Miley Cyrus is cuckoo for Jesus Puffs

March 25th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Miley Cyrus dedicated the latest episode of The Miley and Mandy Show to Jesus. Apparently the show is unleashed on unsuspecting YouTube users to make them want to drink battery acid. Mission accomplished. Here’s a snippet of the mind-numbing conversation:

We love Jesus! Jesus rocks! She dances for Jesus. I sing, dance and act for Jesus! Now that I think about it, I do everything for Jesus. We make the YouTube videos for Jesus. We’re all about it.”

Not to tread on ground South Park already covered, but there’s just something frightening about a young rising Disney star who’s steeped in down home Southern religion. I mean, Christ (no pun intended), how many more vaginas am I going to be exposed to until somebody does something? I’m just a man made of flesh and bone and, yeah, sure, granite that’s centrally located in the abdominal region. But does that mean I don’t have feelings too. If you cut me, do I not also bleed? If you serve me whiskey, do I not hit on your grandmother? (Psst! Mildred, call me!)

Thanks to Michele who is cuckoo for molecular pharmacology. Or was it ponies? Eh, close enough.


  1. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    #42 that was brilliant, I copied and saved that letter so I can use it from now on against those sick Christian fucks.

  2. "tom"

    42 your an idiot! Clearly you don’t know jack shit about biblical text let alone what IS and what ISN’T an allegory! My best friend in high school was an devout atheist who at least could discern the two and distinguish what was merely biblical text and what was Jewish law/traditions. By your childish, comedic logic one would complain of arrest after yelling theres a bomb while on board a plain in hopes of practicing free speech! If your atheist and for what ever reasons thats your business, but if your going to attack a theology you could at least be a bit more informed and professional. I honestly don’t give a shit about miley but it amuses me so to find you “angry atheist” bitchin about someone’s faith who thus far has done nothing to deserve your critiques unlike other “christian starlets” such as Lindsey or Britney or even Paris. Case in point we are all human regardless of race, religion, ect….Just because someone is religious, or rich, ect doesn’t make them void of human error. So for those of you who once belonged to a faith and have since left ask yourself is it man ur pissed at or is it truly god? A lot of ppl say shit like fuck Jesus due to either their ignorance or their childish hurt feelings inflicted upon them by members of such organizations and wrongly accuse all memebers of such wrongful doings.

  3. Natty Dread

    does anyone find it twisted that miley, a 15 yr old girl, is best friends with a 20 year old woman?

    *cricket cricket*

    bye-bye childhood.

  4. erica.

    I can’t even listen to that whole video..They need to shut the fuck up! Miley Cyrus and whoever that girl is needs to SHUT UP and learn to to stop talking like retards.

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