Miley Cyrus is a role model and other news

February 22nd, 2010 // 84 Comments

- Boner’s missing. [Insert Have you checked Tom Cruise? joke here.] [PopEater]

- Jon Voight might be the harbinger of a Brangelina wedding. Or he locked himself out again. It’s a toss-up. [Lainey Gossip]

- Robert Pattinson is now the world’s sparkliest and greasiest vampire. [Dlisted]

- Sophie Monk must be dating Chris Brown. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Rihanna getting a lap dance from a midget. Really not much else to say here. [Huffington Post]

- Scott Disick in the Most Accurate Movie Comparison Known to Man. [TheFABlife]

- Jonathan Rhys Meyers still staring like a fucking axe murderer. [Just Jared]

- Billy Corgan won’t even marry Jessica Simpson. [PopSugar]

- Hayden Panettiere really wants me to love her again. [Celebslam]

- Jay-Z and Governor Paterson are under federal investigation. [Bossip]

- Travis Barker escaped death to get into bullshit fights with the paparazzi. Good save, God. [Amy Grindhouse]

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  1. katie

    um thats not really the size of dog u should be carrying in your arm….what an idiot

  2. Valerie

    puppy so cute!!!

  3. Nono

    eww, midget with orange halves bolted on

  4. Amanda

    She looks a hot mess. Definitely a Lindsay Lohan in training. So sad.

  5. Nono

    eww, midget with orange halves bolted on

  6. Grover Lembeck

    That dog sure looks jaded…

  7. papaROUGHzzi

    Simply gorgeous! Miley’s not doing bad either…

  8. DKNY

    Cute bitch

  9. some guy

    Everyone keeps hating. Personally, I dig her.

  10. some guy

    Everyone keeps hating. Personally, I dig her.

  11. Nom

    Haha what’s with the early 90′s clothes? All she needs to complete the ensemble is pink plastic bracelets and those socks that had that bunched up roll at the ankle lol

  12. some girl

    such a cute dog! I wonder what kind it is. But shouldn’t it be on a leash?

  13. Tucker Jay


  14. Randal

    Miley offers nothing new here, for she has always been a role model for the young tween generation and will continue to be as she grows into a young lady.

    She offers an industry a fresh, hip vibe that she’s certainly very natural at bringing to the table.

    Here’s wishing many more great years for Miley Cyrus in an industry washed up with wannabe’s and hasbeens.


  15. Crusty

    Randal is my hero.

  16. some guy

    Lord, I do love jailbait.

  17. Jenny

    That puppy is so cute! Did Miley rescue him from a paper shredder? It looks like she mildly escaped….

  18. Jason

    Isn’t that the dog from Bolt?

  19. pimp

    she needs me to give her a good ass eating…

  20. Is it just me

    Randal really does not make any sense whatsoever and contradicts her/him/itself repeatedly.

  21. #21 is a delusional idiot

    #21, you’re a fucking idiot. Go peddle your 911 delusions elsewhere; nobody here gives a flying fuck about your post.

  22. papaROUGHzzi

    I didn’t realize they discontinued the best messenger ever (Odigo).

  23. See Alice

    What a cute Puppy !

  24. lain

    Stop doing this “And Other news” crap. You’re fucking lazy.

  25. herbiefrog

    not dormant…



    waiting… : )_

    what? that’s not hot ?

    cute puppy ? ? ?

  26. Lil

    Puppy! Puppy!PuppyPuppy!

  27. Val

    That dog is too big to be toting around like a celeb*tch. Miley you inbred dumb hick.

  28. Val

    That dog is too big to be toting around like a celeb*tch. Miley you inbred dumb hick.

  29. Lol… she doesn’t dress like she earns millions of dollars a year. Very slutty

  30. yoyoyo

    Two dogs

  31. DS

    They told her it was a chihuahua…

  32. CrankyNumber

    It’s like the baby version of Criss Angel…

  33. Hi,
    That puppy is so cute! Did Miley rescue him from a paper shredder?

  34. Blaine

    damn I’ve never felt so sorry for an animal before

  35. FUCK

    WTF IS SHE DOING WITH THAT LARGE BREED PUPPY. ITS NOT A FUCKING TOY DOG< I seriously cant stand this twat. yes i said it, TWAT. god damnit

  36. lola

    Maybe she is carrying the dog for a purpose, like the paps getting in the way? I don’t like her, but I don’t really like teens / tweens anyways. She is a cute girl.

  37. lol

    nice example you are setting for you kids, travis barker you dooshy bitch

  38. ALEX


  39. friendlyfires

    When did Miley Cyrus become Britney-Jessica Simpson-Spears?

  40. terri

    love that dog.what kinda dog is it.

    why would miley pickup a big dog nobody does that its not a terrier.why isn’t the dog on a leash?

  41. Doc Schweinstrudel

    That’s the dog her parents (dad) gave her, he is going to be HUGE when he grows up. Actually she has about 4 dogs if I’m not mistaken. This one is German Shepard, named Mate (cause her bf is Australian).
    This top must go.

  42. coco

    when will this bitch ever be vanished?

  43. Bosco

    Great legs! I hope her daddy hasn’t done her yet.

  44. karol

    She could have washed herself and combed her hair, couldn’t she? Jason…I’m with you, it’s Bolt!:)

  45. captain america

    is it a prostitute?
    …….is it maybe a tramp?

    noooooooooooo, IT’S MILEY CIRUS!!

  46. zay?flamafdfdgdfgdf

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