie son of a bitch’s ass for trying to put his gnarly tobacco-stained nubs on his daughter…..but not Billy Ray! NO NO!! SICKO!!!!!

  5. It's me Fuckers

    She is FIFTEEN for fuck sakes!! She has already been passed around the block a few times. She knew what she was doing. I think she is getting tired of the ‘Disney’ image… look at what Christina did to get rid of her ‘Disney’ image… time will only tell how far this one’ll sink.

  6. It's me Fuckers

    Jrz, what do you expect? He is the proud wearer of a mullet. He probably has his own “gnarly tobacco-stained nubs on his daughter”. He’s just as bad as Poppa Simpson! Pimping out the offspring as early as possible.

  7. BA_Baracus

    Miley needs to just accept her slutness and go with it. Nothing to be ashamed about. I’m waiting for the soon-to-be-released sex video.

  8. ph7

    I’d hit that.

  9. Will

    Here’s how it worked:

    “Miley you look so hot!”
    (Miley agrees to any type of photograph)

    “I’m telling you right now, this will set a new sales record for an issue of Vanity Fair!”
    (Billy Ray agrees to any type of photograph, plus hidden cameras in Miley’s dressing room, plus selected downloads from his personal collection if the dressing room camera malfunctions.)

  10. ApacheRose

    Fucking hell, that pic of Miley and her daddy is just so. fucking. wrong. EW!

  11. poonmoon

    Okay why can’t we all accept that they all suck. Ya she was having fun, but she’s a dumb as a fucking tree stump. Vanity Fair new what kind of image they were creating, Disney is the fucking definition of hypocrisy and mullet Daddy is whoring out his own child so they all suck and they are all in the wrong. No need to take sides when there are Hollywood scandals, the answer is Rob Lowe is a douche and the nanny is a ho, every company in Hollywood is filth, Brangelina and Manniston are all fucking worthless and so and and so on. THEY ALL SUCK, say it with me… THEY ALL SUCK

    Now speaking of sucking this teentramp is, like I said, too fucking stupid to know what the fuck is up, like the little sweetoothed butterballs fucking Hansel and Gretal in the witche’s gingerbread house. All this bitch is thinking is “hey do I look pretty” and “this makes me cooler than Lindsay right?” so she’s as okaywith these pics as Brit was with Sam Lufti running her life. The skanks brain is MIA. You can’t expect a retard to give consent.

    It’s like taking candy from a baby, Vanity Fartsdon’t fucking play innocent little artist. Now, Disney shouldn’t you be finding the next human train to exploit and, Lezbo if you are what your name suggests you may be in HOT water and Billy Rae Dufus don’t you have another kid to sell on the Hollywood black market of child fame?

  12. DragonBoy

    I bet Mr. Keebler is jerking off to the digital pics he downlaoded from this shoot right now.

  13. Lily

    It’s very dumb of them to blame Vanity Fair for this. If anything, they should be blaming the parents, because they SAW the pictures and said they were ok. Miley is only 15, she doesn’t know enough to say this will look bad. Maybe if her parents weren’t trying to exploit her then this wouldn’t have happened. WHERE IS HER MOM???

  14. poonmoon

    Fuck my spelling. When I know I will be in the company of trashlike (the in-laws, god I HATE them) I don’t put on my good clothes ( I used to make an effort, but then I realized those turds aren’t worth my effort and I’d look gorgoeus in a trash bag so it’s all good). Same shit here. Trash like this (Cyrus) ain’t worth ma good spellin.

  15. Andy

    Now, now, don’t be judgmental. There are many subcultures that make up American society and we need to understand all of them. For example, in rap music, people are referred to as musicians even though they play no music of their own creation, and instead “sample” the work done by other musicians. By comparison, in country music it’s accepted practice to “sample” one’s daughter. We need to respect these cultural practices, and if you find the pictures disturbing you should mullet over before judging.

  16. Gravy

    She’s quite possibly the luckiest fugly little girl in America.

  17. Pie

    she’s one ugly little girl.

  18. Pie

    she’s one ugly little girl.

  19. Vas Deferens

    At this rate, Miley will have Rick Soloman’s dick in her mouth by this summer.

  20. untildeathdo

    Miley, keep your tongue in your mouth.

  21. eh

    well i cant wait till this blows over , like eh who really cares

  22. Sam

    Love the dad-daughter dual spread-legs pic. Looks like it’s her vagina secretions that keep his mullet slicked down on the sides.

  23. Are they Austrian? I mean, she’s so fucking pale it looks like she’s been in a basement since the early 90s.

  24. SlyAndTheFamilyStallone

    I’d destroy that shit….with my penis.

    Oh, um, and in three years. *ahem* Pssst, Miley call me.

  25. Leslie

    oh, she’s just being Miley

  26. Janey

    Looks like Billy Ray gets the best of both worlds…

    Hi jrz, Beav, pinky and Apache!!!!

  27. Antonio

    Gotta keep 2 things clear here – she’s being normal for a 15 year old girl (wanting to be seen as sexy and desirable), and she’s being exploited by Dad-Disney for $$$$. It’s not wrong for her to act that way – walk into any high school (well, the public ones at least) and you’ll see lots of 15 year old girls baring as much flesh as they can get away with and flirting constantly and trying to be sexy and hoping the guys will see them as hot. But that’s where it belongs – in a group of kids about the same age – not on a magazine cover, web site (hers), or on TV.

  28. Guy

    I’m confused/not bothered. She will never be as good as Britney

  29. Who else hates their in-laws

    Okay I have mulleted it over ( #17) and have come to the final conclusion that Miley Cyrus is uglier than Zach Braff. Great now we all go watch TV. Wait… that was what all the debate was about right?

    Now Annie Lesbowise is pretty ugly so iIfeel sorry for her like those kids on the short bus and also looking at her and her ugliness reminded me that we all have our “qualities” and since she is so butt she mus be intelligent or sumthin. I mean could she a be a genius who is trying to show how sick Hollywood, Disney and parent-managers are? Okay I thought of this a whhhhhhhhhile ago but I am lazy. So is she just a full of it “artsit” who has no sense or “normal” boundaries or is she trying to say something?

    Anyway zalls I know is I hate this bitch and during the one excruciating minute that I have been subjected to her talentless gargoyle singing and dancing I swear I heard my brain cry.

  30. #11 – I wonder if there were any toilet cams (which apparently don’t work well after a night of salad greens and Ex Lax)? Maybe daddy just keeps them as blackmail material for the inevitable creative differences that’ll ensue when her brain finally grows to fit her fucking ego.


  31. slap

    There’s something about her…. that makes me like her……

  32. ellybell

    has anyone seen the footage vanity fair put up on youtube of the shoot? miley is giving her father sex eyes. it is… soooo….. gross.

  33. Billy Ray Jamie Papa Joe Dad O'Year


    I’d fuck teen Britney. Teen Jessica can strip but it’s strictly blowjobs. Miley is restricted to fully clothed handjobs – don’t want that ugly face getting too close to the jewels.

  34. combustion8

    shes still ugly.

  35. Waylon Jennings

    Had I seen this, it would have been “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowpies”.

  36. Too bad the last pic (with her dad) wasn’t for a “Got Milk?” ad.

  37. cat

    Every success story in hollywood is a whore. Big surprise.

  38. Delicious Alcohol

    #34 They’re playing yet another game of Lets Pretend We’re In Kentucky.

  39. Crappola

    I think we’re missing the point here. The photos aren’t even that bad. She’s COVERED. Regardless of the intention of Vanity Fair, or Billy Ray, or Miley herself. There was much ado over nothing. I agree it looks artistic, and I won’t blame the parents or the crew for such photos.

    Disney just made a big fit… tossing shit around the house saying “meehhh” like a five year old.

    Everyone can discuss who’s uglier and who’s profiting from all this. I just had to put this out so I can feel easy about the rest of the comments.

  40. pinky_nip

    When I was 15, the last thing I wanted to do was sit between my father’s legs and have my picture taken.

    Come to think of it…. I still don’t want to. But then again, I’m not versed in hillbilly.

  41. Skip Smith

    I’d do her.

  42. nipolian

    I’ll tell you who’s to blame…….It’s that fucking child molesting pervert (and democrat I might add) Rod R. Blagojevich from Illinios. He pulled some politcal strings to make this happen just so he could have some new spank the wank material. I say impeach the fucker.

  43. Leave Britney Alone? She can't be left unsupervised she's a "retard"

    When forced through terminal laziness, self deprocation, and a bad flu to watch them bitches on the view I usually find myself agreeing with Joy.

    I find myself feeling sorry for Lebowitz. Perhaps it because she reminds me one of my kindly troll figurines or the travelosity gnome and I do like to travel, but she seems to be getting a bum wrap. Vanity Fair is likely manipulative and Billy has his own self serving aganda and is too busy off in vicarious living through my kid and beinga sucky father land to uphold his parental protective and moral compass duties. Plus he’s dumb as skunk shit.

    Anyway the real issue is when will someone get that bitch Hunchback off the gooddamn view. Fuck I HATE that woman, HATE, HATE, HATE I think I hate her more than anyone on television. She is such a fucking traitor to her generation, it’s so fucking humiliating to be around her age. I swear she’s really an 80 year that fell into a vat of botox fluid. Young republicans make me want to CRY and punch them in the face and reproductive organs to stop their “breeding”.

  44. Beav

    @42 my thoughts exactly, Britney’s Rolling Stone photos were way more sexual than this.

  45. Jrz

    The word Cyrus is Latin for Daughter Fucker.

  46. i'm awesome

    @ #42

    good cross referencing the gary coleman divorce article and “meeehhhh” and being five years old. has anyone ever considered maybe his brain is still tiny, just like the rest of him? if it looks like a five year old, and acts like a five year old, and lacks pubic hair like a five year old…. maybe it’s brain is tiny! or something. yeah, sweet.

    also, the miley cyrus thing… who cares? she’s basically in a tube top. her giant gums are far more offensive.

  47. Beav

    However, maybe I’m not the best one to comment on this since I spent the majority of my pre-teen years between my father’s legs. *shrugs*

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